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Successive Technologies: Boosts Business Agility Through Agile Methodology

Sid Pandey, CEO, Successive Technologies | Wednesday, 16 June, 2021
Sid Pandey, CEO, Successive Technologies

With a flood of examples around us, it’s an argument proving to be true lately that a lot of the business processes are delayed as they are done manually, which not only hinders the experience for consumers, but also blocks the organization’s path towards improvement. An Azure Gold-Partner, the Successive Technologies Pvt Ltd redeems organizations across the world from this curse by specializing in business process management and technological services, wherein not only does it understand the clients’ sophisticated needs, but also draws out uniquely tailored solutions that help clients set themselves on the right track and often see beyond their expectations. Successive provides solutions to e-commerce, legal tech, fintech, media, agri-tech, telecom, logistics, and other industries. Sapna Upreti, Successive’s Technical Program Manager, presents interesting facts and details about the company through an exclusive chat session with CIO Insider.

In conversation with Sid Pandey, CEO, Successive Technologies

As a technology solutions provider well placed on Azure, how do you increase the speed of deployment and robustness of security?
Our experience of working across numerous cloud platforms has helped us find a quick way to identify gaps in business processes in a timely manner. It goes a long way in our teams automating these business processes, which not only saves time but promotes faster deployment as well. Like, through the Nexus IQ scanners, we scan each project and report to the application team in case of vulnerabilities, since vulnera-bilities are often found in third-party packages and Anchore we are using to scan our containers in Kubernetes cluster, as Kubernetes is widely used these days, so ensuring proper security is our utmost priority. This is how we outlay a complete end-to-end security in each phase of SDLC.

Tell us about your portfolio of Azure services and what are the ways clients can expect value addition from your team?
We have been using a vast service set for our different clients - widely used are resource groups, storage accounts (like blob storage), service principal, AKS, ACR, Azure Active Directory. We have defined strategy on each service usage with security considerations in mind.

In terms of value addition, our certified Azure DevOps, developers and security experts alongside solution and enterprise architects work in tandem to create architecture based entirely on the cloud

for every application. They provide support to ensure seamless cloud migrations on Azure.

Tell us about your operating procedure. How do you ensure proper Azure migration for the first timers and how do you minimize downtime during the process?
Basically, we first try to understand what we are mi-grating for our clients, then we create the strategy we want to apply like ‘on-premise’, ‘lift/shift’, ‘rehost’, ‘re-build’, which require mapping with suitable and existing services. Then, we do practice runs, which helps to create a developmental environment that would seep directly into the production. These test-runs are done for every approach, wherein it also helps identify gaps during migrations. Further, we also replicate existing systems or take backup without making any changes in the application and then migrate. The meticulous approach helps reduce the downtime. We also calculate the time taken for each step, and thus ensure that the steps are completed in accordance with the time calculated.

What makes your company standout from other Azure partners?
Since we are a service-centric firm, we have worked on multiple products, each entailed with specific architectural limitations, which were also challenges in a way. We have provided support to small and large-scale platforms with immense effort and have presented case studies on the same, which have culminated in Successive becoming an ‘Azure Gold Partner’. In addition, our workforce consists of SREs (Site Reliability Engineers) who are present round the clock to provide support to every client and their requirements.

At Successive Technologies, we have rich experience with Cloud, DevOps & DevSecOps services and solutions.

We offer solutions and services for the Cloud ser-vices including (i) DevOps Automation, (ii) DevSecOps & Cloud Security, (iii) DevSecOps CI/CD pipelines, (iv) Cloud Migration, (v) Cloud Consulting, (vi) Managed Services, and (vii) SRE - Site Reliability Engineering.

As a leading technology services provider, we offer solutions to various industry segments such as Logistics, E-commerce, Legal tech, Fintech, Media, Marketing & Advertising, Agri-tech, Telecom, Edutech and more. Our employees are highly skilled at leveraging intelligent processes, in-depth analytics, and innovative technology to achieve the best possible results.

Acquaint us with a recent and interesting case study.
We had an enterprise client whose request was to store their data separately and this required us to convert our system into a multi-talent system. First, we dis-cussed how to propose the architecture and the ways to build it for the client. Secondly, we linked all our storage services using a service principle. Then, we worked on a small POC (Proof of Concept) and upon its success; we designed solutions and proposed architectures to work on. Further, with the micro services that we used in providing standard application, we added a service account and created lobby storage. This was quite challenging as there were many factors that arose in the process which were quite unknown previously, but we managed them well.

What’s Successive’s future roadmap?
We are working on some cloud agnostic projects with security practices, that are what we want to build for our clients - a very robust, flexible, secure and agnostic platform with security practices in an automated fashion for our clients, eliminating every manual process along the way. We want to develop more enterprise applications which is our short-term goal. We want to focus more towards AI, ML and data science for our long-term goals. Further, we desire to surely solve problems of any kind for each project we undertake and help make our clients’ goals into reality.

We strive to emerge as the long-term center of innovation and excellence partner for enterprise customers, and solve their challenges with our passionate, self-organized, & always-on team.

We want to become the only choice and trusted advisor for our customers by providing full-stack, modern engineering & end-to-end technology solutions.

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