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Zoapi Innovations: Manifesting Meeting Room Av Solutions Suiting Modern Day Communication Needs

Prashanth N.S,Co-Founder & CBO

Prashanth N.S

Co-Founder & CBO

The COVID-19 pandemic has strictly kept the world housebound, where most companies are made to follow work from home models. Thanks to the advancements in technology, businesses can now carry on meetings and a lot of other business processes regardless of the place or time in a contactless manner through online communication solutions. They bring value by boosting productivity, saving time, reducing travel expenses, reducing physical contact risks and promoting overall collaboration. But it is of paramount importance to note that every organization has its own unique communication needs. This is where Zoapi Innovations Pvt Ltd steps in, as its existence is for the sole purpose of fulfilling those needs. Zoapi goes beyond the norm of communication/wireless screen-sharing applications to provide enterprises with a whole new world of meeting room experience, offering a one-window to leveraging all of the leading communication platforms. CIO Insider unfolds a meaningful insight about the company through Prashanth N.S, Co-Founder and CBO.

In conversation with Prashanth N.S, Co-Founder & CBO, Zoapi Innovations

What is the kind of value proposition that clients can expect from zoapi?
Zoapi is essentially a one-stop shop for meeting rooms that serves a range of features that transform meeting rooms into a more digitized edition, as far as technology is concerned. We go beyond the system-based approach, allowing for easier device management. Through our wireless screen-sharing and video-conferencing, we lay support to applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc., which clients are already familiar with. In other words, you could have a call via Zoom in morning, Teams in the afternoon and Webex in the evening using our solution. In addition,

Digital Signage and Room Scheduler are the other two major solutions that we offer.

Our program is designed to give our clients the option for choosing the hardware. However, we could also give it pre-installed.

What makes customers choose Zoapi’s solutions over solutions by its competitors?
In general, the bulk of competitive products are often mash-ups of single or complex solutions. Generally, most of the competitors are tied-up to a specific solution. Assume you buy a Polycom or Cisco product; it binds you to a single solution and you are forced to miss out on features of other solutions that are ideal for your sophisticated requirements. However, our product has an open platform that allows you to run multiple solutions at the same time. Meetings can be arranged or attended at any point of the day using Zoom, Teams, Webex, and other video conferencing devices. This is an important aspect of customers choosing us.

Our product has an open platform that allows you to run multiple solutions at the same time. Meetings can be arranged or attended at any point of the day using zoom, teams, webex, and other video conferencing devices

What are the value additions that can be expected from your company? Could you tell us with the help of a case study?
One of our major corporate customers had been using their large legacy video conferencing solution in their main office. This, however, proved to be a costly endeavour when it came to deploying similar solution in their smaller satellite offices. We helped them deploy our solution with plug-in cameras, which talked to those legacy systems seamlessly. More importantly, the new solution cost them only a fraction of the cost of deploying their legacy systems.

Brief us about your portfolio of solutions
‘Proware, the Zoapi Hub software, can

be installed on any Intel-based Windows 10 PC, Mini-PC, or NUC PC. It supports up to 16 simultaneous shared screens, as well as incorporating a full suite of video conferencing applications, digital signage, and other features that make it ideal for huddle rooms and meeting rooms. To meet your various needs, Zoapi Proware offers two plans which are Lite and Premium. The Proware app is cost-effective since it can be built on your current hardware.

Whereas, Zoapi Hub Pro and Zoapi Hub Basic are the pre-installed hardware variants with a plug & play device that turns workplace meetings into a shared atmosphere for employees to pitch in ideas, present monthly updates, and hop on short video calls with customers or remote teams. Zoapi Hub Basic is designed for small huddle rooms, while Zoapi Hub Pro suits the larger conference rooms and boardrooms supporting 4k Camera and high resolution display for superior presentation and conferencing. Both models offer wireless presentation, video conferencing, and digital signage among other features.

On the other hand, Zoapi Room Scheduler solution integrates into your organization’s room calendar and converts any android tablet into a complete room scheduler. After which the room scheduler provides options such as quick room booking, scheduling future bookings and viewing the meeting room status on the go.

With more people returning to work these days, this sector seems to have a bright future ahead of it. So, what is Zoapi's future, and what are the fields in which you want to invest?
At the moment, we've seen that a lot of people are gradually enhancing or activating their meeting rooms, which previously were traditional meeting rooms powered by conventional technologies. People today understand the need for seamless communication and have begun to equip conference rooms with cutting-edge technologies.

Considering the current situation, hybrid work culture may take flight as well as office visits for meetings and collaboration may increase. Therefore, we advise organizations to equip every shared space with collaboration technology. Along the line, we are working on incorporating machine learning to provide insightful data to organizations on how their collaboration spaces can be optimized.

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Zoapi Innovations: Manifesting Meeting Room Av Solutions Suiting Modern Day Communication Needs