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Amazon to Manufacture Recyclable Paper Packaging for India

CIO Insider Team | Thursday, 9 November, 2023

Amazon may consider bringing several global innovations to India for manufacturing sturdy recyclable paper packaging as the e-commerce company works to reduce the use of plastic across its deliveries.

The move is part of the company’s broader effort to exclude plastic delivery packaging.

Thee-commerce company has been delving and experimenting for years to find answers to deliver products to customers with paper.

Its center in Euclid, Ohio, was the first in the US to replace plastic delivery packaging with paper packaging solutions that are curbside recyclable.

Given the size and scope of a market like India where e-commerce adoption is rapidly amplifying, the company is in active conversations with the original crew to bring matching technology into India.

This work is part of a multi-year effort to convert US centres to paper. Such new paper solutions will provide the convenience of allowing numerous customers to recycle at home.

Like most retailers, Amazon has traditionally used a blend of plastic and paper packaging to optimize for endurance, weight, and size.

Still, recycling plastic packaging generally requires customers to head to a drop- off position. Its packaging masterminds have been researching and experimenting for years to assure the right solutions to deliver products to customers with paper.

The move is part of the company’s broader effort to exclude plastic delivery packaging.

Amazon has spent years developing a new machine that creates on- demand, curbside- recyclable, made- to- fit packages for products that require further protection than anon-padded bag.

This machine measures an order’s dimensions and then creates a right- sized, protective package using a type of corrugated that's flexible and lighter than the typical box. India’s e-commerce market, though nascent, is set to boom.

India has gained 125 million online shoppers in the past three years, with another 80 million anticipated to join by 2025, according to an April report by marketing data and analytics company Kantar.

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