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Mind Frameworks: The Pioneer of Generative AI Research & Conversational CRM is now accelerating AI adoption & Revolutionizing the Generative AI Sector in India

 Shailendra Prasad,   Founder & CEO

Shailendra Prasad

Founder & CEO

Generative AI, an AI technology capable of producing content in the form of text, video, and other media, has been revolutionizing operations across a wide range of sectors while boosting productivity and driving growth. However, even before the world opened its door to Generative AI and LLM, the technology was being researched and revolutionized by a Mumbai based IT service provider firm, Mind Frameworks. As pioneers they used Machine Learning techniques and Prompt Engineering(Contextual Prompt) techniques. The firm has created agile and transformative solutions for organizations across a wide range of sectors.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider, Shailendra Prasad, Founder & CEO of Mind Frameworks, sheds light on the overall journey of the firm, the flagship services and future roadmaps, and much more.

The snippets of the conversation with Shailendra Prasad,Founder & CEO, Mind Frameworks.

Give us a brief account of Mind Frameworks’ journey so far in the IT services domain.
After working in core techno-commercial B2B and B2C responsible positions, I started deep research in Generative AI, an unchartered tech service territory during that time, in 2012. The major challenge was to provide exceptionally responsive customer support and having an emotional connection with customers. Generative AI at that time required submitting Data through an API to create value with convenience for

customers. Finally, I came up with a Foundational LLM with Chatbot and received a copyright from the Government of India for the published Chatbot work in 2014.

Established in 2022, Mind Frameworks is built on a robust GTM strategy, a scalable model, and a strong foundation for building complex, scalable, cost-effective tech products within minimum turnaround time and has been providing services to a wide range of sectors, such as Telecom, AI, Automation, Data Business, IoT, Networking, Data Centre Business, Analytics, Digital Transformation, Startup Consultancy, and Digital Marketing.

Mind Frameworks is built on a robust GTM strategy, a scalable business model, & a strong foundation for building complex, scalable, cost-effective tech products within minimum turnaround time & using minimum resources

The unique business model followed by the firm ensures that the rate of increase of MRR per new customer is much higher than the change of rate of Customer Acquisition Cost, helping the firm earn scalable profitable customer acquisition.

Shed some light on your flagship offerings and services.
Mind Frameworks is providing Generative AI offerings in B2B and B2C segments. We offer various services in the Telecom domain & Content Services, AI, and Analytics. In Telecom, we offer AI based Multi Edge Computing Services on 5G Network, Fixed Wireless Access, QoS in SD-WAN & MPLS, and optimization of Subpar Networks using AI to our clients. With Generative AI it has become possible to personalize customer experience by driving Granular Marketing, delivering content in context, customize content and automate communication. We also

develop customized applications in Java, Python, and .Net.

In AI, we provide pre-training and fine-tuning services for LLMs. We help organizations create datasets for their LLMs, create ChatGPT plugins and offer AI-driven Automation, AI assistants for all personal tasks, Business Insights via Analytics, and many more to our clients.

How is the team built and what methods do they follow to draw valuable insights to help the company stay afloat and stable among its peers and trends?
Winning Customer trust has been central to the firm’s operations. CRM has been at the core of Mind Framework's business philosophy, with the leadership and team building at the firm revolving around this core policy. As an equal-opportunity company, we always prioritize the well-being of our employees and ensure that they stay motivated by regular upskilling them while making sure that star performers are rewarded. The chosen team leaders have excellent track records as disciplined and consistent performers who strategize along the firm's vision and mission, execute the plan, and achieve the numbers.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Mind Frameworks? Where is it headed for the next five years?
By the 3rd Quarter of 2023, our MRR is expected to reach Rs 36 Lakhs with a quarterly accrual revenue of Rs 2 crore conservatively. From that point, we will proactively work on ensuring an NDR of around 140 percent and are confident of reaching Rs 500 crores in the next five years. With a scaling blueprint already in place, we will focus on organizing ourselves to scale as the demand for these solutions is huge. We will continuously develop and launch niche products as per our growth strategy. Our demonstrated knack for selecting unique product market fit products and a strong vision similar to contemporary global Unicorns will generate confidence in the Indian business community to associate with a potential unicorn, monetize, and grow together in the next five years and give an added advantage to Indian clients that their data will remain safer in India.

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