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Resurgent AV Integrators: Instigating the Digital Revolution in Communication and Collaboration

Bopanna P.N, Co-founder & President,S.Sanjeev, Co-founder & Chairman

Bopanna P.N, Co-founder & President

S.Sanjeev, Co-founder & Chairman

Today, business takes place online and on mobile all around the globe. With more and more business warming up to office automation, organizations need help navigating emerging technologies, identifying manageable chunks of work to proceed within the short term, and simultaneously identifying investment areas to enable longer-term gains. Enterprises and vendors recognize that today’s modern workplace is more collaborative than ever - for many users, collaboration apps are becoming a primary business communication tool. Raw data storage, electronic transfer, and the management of electronic business information comprise the basic activities of an office automation system.

Providing robust communication platform to all sizes of companies, Resurgent AV Integrators,headquartered in Bangalore, integrates and incorporates the latest AV technology and communications systems into business facilities across the world. Resurgent’s Interactive Collaborative Communication platforms drives business communication to the next level, which bring virtual reality. It replicates face to face communication in a more vivid, intuitive, colorful and seamless manner. The meeting rooms provided by Resurgent is for other attendees where they can share screen,modify or add comments instantly on displayed screens, discuss,listen, see and save them just as they were in the same meeting room. The company provides enhanced collaboration to watch live body languages of other attendees, like expressions and gestures, to help each other understand better as to what they really want to express.

Margin of Flexibility for workers
Over IoT, AV technologies have progressed to gather stakeholders to discuss. Resurgent understands the need for customized audio-visual solutions that combine future-proof products to enhance collaboration and communication. The company involves the latest technology with the expert team which implements solutions that are not only safe but cost effective too. The purpose of office automation is to connect stakeholders in one place to have business meetings without minimum or no noise or chaos. With advance Video Conferencing technology through an interactive platform, one can avoid such situations. The anchor takes complete control over the conversation by keeping other participants on mute to ensure a professional business atmosphere, thereby making it much more effective and productive for business.

"Resurgent understands the need for customized audiovisual solutions that combine future-proof products to enhance collaboration and communication"

By using this technology, enterprises build great relationships between teams around the globe. Resurgent's Interactive Video conferencing is not only cost effective but also effectively improves collaboration experience. It also augments to bring multi-culture environment to connect teams more efficiently, thereby facilitating decision making more rapid, and have a competitive edge in any business environment.

Furthermore, Resurgent maximizes personal interaction and allows sharing of knowledge seamlessly across boundaries and time zones. The company provides multiple audio and video channels to ensure real-time collaboration, especially in Critical Control Rooms. Resurgent’s AV Control Room is designed to enhance the performance of Audio Visual environment and effectively manage multiple types of equipment in real-time.

Maximizing Energy Saving
Resurgent supports Green Office space with energy redeemable environmentally friendly AV technology. The company is partnering with OEM’s offering Green Certified Audio Visual

products. At the design stage, Resurgent implements AV equipments which are Star Green Rated energy consumption products to suite the client need. Most of the clients are consciously moving towards workplace and systems, which enable energy conservation with a small carbon footprint. Resurgent’s entire AV system is designed to preserve energy. Also, the controlling devices in the rooms ensure energy savings, as the system monitors each room for movement of people, switches off lights and devices when the rooms are not occupied.

Safety Precautions and Processes
Resurgent highly emphasizes safety precautions, as this is the key to differentiate in the market currently. Resurgent's Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) policy enunciate the approach and commitment of the company towards environmental protection and management of health and safety of employees, contract workmen, visitors, clients, and people. Resurgent governs to conduct all business activities in the most responsible manner, committing to demonstrate a high standard of environmental protection, sharing of best practices and provision of a safe and healthy workplace. To achieve this business ethics and culture, the company utilizes an integrated health, safety, security, environmental, and Quality Management System which includes Identification of HSE risks, environmental protection, demonstrates & promotes leadership, commitment, and personal involvement, thus ensuring the health & safety of employees.

With a combined experience of 20 plus years in communication, Resurgent's main focus is to constantly innovate and keep abreast with the ever-changing technological landscape. In a venture with a K-12 public education and community improvements projects, Resurgent offered Video Collaboration Services enabling the project members to communicate seamlessly with anyone any where, any time with ease. Resurgent's values go beyond the integration support and extend to simplifying the end-to-end technology hand-over process, helping reduce cost and ensuring timely delivery to address the strategic business that customers care about.

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Resurgent AV Integrators: Instigating the Digital Revolution in Communication and Collaboration