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Zyple Software: Automating Business for Enhanced ROI with Advanced SAP Solutions

Shanmugam V,CEO

Managing risks in businesses, reducing cost to company and augmenting customer satisfaction with agile delivery of services are a few aspects that decide the success of a company in today’s competitive era. To keep up with the pace in which the world is progressing digitally, businesses are adopting automation services to manage their crucial business functions. Automating business processes with cutting edge technologies such as IoT, Robotics Machine Learning, SAP Business One (HANA / MS SQL) is what companies across the globe is looking for. Along with these, companies are also leveraging the power of mobile and windows applications to manage their workflows and bolster business outcomes.

Zyple Software Solutions, one of the most distinguished, Bangalore-based IT companies helps businesses to achieve business outcomes with efficacy and rapidity. The company offers new-age advanced solutions to automate clients’ businesses and assist them in their digital transformation journeys. Zyple adds a contemporary touch to each company's heritage by providing consistent insight to business processes, challenges, threats, as well as assisting in better strategizing diplomatic strategies to achieve the expected ROI and ease of customer interactions.

In conversation with Shanmugam V, CEO, Madhubalan. R, CXO, & Maruthanayagam, CTO, Zyple Software

SAP Market is expected to manifest a CAGR of 5.5 percent during 2021-2026. While SAP has more than 21,000 cloud partners in India, where is Zyple positioned in this ecosystem?
Zyple Software is positioned with-in the top three implementation partner in Bangalore and effectively leading the top implementation partners across pan India. We offer solution designed and developed with sheer expertise using SAP Business One Hana Service Layer

and Software Development Kit with seamless integration of Application Programming Inter-faces (API’s) of various leading and emerging technologies. Zyple has grown year after year and has been successful in acquiring reputed customers with its top-notch services and have a new customer accusation rate of whopping 88 percent YOY.

What are your SAP offerings and tell us about your major digital transformative journeys for clients using SAP Business One?
Our SAP solution offerings range for various business verticals namely both discrete and continuous manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceuticals industry, life science, leather finishing, construction, real-estate and more. Among all other digital transformation that we have brought in place for our clients, I will tell you about the three most recent of them.

Madhubalan. R, CXO

We recently delivered a Manufacturing Execution System (MESA-11 Model) Integration with SAP Business for an Aerospace company. This cutting edge technologically helps one to have a clear visibility of business operations and make effective strategies to boost performance in real-time.

The team at Zyple understands the need of its customers and delivers the most economical, effective, efficient, and robust solutions that mean, we reflect your legacy into ERP System

In another case, we delivered an end-to-end business system automation solution for a real-estate giant. Our solution offered them a comprehensive workflow automation from sales enquiry, budgeting, procurement, project

management controls. We also recently deployed an Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), integrated with SAP Business One for a leading manufacturing and supply of medical, surgical, dental, laboratory, biomedical equipment, and consumables in the UAE. This system has effectively supported the client business to accelerate the material handling and delivery management operations and enhanced efficiencies within the business and while providing services to its customers.

Maruthanayagam, CTO

What makes customers seek solutions from Zyple?
The team at Zyple understands the need of its customers and delivers the most economical, effective, efficient and robust solutions. It assists companies retain their work methodologies and its infrastructure while boosting the overall efficiency, productivity and out-come of a business.

We help customers retain their legacies in a true wisdom-driven solution architecture using SAP Business One configuration, SDK and Service Layers. We help them migrate their business workflows into SAP Business One and increase ROI with ease.

What are the kinds of futuristic changes that you wish to implement?
Currently, we are endeavouring further to ease out the current challenges faced by the businesses by adding value and helping them to learn the profitability multiplying techniques and methodology through wisdom-driven business renovation processes of any Business using bus innovation Chakra, Operations Empowerment Temple, Value streams and much more. We have launched ‘Zyple Academy’ under the Zyple Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd umbrella where we are adding values to the Industries to raise their profitability by double digit and ensuring the on-time cash flows, they can become experts in managing sustain-able growing business operations powered by excellence in operations, processes and people of any business.

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