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A Drive from Monte Carlo Tree Search to Level 5 cars

CIOInsider Team

It was a wait that saw its culmination in 2016, when DeepMind's AlphaGo program AI, won against Lee Sedol, the world champion of Go. It's a wonder that how a defeat of humanity against AI can become a stepping stone for humanity itself. The DeepMind's AlphaGo program of Google used Deep Learning that saw a reinforcement of Monte Carlo tree search with Deep Neural Networks. It was a game of self-play of two contenders that brought one single thing to fore. Google's Deep Mind AlphaGo AI evolved during the game itself creating its own rules, strategies, and resolutions to tackle

moves. It was an evolved neural network that at a far flung avenue of the automobile caused certain steering. The automobile sector that is already a buzz with automation and robotics saw a promising note in this lost battle of humanity against AI. The likes of Tesla, Google and Ford are already perfecting the art of Deep Neural learning in self-driving versions of level 5 cars.

Apparently, when Neural Network will strategize and respond as per its environments that a human can do and beyond will certainly revolutionize few trends, concepts and other industrial verticals as well. Strictly speaking, potential accidents, speed identification, and other vital stats of driving will certainly go for a change when a driver less car will ply the roads. Tesla already delivering self-driving Tesla Model S to its customers, eventually is all set to analyze the self-driven fully automated level 4 and level 5 cars that will soon see the integration of Monte Carlo Tree Search based Deep Learning.

Certain changes will eventually take place once this Neural Network based Level 5 cars hit the roads. One such change instance is with calculated speed, road conditions, and other factors, accidents will reduce changing the insurance industry in the future. People are having a mixed reaction to this evolving technology as such kind of instances of change will come and go. But the fact that another brain is getting trained and is thriving is exciting enough and a topic of concern too. It’s again a wait of worth.

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