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Gilard Application Programmers: Helping Manufacturing Companies Run Efficiently With OSM

Sanjiv Singh, CEO | Friday, 28 October, 2022
Sanjiv Singh, CEO

The past decade has been monumental for the manufacturing sector owing to the way manufacturers have infused digitization and automation into their processes. The efficiency these technologies have ensured to the manufacturing companies has further compelled them to explore Industry 4.0 as a concept that would lead them into the future of manufacturing. Making the most of this trend, Punjab based Gilard Electronics Pvt. Ltd. has always been eager to be ahead of the time in terms of adoption of technology, just the way it has embraced Industry 4.0.Enter Gilard Application Programmers(G.A.P), a subsidiary of over six decades old Gilard Electronics.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Magazine, G.A.P's Senior Consultant, Manjiv Singh further talks about the company's journey in the manufacturing space and everything it brings to the table especially with regards to embracing Industry 4.0.

Could you elaborate on G.A.P.'s Smart Manufacturing software called OSM? What are the different functionalities that make it a unique solution for the manufacturing industry?
OSM or Operating System for Manufacturing incorporates all the functions that are required by any manufacturing organization and is integrated around a central single database. It facilitates transparency and seamless communication across the enterprise and enables individuals to make informed business decisions. The solution comprises 24 modules with 10-12 different processes each. It also has many SOPs defined and documented, which remains a key prerequisite for any manufacturing company to operate effectively. An organization needs policies to operate, and these policies need Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs), which along with work instructions run an organization. OSM simplifies this process of defining SOPs, which are based on the best in class practices of the globally best manufacturing organizations. Such a solution not only simplifies communication and everyday operations but also empowers the implementation of training initiatives. All these capabilities precisely turn a human dependent company into a systems run company.

Please walk through the process carried out by your team to ensure a client makes the most of OSM.
We help each of our manufacturing clients make the most of this solution.To begin withour professionals carry out a preliminary audit at the client's site to check their readiness for successful OSM implementation. Also, before onboarding the clients, we ensure that they are adequately prepared and understand the solution. Thereafter, we initiate all the other efforts including training data migration, auditing, process refinements and bridging the gaps identified during the GORA(GAP OSM Readiness Audit).

Over the years, we have onboarded various clients that continue to operate efficiently owing to the several capabilities ensured by our operating system.

OSM incorporates all the functions that are required by any manufacturing organization and is integrated around a central single database

Could you mention a case study that highlights the capabilities of OSM and how it helped solve a business problem faced by the client?
One client in particular employed OSM to address low productivity in their moulding shop. The shop was running round the clock in three shifts, and in the night shift, the operators used to operate the machine for half the time and go to sleep. As a cartel, the day time operators also used to go slow and give the same output as the night operators.

To aid the situation and improve the final output G.A.P. installed IoT devices(Internet of Things) called PCMD (Process Control Monitoring Devices) and sensors on the machines, and started capturing each production cycle. Whenever the machine stopped, an escalation message would be sent to the production manager via SMS to his mobile phone. This immediately increased the efficiency of the department from 62 percent to 87 percent, resulting in savings in millions for the organization. The organization also won the DL Shah Quality Award from QCI for this project.

What are the company's plans with regards to expansion and growth?
We have always been ahead of the time in the manufacturing space both with regards to market knowledge & understanding, and we aim to maintain that trajectory & trend. We believe time to implement Industry 4.0 solutions is now, and hence, want to maintain our pace and emerge as the early implementer of Industry 4.0, especially as OSM remains the ideal solution for proper and effective Industry 4.0 implementation. Additionally, we aim to expand our customer base exponentially in the MSME and large business segment.

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