• Itham Ihsan, CEO

    Itham Ihsan, CEO

  • When one takes a pause to think about the disparities of india including its unparalleled diversity strategic closerness to the world – with 356 million in between the ages of 10-24 - the question might bother as to why the economy of learning does not makes the headlines in education more often. There fore specialization in agile and cutting edge enterprise solution for learn ing Management system, web development, mobile learning and cloud computing , Australia head quarted Elumina e Learning has been redfining the implementations of technology in the Indian education segment.

  • Elumina eLearning: Infusing the true Potential of Cloud into eLearning

Cloud Connected Devices - Enabling the Digital Experience

By: Vinod Eswaraprasad, Chief Architect - Platform Software & Software services, Product Engineering Services, Wipro Technologies

The smart-connected devices today open up numerous new services, product use cases, and even new business models that are changing the way we work.

Streamline Technologies to Build a Transparent Supply Chain

By: Rishi Sareen, Vice President - IT, Ecom Express

In the past couple of years the consumer shift to e-tailing backed with multi model ecommerce platforms has increased the need for smart, responsive and efficient logistics management systems.

10 Most Promising Cloud Startups - 2017

SaaS and the Cloud world

By: Suresh Dakavarapu, Head IT, Brigade Group

While majority of the CIO’s have chosen the SaaS model for their email hosting, they continue to struggle with business applications and database, as there’s no perfect SaaS solution available in the market for Legacy applications and Enterprise Databases.


Why Hybrid - Cloud for SMEs is an Advantage?

By: Sudhakar Kannan, Head - IT and Business Support, codemantra US, LLC

Firstly, it had been cloud computing that sparked the imaginations of companies in terms of all the advantages they may receive. "Cloud" is becoming a buzz word for Small - Medium Enterprises, which offers reliable and scalable infrastructure capabilities as services.


'Hybrid Cloud' - The Indian Landscape - Challenges, Benefits & Potential

By: Tabish Sangrar, CIO, Wellness Forever Medicare Private Limited

Hybrid Cloud is currently touted as the panacea for all problems associated with tradition Cloud - based infrastructure, and the distinction is well deserved.


Cloud & Startups -The Data Debate

By: Ramaswamy Narayanan, Director - Global IT, Medtronic

Imagine a day when the world’s cloud infrastructure comes to a standstill; just for 24 hours. Most of the things that is now taken for granted in the digital world would potentially come to a grinding halt.


Cloud Computing as a Utility

By: Ajay Kumar Jha, Deputy Director, MTS - Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd

In early stages it was most prominent among the startup but now when its benefits are visible, large enterprises have shown their interest and started venturing onto it.


Three Ways to Build Business Case For Cloud Computing

By: Nitin Mishra, SVP & Chief Product Officer, Netmagic

French novelist Victor Hugo once famously said, There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world - an idea whose time has come.


The Dark Side of the Public Cloud.... is Bright!

By: Ajay Pherwani, CTO, Tata Capital Financial Services Limited

When we think of the public cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.) we have the believers and the sceptics.


Risks Associated with Cloud

By: Vineet Bansal, CIO, Greenply Industries Limited

We have been talking about cloud for a long time now. But why do we not want to move our critical data application on cloud or we take risk only when Application vendor it self has setup its own cloud and offering the same.

  • 10 Most Promising Cloud Startups - 2017

    Today enterprises are becoming more sophisticated in the way potential cloud suppliers are evaluated. While keeping a closer look at their governance and data security policies, enterprises also sought for independent verification of the provider’s capabilities. The increasing use of multiple cloud providers has consequently resulted in the rise of new cloud management services that include service integration, management and monitoring for all cloud services contracted by an organization.

    The percentage of enterprises that have a strategy to use multiple clouds hold steady at 82 percent with 55 percent planning on hybrid. The adoption of hybrid approach has enabled businesses to take advantage of the scalability offered by cloud computing, without exposing critical data to third-party vulnerabilities.

    However, there have been several challenges in the hybrid cloud development such as integration and application incompatibilities, lack of management tools and common APIs. New developments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google will continue to battle for public cloud customers with lower prices, new compute options and a honed focus on big data services. Nevertheless, as enterprise IT is evolving rapidly, startups are governing the charge toward new computing infrastructures defined by scale-out architectures, highly integrated data sources, flexible management techniques and proficient resource provisioning. New entrances in the market are partnering with industry heavyweights building unique components to help power major enterprise offerings. At the same time, most of them are either seeking to commercialize cutting-edge open-source technologies or working to ease it for solution providers and corporate IT leaders to reap the benefits of Cloud.

    Shedding more light on this growing & promising cloud startup era, we present a list of 10 Most Promising Cloud Startups. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts and CIOReview editorial board, we believe that these companies will help significantly improve your company’s Cloud agenda, and help take the business’ revenue streams to the next level.

10 Most Promising Cloud Startups - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Allianz Cloud allianz cloud Hemal Mewada, Founder & Director Practices cloud computing with an approach based on a consumption model via a patented unit of measure, traded as a commodity, and on an exchange backed by Chicago Merchantile Exchange (SME).
Cloud4C cloud4c Sunil Kumar Raja Pudota, Vice President Offers fully automated self provisioning portal with security, monitoring, elasticity, with 4 copies and business continuity across multiple geographical locations
Elumina eELearning elumina-eelearning Itham Ihsan, CEO Specializes in E-learning solutions integrated with mobile platform using cloud hosting including Moodle migration and cloud server deployment
KnoxSys - Driving Digital Services for Startups from Concept to Reality knoxsys- Rajeshwar Ghonse, CEO and Co-founder Guides clients via endpoint management, development, consulting, outsourcing, technology training and support services
NEC Technologies nec-technologies Burzas Batliwalla, Manager - IT Caters offshore led software engineering solutions in storage, server & cloud, embedded software, hardware design and network security
Netskope netskope- Sanjay Beri , CEO Netskope's cloud-scale security platform provides context-aware governance of all cloud usage in the enterprise in real time, whether accessed from the corporate network, remote, or from a mobile...
Postiefs Technlogies - Addressing Data Security Threats with a Secure and Resilient Cloud Infrastruc postiefs-technlogies Sreekumar Raman, Co-Founder & CEO Extends its services in IAAS, SAAS, PAAS and Cloud Hosting including Managed Services, CDN integration, Manpower deployment and ERP Support
PromptCloud promptcloud Prashant Kumar, Founder A web data crawling & extraction company that uses cloud computing & machine-learning techniques to offer big data solutions to enterprises
Rajdharma - Resolving Every Pain Point in the IaaS Checklist rajdharma- Chetan Mane, Managing Director Ensures a wide spectrum of IaaS offerings that deal with virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balancer
Skyhigh Networks skyhigh-networks Rajiv Gupta, CEO Extends CASB control to IaaS with a comprehensive security solution that delivers security and compliance for both custom apps and Iaas platform