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  • Vinay Kumar, CIO, MMG Group

    Vinay Kumar, CIO, MMG Group

  • The global business realm is at a watershed moment forced by the pandemic. The technology leaders across the world are not only propelled to bring their A-game to the table, but most of them are required to add an extra dimension to their thought processes and interventions, while contributing to the respective organization's growth. The technology leaders in the Manufacturing segment are the reason why most of the retail organizations are keeping their head above water during these unprecedented times. According to IBEF, the manufacturing sector of India has the potential to reach$ 1 trillion by 2025. To know more about the endeavors of technology wizards in the manufacturing segment, I recently talked to Vinay Kumar, CIO of MMG Group. At MMG, Vinay is responsible for heading technology for the world's two major F&B brands Coca-cola and McDonald's.

  • A Watershed Moment In Manufacturing-Tech

Company Spotlight

Marking a New Regime in AWS

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

It's been only a few weeks since Amazon Amazon Web Services (AWS) reported revenue of $13.5 billion for Q1 2021, going beyond the analyst predictions of $13.1 billion. AWS's revenue took a four percent hike to 32 percent from 28 percent growth in the previous

Empowering Mobile Network Operators with Wireless Technology

By: Christos Karmis, President & CEO, Mobilitie

The insatiable demand for wireless services has driven a corresponding evolution in wireless technology plat-forms to meet that demand and provide wireless solutions that deliver higher throughput, lower latency,

10 Most Recommended AWS Partners - 2021

If Bots Become Smarter With Improvements In AI, Will HR Be Recruiting People Or Bots In The Future?

By: Abhijit Dhada, IT Lead (India), Petronas Lubricants International

When we hear the word Artificial Intelligence a.k.a. AI, we normally visualize a robot with super intelligence who can do a gamut of tasks. Well, I would say, you're only partially right because AI


Managing the Information Security Risks in the Age of Connected Production Systems

By: Ravikiran S Avvaru, Head ­ IT, Apollo Tyres Ltd

The proliferation of connected devices is well-known and documented with the potential of crossing 20 billion connected things by the time this article is written. The umbrella of connected devices is spanning across virtually all industries


Automating Cybersecurity for Fintech

By: Suhas Desai, Sr. Vice-President & Business Head ­ MDR Services, Aujas Cybersecurity

Fintech is at the forefront of digitizing the entire banking services suite and has been responsible for making digital banking the new norm. The sector has disrupted traditional banking services by integrating digital channels to offer omnichannel experiences.


The Benefits of Cloud Email Security

By: Murali Urs, Country Manager ­ India, Barracuda Networks

It has almost been a year since the entire world is battling against the coronavirus pandemic. Home and offices across the globe merged into a nebulous mass for millions of people. Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a radical transformation in the business


Multiplying Opportunities in Big Data Analytics

By: Diwakar Chittora, Founder & CEO, Intellipaat

The advent of modern computer networks and the democratization of information has exponentially multiplied the amount of digital data being generated. According to a Cisco estimate, global IP Traffic will reach two zettabytes by 2019.

  • 10 Most Recommended AWS Partners - 2021

    Since its conception, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been delivering up-to-date cloud infrastructure as a service, especially with cloud-computing becoming the most preferred service today. Being packed with a variety of services from basic cloud services to analytics, blockchain, machine learning (ML) and more, and having robust security propositions, businesses ardently seek its support for hosting as well as data storage. With AWS, the cost is dependent on the customer's usage, which is all the more reason for start-ups and small businesses to rely on its support. Aside from its features and capabilities, it has a broad network of partners across the globe who have sworn to help customers to build, market and sell their offerings and ultimately help them reach success. They are categorized into two sections which are APN Consulting Partners and APN Technology Partners. They not only help in transitioning businesses on the AWS platform, but also help in identifying the advanced suitable solutions that slide into the business requirements. CIO Insider has examined the latest market landscape and presents a list of `10 Most Recommended AWS Partners ­ 2021'. The partners on the list have shown outstanding proficiency in their operations, boosted client's business using AWS platform, established integrated solutions and have contributed significantly to many businesses' success. The following list (in alphabetical order) was scrutinized by a panel of experts, including industry veterans & subject matter experts, CXOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team.

10 Most Recommended AWS Partners - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Core Compete Core Compete David Park, Senior Vice President – US Delivery Operations Expertise lies in creating cloud data lakes, analytical platforms and next generation AI & ML based solutions
Infodart Technologies Infodart Technologies Debasis Basu Chowdhury, COO Delivers cloud services that support the complete adoption lifecycle - from cloud design & strategy to deployment & operations
Mydbops Mydbops Karthik P R, Founder Provides specialized support in MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB databases and managed DB services while ensuring database performance and making them scale
Oneture Technologies Oneture Technologies Mahesh Pathak, Founder & CEO Develops and deploys Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP platforms based cloud applications using public, private, or hybrid cloud
Pentagon System & Services Pentagon System & Services Deepali Japadia, Head – Cloud & Data Centre Business The service portfolio comprises Cloud Advisory, Cloud Managed, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Integration and Migration Services
Redington Cloud Solutions Redington Cloud Solutions Venkatesh Rajeswaran, President – Enterprise Business Group Helps enterprises drive their digital transformation using Redington S.M.A.R.T. framework, and provides cloud solution from assessment, consulting, migration and managed services
Searce Searce Hardik Parekh, CEO Helps futurify businesses by leveraging cloud, automation and analytics to innovate faster and better
SUSE: Empowering Organizations to Innovate Anywhere and Everywhere SUSE Neeraj Athalye, Managing Director (India) Specializes in Enterprise Linux, Kubernetes management, and edge and cloud solutions that empower customers to innovate everywhere
TCG Digital TCG Digital Dr. Purnendu Chatterjee, Chairman Enables organizations to go digital by leveraging transformative technologies, advanced analytics, and operational expertise to accelerate value realization for clients
TechNEXA Technologies TechNEXA Technologies K.K. Kaushik, COO Specialised in cloud services & support, network & infrastructure design, storage solutions, network security and emerging IT business solution

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