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Vyazhan Technologies: Going Beyond The Rules Made For Startups

Manivasagan Ramamoorthy, Founder & CEO | Friday, 19 March, 2021
Manivasagan Ramamoorthy, Founder & CEO

It’s awe-inspiring the way Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have forayed into our ‘businesses’. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the organizations have started to conceive technology investment as a profit center rather than a cost center and AI is giving them enough confidence to concrete that conviction. According to a report published by the research firm Analytics Insight, the global AI market was valued at $29 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to explode and hit $252 billion by 2023 at a whopping CAGR of 42.5 percent during the forecast period. And it’s not even a surprise. In India, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the AI industry, including software, hardware, and services, is expected to grow at a rate of more than 12 percent.

But when it comes to the core of business requirements, the key for organizations is to find a technology partner who can diagnose their sophisticated requirements and provide an integrated solution to not only make the problems go away, but also make sure that the technology investment remains a profit center. This is precisely where Vyazhan Technologies comes in. Under the aegis of the Young Turk Manivasagan Ramamoorthy (Founder & CEO), Vyazhan builds AIpowered productivity tools projected towards making a real difference.

Lend your ears to one of Vyazhan’s clients from the US, “Willingness to go above and beyond what we asked was evidenced in the completed product. Enjoyable experience.” While organizations are in constant lookout for amazing experiences rather than merely purchasing products, providing that unique personalized experience is what exactly Vyazhan focuses on by bringing customers to the center of everything it does and while solving their sophisticated business challenges. Established in 2019, Vyazhan is an award winning startup recognized by the Government of India through NIDHI EIR Award by DST, Ministry of Science and Technology in 2019-20 and also by DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce. CIO Insider engages in an interesting chat session with the company’s passionate leader, Manivasagan.

In conversation with Manivasagan Ramamoorthy, Founder & CEO, Vyazhan Technologies

The enterprises have finally accepted the fact that AI applications will provide companies with an edge in the present and the future. The next decade is expected to witness tough competition amongst companies powered by AI. What are the advancements that Vyazhan has to offer to the modern enterprises in the form of AI powered tools?
The constant research and relentless innovations by the global tech giants are driving the adoption of advanced technologies across the industry verticals, such as automotive, healthcare, retail, finance, and manufacturing. However, considering the past two decades, technology has always been an aspect of doing business across the industries, but AI has brought technology at the center of the organizations. Customer success and consumer delight are solely connected to any organization’s success. When organizations and Institutions can guarantee 24x7 customer support through AI powered Mediums to their customers that is when the magic happens. In a nutshell, while we are already into the 2021 decade, AI is no more a cherry on the cake. It has become a cake by itself.

Food Security is one of the basic needs for a nation, in fact for the entire world. According to UNIndia, there are nearly 195 million

undernourished people in India, which is a quarter of the world's hunger burden. The subcontinent ranks 74 out of 113 major countries in terms of food security index. We envision to engender a change in this area and are forerunners in working on the AI powered smart agriculture technology.

Tell us about the products and solutions that Vyazhan brings to the table.
An AI powered farmer enquiry management platform, M-Velanmai mobile app can be leveraged in the supply chain of Agri inputs and outputs sector. M-Velanmai was developed by Vyazhan in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Agriculture University. It is an AI & computer vision based app for empowering farmers to address the pest challenges & farm level problems, which is a laudable step towards indigenous product development.

We believe that Ideas are dots which can be connected to form a great product and that belief led to the development of Vyeel, which equips leaders to collect ideas through a forum. We also have a Digital Credentials development platform, TractionBuddy, which uses an AI engine to help you create your own certificate template in less than two minutes. The platform is evolving as a smart contract solution and it is in its initial days. We also offer a free-to-use OCR tool called TextPort.

Tell us about the differentiating factors that set Vyazhan apart from its competitors in the industry.
Our vision is long term and is oriented towards the next of 10-15 years. We believe that vision is the primary key to success, more than skill. We partner with the right institutions and organizations to create value for the customers. We strongly believe and follow our vision to create dots that can be connected by seeing backward as Steve Jobs once said. We are well on our way to create a single point of Computer Vision Intelligence.

We at Vyazhan are thriving as a Social Enterprise with passion. We have touched technologically the most underprivileged sector of Agriculture, and wish to extend our product support in the fields of Healthcare and Education. We wish to touch Every Indian's Life Positively. We make products with Love for fellow human beings.

On the other hand, we have ensured that our tools are highly affordable in order to democratize the benefits of AI. For instance, TractionBuddy is priced at Rs.500 per user / month (after the 14-day trial period). While we offer Vyeel free of cost for personal use and at nominal prices for business & enterprise use, our OCR tool is completely free of cost and can be used by netizens across the world.

We have succeeded in partnering with key organizations and institutions and our partners are appreciating our flexibility to bypass the rules made for young companies

Could you shed some light on your partners and the workforce that drive the technology within Vyazhan and the products developed for the customers.
Right partner is the first & foremost and the ingredient in creating value for customers and users. TNAU is a 100 plus year old university with a vast amount of expertise in the field of agriculture not just in Tamilnadu state but also in the entire nation. With TNAU as the Knowledge partner and Vyazhan as the Technology partner the AI powered M-Velanmai App (literal translation - Mobile based Agriculture) is being co-developed to reach eight million farmers in the upcoming years. By touching eight million farmers, we are intending to ensure food security for more than eight crore people. We strongly believe in home grown talent. Our success is having a workforce with one shared vision & mission and necessary skill sets.

“We have been recognized as a technology partner by a 100 year old knowledge partner, Tamil Nadu agricultural university (TNAU) for Co-developing M-Velanmai app that potentially touches the lives of millions of farmers”

As a startup, how has been the journey so far?
It has been a great experience. We have been recognized as a technology partner by a 100 Year Old Knowledge Partner, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) for co-developing M-Velanmai App that potentially touches the lives of millions of farmers. We were also awarded with the NIDHI EIR by DST, Government of India, recognized as an elite AI startup in India by STPI and have also been onboarded to get accelerated by IMAGE CoE, Hyderabad STPI, Government of India as part of their first cohort.

In a nutshell about our journey, we have succeeded in partnering with key organizations and Institutions and our partners are appreciating our flexibility to bypass the rules made for young companies.

What is the kind of future that you have conceived for Vyazhan in the years to come?
We envision growth by touching 100 crore people in the next 10 Years. We are committed to grow in the areas of Agriculture, Healthcare, & Education for the betterment of customers. We intend to dream and achieve big. Well, we are talking about a future wherein are intending to do agriculture on Mars with the assistance of advanced AI and Robotics.

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