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Retail CX in the Forthcoming Age

 Saroop K P

In the recent years, businesses of all size and shape were looking forward at measures to put a smile on the customers’ face by providing top notch quality services, and proper guidelines for products. The customer has become the front and centre for a business firm’s survival and existence.
Retail industry, like any other business entities, has started adapting innovations into its business operations since huge number customers appeared to have a significant impact on the course in which they operate and interact with the business. When a need is proposed, there are a number of methods sorted out to boost the customer need and demands from a point of revamping the interface of delivering products and services.

To deliver the best of products and services to the customer, it is required to understand the growing demand and change in trends for tracking the customer and their journey. Since technology convergence helped customers to perch on to smartphones for seamless interactions, it has become increasingly used across different platforms for different purposes.

Over the years, there have been various tools to check customer satisfaction and customer experience for enhancing the relation between the customers and the organisation. Not only in retail industry, but in general, mobile customer support, social media support,

Live-chat, self-service management, omni-channel support etc. are few tools that have been for extending their helping hands to customers in need.But now, it has moved further steps by bringing advanced technologies into this area. The quest of brands to find the demands, tastes, and interests of a customer became crucial to deliver products that they look for, and thereby grab customer attention.

One among the top CX tools is Medallia, which uses analytics and customer feedback as its methods for understanding a customer. This platform helps in raising a new case each time when a customer leaves feedback, and addresses the specific user concern. Another one in the list of widely used CX tools consists of Adobe Experience Manager which helps in narrowing down the customer preferences and deliver content that lines up with customer preferences. It also comes with other features including hybrid CMS that allocates a seamless experience for the customers as they move across channels.

Being not a recent technological advancement, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – a strategy focused on managing relation with the customer, provide a complete 360 degree view of the customer to the organisation. By tracking the previous visit of the customer, CRM systems can make decisions on its own and drive the process of disseminating information on new products in the market to the customer, bring necessary updates and orchestrate customer experience. If managed correctly, CRM provide companies a holistic approach to engineer better customer experience with the use of ML, AI, and sentiment analysis.

In the near future, data becomes the tiller of customer experience and enables seamless brand interaction, facilitates unique shopper journeys. Brand image also plays a huge role in shaping customer experience in retail business. Using brand image for proper communication helps customers to identify and spot their products. The application of Live-chats will extinct as chatbots and voice-enabled conversational interfaced AI comes into the picture.

Business world is thriving day-by-day; providing space for young entrepreneurs, start-ups, and also adapting to changes brought by technology and innovation. The forthcoming age is for digital, and many are expected to depend on digital interactions and communications. A retail market, where customers historically find much attached, is growing exponentially in its ways of delivering products and making the customer satisfied. The future of retail CX will see a shift of power from company to the customer.

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