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  • Bopanna P.N, Co-Founder& President, S.Sanjeev, Co-founder& Chairman

    Bopanna P.N, Co-Founder& President, S.Sanjeev, Co-founder& Chairman

  • Today, business takes place online and on mobile all around the globe. With more and more business warming up to office automation, organizations need help navigating emerging technologies, identifying manageable chunks of work to proceed within the short term, and simultaneously identifying investment areas to enable longer-term gains. Enterprises and vendors recognize that today’s modern workplace is more collaborative than ever - for many users, collaboration apps are becoming a primary business communication tool. Raw data storage, electronic transfer, and the management of electronic business information comprise the basic activities of an office automation system. Providing robust communication platform to all sizes of companies, Resurgent AV Integrators, headquartered in Bangalore, integrates and incorporates the latest AV technology and communications systems into business facilities across the world. Resurgent's Interactive Collaborative Communication platforms drives business communication to the next level, which bring virtual reality. It replicates face to face communication in a more vivid, intuitive, colorful and seamless manner. The meeting rooms provided by Resurgent is for other attendees where they can share screen, modify or add comments instantly on displayed screens, discuss, listen, see and save them just as they were in the same meeting room.

  • Resurgent AV Integrators: Instigating the Digital Revolution in Communication and Collaboration

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10 Most Recommended Office Automation Solution Providers – 2018

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  • 10 Most Recommended Office Automation Solution Providers – 2018

    As technology evolves into even greater heights it has also influenced a positive change in our workplace.The traditional setting of office no longer applies because smart automation is changing the office management system to achieve fluidity. Variety of office automation systems are now applied to business and communication functions that used to be performed manually or in multiple locations of a company, such as preparing written communications and strategic planning. In addition, functions that once required coordinating the expertise of outside specialists in typesetting, printing, or electronic recording can now be integrated into the everyday work of an organization, saving both time and money. With more and more business warming up to office automation, it gives a margin of flexibility for workers to work in their own time & place. After automating your office operations, employees can work remotely. Besides,the cost of operation is also reduced in half and it also saves time. For those businesses that want to lower operational costs, our distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIO Insider editorial board has scrutinized several of such solution providers and finalized the list of 10 Most Recommended Office Automation Solution Providers. So, if your business is about to embrace technological transformation and introduce a culture of maximum productivity or has already applied automation to increase efficiency while reducing human effort and is interested to learn more, then we recommend you these vendors who will help your enterprise to accelerate high productivity, cost reduction, good quality and performance.

10 Most Recommended Office Automation Solution Providers – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cairos Automation: Keeping the Mechanics Running Smoothly and Cost Effectively Cairos Automation Rajat Jain , MD Renders solutions for Infrastructure Management, Energy Management, Disaster Management and Smart Office.
Glorich India Glorich India Ranjan Shukla , Director An end-to-end solutions provider in the field of office automation equipments.
Invenco Solutions: Changing Office Management Scheme to Achieve Fluidity Invenco Solutions Jimit Shah, Founder The portfolio incorporates Home Automation, Office Automation, Hotel Automation, Home Cinema, Smart Restaurants, Digital Signage, IP based PBX solutions and security solutions.
Methodex Systems Methodex Systems Rohit Katariya, Joint MD Provides diversified solutions company for banks, offices and commercial establishments.
Myriad SoftCorp Myriad SoftCorp Omkar Tamhane , Founder & Director Specializes in mobile application development, document digitization services, storage & backup solutions, office automation solutions, business center solutions, and email solutions.
Resurgent AV Integrators: Instigating the Digital Revolution in Communication and Collaboration Resurgent AV Integrators Bopanna P.N, Co-founder & President, S.Sanjeev, Co-founder & Chairman Designs and integrates AV technology and communications systems into business facilities.
Sharp Business Systems India Sharp Business Systems India Shinji Minatogawa, MD Facilitates document solutions offering a full suite of multi-function printers and Office solutions, and Visual Solutions.
Silvan Innovation Labs Silvan Innovation Labs Avinash Gautam , CEO Delivers cloud-based services in the automation market across residential, hospitality & commercial sectors.
TAO (The Automation Office) TAO (The Automation Office) Jawahar Bekay, Chairman Enables businesses to setup computer-based robots that map business process workflows, interpret applications and data, communicate with other digital systems.
Titan Engineering & Automation Titan Engineering & Automation Venkatesan M , GM & Business Head Avails Services in Aerospace Component Manufacturing and Assembly & testing Automation.