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Postiefs Technlogies - Addressing Data Security Threats with a Secure and Resilient Cloud Infrastruc

Sreekumar Raman, Co-Founder & CEO

Sreekumar Raman

Co-Founder & CEO

While cloud computing assists organizations achieve more by breaking the physical ties between an IT infrastructure and its users, it could lead to security risks. Data loss during migration and large government organizations investing resources for data theft are listed as two of the top most reasons. In order to harness the benefits from this new cloud paradigm, the enhanced data level security threats need to be eliminated. Postiefs Technologies, headquartered in Chennai, leverages their high grade vendor partnerships to host and manage cloud infrastructure ensuring the safety of data takes precedence. The company’s managed services oversee an enterprise from all perspectives, with access, scalability and availability being the key target areas. “Postiefs USP is to bring in cloud oriented transformation to applications at the building stage, and then work with

developers to provide integration tools and enable Agile execution with Devops,” reveals Sreekumar Raman, Co-Founder & CEO, Postiefs Technologies.

Postiefs Technologies leverages their high-grade vendor partnerships to host and manage cloud infrastructure ensuring the safety of data takes precedence

Postiefs extends its offerings in IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Hosting. In conjunction with these services, the company also offers Disaster Recovery, Messaging Solution, and Managed Services. “We are in the process of enhancing online portal and open source APIs that proffers a single management framework, which simplifies and unifies on-boarding and scaling on demand,” adds Sreekumar. Postiefs online portal will permit enterprise clients to transfer their workload across multiple public cloud service providers on a single console.

Improving Customer Efficiency
Cloud computing being their core competency, the company delivers a hybrid IT cloud infrastructure with a

preferred choice for cloud platforms; private, public and hybrid deployment models. The company assures one of the best ROI and improved time to market with cloud adoption. Whether backing up, protecting workloads or recovery via cloud, Postiefs integrates with a wide selection of cloud service providers to seamlessly unify data protection across the hybrid cloud. The Cloud and SaaS products are tailor-made to specific customer needs across a broad range of segments.

Thrilled with the enormous progress in this sector, the company plans to go big with SaaS in 2017 with a host of IoT enabled products to hit the market. This in turn is expected to improve the customer efficiency and productivity even further. Continually striving to stay ahead of their adversaries in the market, Postiefs plans to globally set up a resilient Security Operation Center (SOC) and a Networking Operation Center (NOC) to provide high availability hybrid cloud that can provide increased ROI for the client. Aligning themselves with the emerging business needs, the company has strategized to develop SaaS diversified cloud with a high level of automation to enable next generation SaaS products based on IoT and AI. Postiefs have succeeded in creating a niche space for themselves in the cloud computing market and will continue to focus on delivering pertinent cloud computing strategies empowering businesses to avail optimum benefits from their cloud computing investments.

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