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Invenco Solutions: Changing Office Management Scheme to Achieve Fluidity

Jimit Shah,Founder

Jimit Shah


Automation involves a very broad range of technologies including robotics & expert systems, telemetry & communications, electro-optics, cyber-security, process measurement& control, sensors, wireless applications, systems integration, test measurement, and many more. The human handover element between discrete processes typically leads to in efficiencies, problems, and poor customer service. Automation crosses all functions within industry from installation, integration, and maintenance to design, procurement, and management. Automation even reaches into the marketing and sales functions of these industries.

Based out of the Mumbai, lnvenco Solutions provides user friendly automation for home and business. The company manages multiple divisions, each with a dedicated portfolio of innovative solutions including Home Automation, Office Automation, Hotel Automation, Home Cinema, Smart Restaurants, Digital Signage, IP based PBX solutions and complete security solutions. Invenco Solutions’ goal is to introduce new innovations that are equipped to push industries to break away from their existing limitations and make-way for the future.

“Lot of people are unaware that there is lot of scope for automation even in

office area which can result in better efficiency of work and lot of cost saving with respect to electricity”, says Jimit Shah, Founder of Invenco Solutions. He also points out that there are some features in office automation which are not addressed well like Air Con Control, digital lighting addressable system, and automated work space area. If the user is not there in the area, his work space won’t be activated and it helps in saving lots of power and energy. The company strives to understand and meet users’ needs using high quality & high-value products, with solutions that exceed expectations.

" The company strives to understand and meet users’ needs using high quality & high-value products, with solutions that exceed expectations"

Integrating Office
Office automation system provides a way for businesses to accelerate, scale, and reduce risk. Executives and leaders need to recognize the requirement to create automation systems so that their best practices can be shared, practiced, and consistently utilized across teams. Invenco offers solutions for office automation in multiple segments like inside & facade lighting, board room automation, air con controls, occupancy sensors, and Networking and Wi-Fi services. Moreover, Invenco’s office automation offers solutions where in a user or attendee can handle the entire meeting process (without 6 to 7 remotes, but by a single click on the tab/phone) with 6 to 7 completely automated remotes. Invenco combines cutting edge technology and premium products with professional integration in order to deliver the most appropriate commercial space.

Invenco Solutions works upon different modules resulting in user friendly automation services to clients. Following are the modules on which Invenco Solutions’ pyramid is built- planning with respect to user’s

requirements; facilitating hardware module to integrate with users’ existing devices in their offices; and physical interfaces like keypad, touch screen panel or iPad from where users can control & operate the entire office with voice activation using Google Home or Alexa. The voice activation modification benefits user to operate physical devices by voice. Invenco Solutions understands the specific needs and preferences of every client and delivers suitable solution for it.

Additionally, lnvenco Solutions also availed IT based EBPs, i.e., Skype over business for video conferencing. Invenco’s (Crestron) Crystron Mercury facilitates wireless presentation, room scheduling, meeting scheduling and priority scheduling based on the portfolio. For instance, the priority will be given to the director’s booking over the executive. Given the shift of modern companies towards BYOD and Unified Communications, Invenco Solutions deploys completely IT based solution for the organizations where user can interconnect between their offices and employee over IT.

With such a long standing record of providing excellent and thoughtful business solutions for any organization, lnvenco Solutions has no plans to settle down. The company has experience centers where the devices are deployed and installed in office for the customers to see the live demo. In near future, Invenco Solutions is looking forward to introducing demo centers in Mumbai, Pune, and Gujarat. The company is trying to create experience home for their customers so that before purchasing, the user can have the complete experience and exposure of Invenco’s services and solutions. Invenco Solutions is also looking forward to introducing new innovations to enable the growth of digitization within businesses.

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