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KnoxSys - Driving Digital Services for Startups from Concept to Reality

Rajeshwar Ghonse, CEO and Co-founder

Rajeshwar Ghonse

CEO and Co-founder

The landscape in which apps operate is changing dramatically; from being user-controlled to proactively powering a user’s life. Easing this transition in landscape through end-to-end IT implementation services across industry segments is Pune headquartered KnoXsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd. KnoXsys is an ISO 9001:2008 certified start-up technology services firm that pilots clients to thrive in the competitive market via endpoint management, consulting, outsourcing, technology training and support services, involving those in mobility, sustainability, and cloud computing. With such diverse areas of focus, the company has gathered considerable experience in product and service based application development, corporate technology training and building custom solutions.

Combining scripting languages like PHP 5.6, Boostrap, HTML 5, CSS, AngularJS , PHPExcel,MPDF and similar open source SDK like IONIC framework, KnoXsys provides cost effective

knowledge and process integration.“The company’s aptitude lies in developing custom applications to resolve business process bottlenecks to enhance and automate tasks while streamlining existing functionalities”,says Rajeshwar Ghonse, CEO and Co-founder, KnoXsys. Every business goal is conveniently met as the domain experts undertake intensive research and analysis to ensure that the business speed breakers are first understood before defining the goals. The process is then lined up with identification and execution of appropriate technology solution to overcome the observed obstacles.

KnoXsys employs agile development for a quicker turnaround of mobile development projects in short development cycles

End to End Application Support
KnoXsys’ VakilDiary is a lawyer’s case management software built using angularJS. The product allows the professionals practicing law to gain an access to their data using three modules web dashboard, Android App and iOS App. Accompanied by a website, VakilDiary is a user friendly Android online App constructed to be accessible via any device.Having been designed exclusively by law practitioners, the application gets an edge to the contemporaries making it satisfactorily welcoming for lawyers,

advocates, judges and other officials to manage and maintain daily case registers.

Present times show constant transformations in business environments, with shifting business scenarios and consistent advancements in technologies. This requires applications to change to adopt the benefits of facilitating business functions. KnoXsys’ Application maintenance and support service ensures that the business critical applications are managed and operated seamlessly to facilitate a secure and productive work process. The Application Maintenance and support services involves ongoing maintenance, support & maintenance of application systems, user support, design and architecture updates, error tracking and debugging, performance testing and performance monitoring. Furthermore, for the a forementioned services, KnoXsys employs agile development for a quicker turnaround of mobile development projects in short development cycles.

KnoXsys uses contemporary industry proven processes and software development paradigms to design software solutions that clears away clients’ specific business problems. These models are proven to engage the client in every design decision relevant to their long term business plans. As the market matures, the company intends to follow the various development methodologies and models particularly focused on stakeholders' satisfaction by knitting long-term relations through value added services and delivery excellence.

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