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Aiyo Labs: Assisting Businesses To Make An Exceptional First Impression

Varun Kapoor, Co-Founder, Aiyo Labs | Friday, 29 January, 2021
Varun Kapoor, Co-Founder, Aiyo Labs

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Aiyo Labs is an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning chatbot, and conversational AI Company, that specialises in omni-channel conversations to create delightful users experiences. Aiyo Labs is now 3 years old and started off as a solely WhatsApp based Automation Solution. WhatsApp in India is big, and back in 2018 the word on the street was that the elections were going to be won or lost on WhatsApp. This notion played a significant role in kick-starting Aiyo Labs’ journey on helping people interact, automate, and get the most out of Chat Apps that they love. As the Co founder, Varun Kapoor quotes, ‘A strange beginning to what’s been a fantastic journey!’. Ever since,, there’s been no looking back and today Aiyo Labs serves over 200 businesses in 5 continents with WhatsApp, Messenger, Google Business Message, Viber, Email, and more. Varun further gives CIO Insider a walkthrough of Aiyo Labs expertise and practices.

In conversation with Varun Kapoor, Co-Founder, Aiyo Labs

Most of the businesses across multifarious industries today are largely driven by the customer experience, thanks to the digital realm. Where is Aiyolabs positioned in the current customer experience solutions landscape in terms of providing the complete advantage of ‘digital’ to your clients?
Where we thrive, is in offering customers the support on apps that they love. At the same time, we integrate this into CRMs, software, and databases that businesses already use and love.

With this bridge that we provide, we give both stakeholders (Businesses and their Customers) a way to interact on platforms that they love, and that work for them.

Furthermore, what we have is some of the best AI out there. Admittedly, we do not use our own AI but instead have decided to incorporate the best of Google Dialog Flow, Amazon Lex, and IBM Watson. By doing this, I strongly believe that the end product that we offer customers is better and more powerful.

Throw light on the pain points that Aiyo Labs addresses. What has been Aiyo Labs’ USP?
We offer a unified platform for businesses to reach out and speak to their customers on WhatsApp, Messenger, and More. We’ll also have Instagram shortly. Businesses must speak to their customers where their customers are. And people are always on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

We do this, by offering incredible value. Our costs are 10x lower than the equivalent competitors’ and our time to deploy is also in around 10x quicker. Even if we are exaggerating (which, chances are I would do being founding CEO), the end product we offer is at least 10x better on average.

Tell us about your offerings. From a technology standpoint, how robust, advanced, and secure are they?
One of the great things about our product is that it’s tested and built to a population scale. We know this, as we’ve worked at the scale of the largest democratic election in the world and managed a huge amount of queries all in real time.

All our data is encrypted in transit and at rest. In India, our data centers are local, and we offer custom deployments for other countries and for specific enterprises. We also have HIPAA compliant servers.

Please narrate one of your most challenging deployment stories, and how Aiyo Labs transformed customer experience for the client?
Things are going well, but we have also had some terrible experiences where we’ve messed things up big time. These times are always challenging for us as an organization and are the times we grow the most.

One of the great things about our product is that it’s tested and built to a population scale

That being said, some of the implementations we’ve done that I’m most proud of are for a client that was a B2B SaaS company. The deployment was so good, that what ended up happening was that 1 in 17 businesses started asking the other company about how they had implemented the level of automation and wanted that, instead of the original product the company was offering! That’s a great testament to the product and how well it works, when it works well.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? What is the future roadmap set for Aiyo Labs?
There are plenty of stats to show how important conversational commerce and support is. Most people today (around 70% depending on the study) would rather type than speak to another human and that’s huge for us. This, combined with the fact that we spend on average 2.21 hours a day on chat apps, makes for a really fertile ground for us to build out our solution.

We however see ourselves as a communication stack. If in the future, instead of chat apps, we may use virtual reality to stay in touch with each other - and to shop, speak to businesses, and more. We will venture into these new mediums too and always allow you to reach your customer, wherever they are. We’ll do this as efficiently as possible so that every business, no matter how small or large, has a fighting chance of survival. For the same reason, Aiyo Labs is offering all businesses a Free WhatsApp Business API for 60 days with 1000 INR of credit as well.

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