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Vastpro Technologies: Transforming E-Commerce & ERP Landscape through Innovative Solutions & Expertise

   Srinivasan R,    Director & CTO

Srinivasan R

Director & CTO

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider magazine, Srinivasan R Director of Vastpro Technologies discusses the organization’s offerings, overall journey of the organization, and much more. Let’s hear it from him.

Tech startups operate in a dynamic ecosystem marked by innovation, disruption, and rapid evolution. However, they often grapple with numerous challenges, from limited resources and stiff competition to uncertain market demands and scaling hurdles. In this landscape, Vastpro Technologies emerges as a beacon of support as they have thoughtfully focused on developing open-source based VAST platform that forms the basis for developing industry specific solutions. With its extensive experience in e-commerce and ERP solutions, Vastpro Technologies understands the intricate needs of the evolving industry. By offering tailored platforms that address Sales, inventory management, supplier relationships, and B2B/B2C e-commerce, Vastpro Technologies empowers the clients to overcome challenges and seize opportunities, helping them thrive in the ever-evolving tech industry.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider magazine, Srinivasan R Director of Vastpro Technologies discusses the organization’s offerings, overall journey of the organization, and much more. Let’s hear it from him.

Tell us about Vastpro Technologies and how it is positioned in the market?
Vastpro Technologies specializes in e-commerce and ERP solutions, particularly focusing on inventory and supplier management. Recognizing the increasing B2B adoption in the e-commerce industry, Vastpro Technologies aims to address the gap of accessible open-source enterprise-class B2B commerce platforms. As a strategic response to Oracle's product

withdrawal, we have positioned ourselves as a compelling alternative, capitalizing on our expertise and experience.

Using our VAST platform, we are soft-launching our Operations Management Solution VastOPMS with an FMS customer in the USA. As regards to Indian market, we have our e-invoice solution with value added services like GST/PAN search. GSTIN validation, Extract Returns GSTR2A/2B in addition to e-invoice compliance functionality.

Vastpro Technologies’ mission is to bridge the gap between innovation & affordability, providing businesses with cutting-edge e-commerce & ERP solutions

What are the flagship offerings and services that make you a reliable choice for customers?
VAST platform based Vast Commerce is an ERP+ that contains CRM, Inventory & Warehouse Solutions, Order Management, Catalog Manager, HR, Accounts, Production Planning, and Asset Organizer are a comprehensive suite of solutions offered by Vastpro Technologies. Being Modular, it enables customers to choose a specific module to address urgent requirements with the option of adding other modules later that gives seamless solution.

Our VastOPMS that helps customers to have cost effective automated solutions for their operational requirements and other flagship offering being E-Invoice Solutions. We also offer a comprehensive range of technology consulting and transformation services that seamlessly blend deep technical expertise, project management, process proficiency, and strategic capabilities.

Could you give a brief account on how Vastpro Technologies’ journey has been in the IT services industry so far?
Our journey began in 1998 to provide high-quality technical training to commercial establishments. And by 2002, we were sought-after IT training providers for corporates. In 2006, we recognized the potential in e-commerce IT services, pioneering official ATG Commerce training and becoming Oracle's official train ing partner. This

solidified our leadership in e-commerce and offered deep insights. Transitioning into IT services in 2009, we gained a major break through in 2012 with acquisition of US client: Motorola. By 2015, our expertise expanded to open-source and ERP solutions, capitalizing on training, IT, and e-commerce experience. Finally in 2019, we established Vastpro Technologies to meet customer needs and foster a conducive work environment, encapsulating an inspiring journey of growth and diversification.

What are some of the challenges faced by the organization and how did you overcome them?
Vastpro Technologies encountered initial challenges in establishing recognition for the products, especially when competing with industry giants. Convincing decision-makers in manufacturing or large e-commerce sectors to consider a smaller platform posed hurdles, as they tended to opt for established names for security reasons. To address this, we strategically launched our product Vast Commerce platform to emphasize the comprehensive functionalities available.

Overcoming these challenges involved demonstrating the platform's excellence and agility, tie-ups with Channel Partners across Geos. We prioritized customer experience by showcasing the robustness of our product, tailoring solutions to individual needs, and providing excellent support.

How is the team built and what are the measures they follow to help the company adopt and stay informed of the latest trends and market fluctuations?
The leadership team which includes Lakshmi Narasimhan and myself, has mentored and created a middle layer team of Techno-Functional VAST platform experts who interact with clients and provide solutions. The project team consists of Business Analysts, QA, Full Stack Developers and DevOps all trained in VAST platform.

Currently Vastpro technologies has a team size of 75+ talented and dedicated IT professionals who follow the best practices of the industry. We use cutting-edge technologies and tools such as Google Trends and BuzzSumo to identify the most relevant market trends, customer preferences, and competitor analysis for our products.

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