Twitter Makes its API Access Available After Weeks of Wait


Twitter's API access tiers are now available after several weeks of waiting. Last month, the company made its first announcement regarding changes to its API, stating that it will no longer allow free access to the Twitter API.

The recently revealed price structures do, however, also contain a basic free tier for content-posting bots.

Overall, there are three tiers: the constrained Free tier, the laxer $100 Basic tier, and the pricey Enterprise tier. According to the firm, "authorized Twitter API developers, including developers on the new Free tier," would still have access to the Advertising API at no extra cost.

In a separate tweet, Twitter announced that the former access tiers, including Standard (v1.1), Essential (v2), Elevated (v2), and Premium, will be phased down over the course of the next 30 days.

It urged developers to switch over as soon as possible "for a smooth transition."

Twitter's moves in recent months haven't exactly been in favor of developers.

Last month Twitter initially announced changes to the API, suggesting that free API access would be eliminated within a few days.

As the API changes go into effect, many of Twitter's cherished content-posting bots may cease to exist, according to a flurry of conversation sparked by the revelation.

Elon Musk changed his mind, indicating that the firm would still offer a free tier to bots who create excellent content, maybe as a result of the harsh criticism. Twitter said that the launch had been postponed for a further few days.

Twitter's moves in recent months haven't exactly been in favor of developers. Twitter Toolbox and Twitter Tiles were among the developer projects that were discontinued by the firm last year.

Then, in January, the company terminated all customer apps from third parties. With the new API constraints, developers might be even more put off.

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