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  • Niladri Dutta, Founder,   Aastha Verma, COO

    Niladri Dutta, Founder, Aastha Verma, COO

  • The market size of AI and tech startups in India is projected to witness robust growth in the coming years. The Indian AI market is expected to reach a value of $20.6 billion by 2025, driven by factors such as increased AI adoption, advancements in technology, and the emergence of new use cases. This growth is not only fueled by domestic demand but also by the global recognition of India as a leading provider of AI solutions and services. With India being recognized as a global technology hub, the country has seen a surge in entrepreneurial ventures focusing on AI-driven innovations. The combination of a vast talent pool, supportive government initiatives, and a thriving startup ecosystem has contributed to the expansion of this market.

  • Tardid  Technologies: Unlocking The Potential Of AI In Heavy Industries

Technology Landscape is Blooming

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

If innovation transforming a country was a technology, it would look like India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI), the instant payment system developed in India and now

As a Leader, Stay Inspired, Stay Restless

By: Manu Saigal, Director, Adecco India

Manu Saigal, Director - General Staffing, Adecco India, is in charge of managing operations and fostering growth for the company's contract staffing and permanent

10 Most Recommended Tech Startups - 2023

Will the 5G Journey be a Game Changer for India Inc.?

By: Harnath Babu, CIO & Partner, KPMG, India

Digital transformation is bringing about a profound revolution – reshaping and revamping human lives. The convergence of technology and telecom is altering how we live and work, and this


Technology Adoption in Todays Digital Transformation Scenario from a Healthcare Standpoint

By: Veneeth Purushotaman CHCIO, Group Chief Information Officer, Aster DM Healthcare

A Certified Healthcare CIO, Veneeth has also completed Global Advanced Management


Rule the Data Democracy with an Intelligent Marketing Suite

By: Raahul Seshadri, Director - Engineering, WebEngag

Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines, once said, “I tell my employees that we're in the service business, and it's incidental that we fly


Digital Ecosystem Build

By: Srivaths Varadharajan, Global Fintech & Digitech, Evangelist

Digital experience defines the need for engagement with 360 degree approach cutting across all interfaces. Usually business with

  • 10 Most Recommended Tech Startups - 2023

    Innovation is Important for This World:

    A tech start up is a company whose purpose is to bring technology products or services to market. These companies deliver new technology products or services or deliver existing technology products or services in new ways. A technology startup is a company that is focused on developing and commercializing new technology. This can include new software, hardware, or even a new business model. Technology startups are typically founded by entrepreneurs who have an innovative idea for a new product or service. The benefits of starting a tech startup are many. They include the potential for high growth, the ability to make a difference in the world, and the opportunity to work with talented and passionate people.

    "You don’t build a business, you build people & then people build the business"

    User Experience is Everything: Startups are important because they are the engine of economic growth. They are the source of new jobs, new products, and new services. They drive innovation and create wealth. Startups are riskier than established businesses, but they also have the potential to generate higher returns. Tech start up, have the potential to spread virally and reach millions of users very quickly compared to real companies. 'Real' companies have a harder job gaining customers and so growth is much slower, and since 'real' companies have been around for a very long time, it is very difficult to do something new or break into an existing industry.

    Just out Startup to the World: Globally, 305 million startups are created every year. Startups are known for their ultra-high mortality rate. On average, only about 10 percent of all startups survive and become full-fledged business enterprises and thereare 137,000 startups emerging every day. With competition that high, it is hard for new startups to succeed. Launching a first startup is much more than opening a website and organizing business.

    CIO Insider magazine in this issue presents a list of '10 Most Recommended Tech Startups - 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in bringing innovative solutions to business. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board.

10 Most Recommended Tech Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
91Trucks 91Trucks Siddharth Sharma , Co-Founder An incredible firm working closely with automotive manufacturers and their dealer partners in more ways provide the latest IT solutions that help them in their business
Agrahyah Agrahyah Rushabh Vasa , Co-Founder An emerging company determined to provide services cloud-driven marketing automation, conversational AI and others
Deciphercloud Deciphercloud Aishwarya Patil, Co-Founder A company providing strategies that connect the brand by providing successful cloud and marketing implementations into a variety of Frameworks
Expora Expora Priyanka Shah, Co-Founder A tech-first B2B international trade company, aim to simplify and grow global trade, created global hubs that ensure seamless transactions
Fello Fello Manish Maryada, Founder & CEO A gamified investment and personal finance platform which incentivizes users for saving, growing their money and receive returns higher than their traditional savings account
Mind Frameworks: The Pioneer of Generative AI Research & Conversational CRM is now accelerating AI adoption & Revolutionizing the Generative AI Sector in India Mind Frameworks Shailendra Prasad, Founder & CEO The firm providing Generative AI offerings in B2B and B2C segments, offering various services in the Telecom domain & Content Services, AI, and Analytics
NOSH NOSH Praveen MV, Industrial Designer A company building kitchen robots that cook homely meals completely autonomously believe in creating world-class products with a value oriented problem-solving approach
TradeBridge TradeBridge Sameer Bhanushali, Founder & CEO A passionate leader providing a trade marketplace to buy & sell, take care of logistics, quality inspections, secure payments, returns, grievance redressals & extension of credit through the firm
Upwards Fintech Upwards Fintech Abhishek Soni, Co-Founder & CEO The company offering quick and easy personal loans to salaried individuals without a credit history through an app based interface that is innovative, simplistic and easy to use
Vastpro Technologies: Transforming E-Commerce & ERP Landscape through Innovative Solutions & Expertise Vastpro Technologies Srinivasan R, Director & CTO A company with a mission to bridge the gap between innovation & affordability, providing businesses with cutting-edge e-commerce & ERP solutions