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How sports technology can transform work culture in enterprises

CIOInsider Team

A wide range of innovative technology in the field of sports unlocks the key of opportunities for bringing up new talent and healthy environment. To fetch these innovations it is important for the business to develop technological growth, transform people and process the action. Immediate growth in technology has happened in all industries which act as a medium of contemporary environment. In the field of sports, the growth of technology is rapid and being digital is important for all sports organisation to maintain their existence in the field. Organisational transformation is not easy to apply in the entire field according to the advanced growth in technology. Fans of certain sports and athletes

must also accept the digital change in the field. It is important for sports organisations to have a digital media for the fans to have direct connections with the sports event. Due to tablet, smart TV and smartphones, fans can watch their favourite sport live without any obligation. Fans are not interested in watching the match alone instead they would like to watch with all the advanced technology that makes the match livelier.

Digital transformation and virtual reality is the major factor that sports consultancy must focus on. With virtual reality is used on and off the court which reflects both players and fans to have an equal experience of watching and playing the event. Sports organisations are evolving with artificial intelligence in most of the aspects such as AI coaches, wearable AI tech and Chabot’s for sports or sports team. This fascinates the existing fan and new fans to the digitalised organisation and watching the favourite sports. Every sports consultant must evolve and accept the digitalised changes happening in the market which can lead to impress more customers. This will also lead the organisation stand ahead and participate with the competitors.

Increase in the sports products are also a factor affecting the contemporary world. The sports consultant also focus on bringing innovations in the products such as sport helmet, shoes, wearable’s and many more. In the coming years, sport enterprises will make a tremendous growth in the field of digitalising technology that will help the players, fans and the customers. The entire field of sports industry will turn into a complete digitalised form of organisation in the coming decades.

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