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Google Bids To Make Advertisements More Transparent; Launches Several Tools

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Google will be offering latest tools for keeping users aware about ads details alongside staying transparent and increased privacy options.

The added measurements are to amplify the transparency in digital ad mediums as stated by Google.

Google already having an existing feature called Why this ad that sides a plethora of global digital advertising is ready to bring a latest tool called About this ad to aware users about advertiser details.

About this ad feature will first be displayed for paid Google Ads users and Display & Video 360. Google will make the ad surface available on other platforms throughout 2021 as stated by Mike Schulman, the Vice-President of Ads Privacy and Safety of Google.

He also explained that because of the complex system of digital ads, a huge number of attributes are there that are not known and the end-users are not aware of the companies involved in showing ads.

Schulman delineated that for providing information in a detailed manner of the ads on websites, Google declared about a tool known as Ads Transparency Spotlight on Friday. It is the alpha extension of Chrome Web Store. Schulman said they will improve the extension-based on the feedback from the end-users and with time they are set to offer additional disclosures of ads. They hope technology is ready to give users same transparency and control capacities into the experiences offered.

Google someday back changed its privacy settings that delete a person’s search, location, and other usage history after 18 months by default.

Sundar Pichai said that it was implemented to take information to safe platforms and give users authority.

The search engine giant also has plans to change the support for third-party cookies and introduce a Privacy Sandbox.

Privacy Sandbox’s major advancements are taken as case-solving matters for ad selection, conversion measurement, and fraud protection in a manner that does not reveal identification of users.

APIs (Application Programme Interfaces) said that trust tokens that fight ad fraud by differentiating bots and real users will be made available to developers for testing and users after that.

Schulman said that days of digital advertising holds promises of new technologies, standards and better sustainable approaches. Time constraints are there, but digital ads industry is walking towards a safe future.

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