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Jio Set To Launch 5G: Mukesh Ambani

CIO Insider Team | Wednesday, 15 July, 2020
CIO Insider Team

Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Group announced today that Reliance’s digital branch Jio is complete developing 5G telecom solution.

He said in Reliance Industry’s annual meeting, “Jio has completed designing and developing a comprehensive 5G solution from scratch and soon will be ready for trials as 5G spectrum is available. We are expecting it to deploy the coming year.”

4G and fiber network by Jio acquired international market and is powered by various core software technologies and components.

Mukesh Ambani said, “Jio acquired global market with this capability and now the excitement is around 5G. Jio has 20 startup partners. It has constructed world-class capabilities in technologies like 4G, 5G, Cloud Computing, Devices and OS, Big Data, AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, Natural Language Understanding, and Computer Vision.”

He added, “Through these technologies, we will be able to create comprehensive solutions for various industries like media, finance, new commerce, education, healthcare, agriculture, smart cities, smart manufacturing, and smart mobility. Jio is regarded as vision of developing original, captive intellectual property, through which we can showcase technology transformative power for Indian and world ecosystem. In the coming years, Jio can connect half of billions mobile customers and 50 mobile home and business platforms.”

“The five digital connective for 5G includes Mobile Broadband, JioFiber, Jio’s Enterprise Broadband, Broadband for SMEs and Jio’s Narrowband IoT (NBIoT),” Mukesh Ambani further said.

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