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  • Subramanyam S.P, Founder & CEO

    Subramanyam S.P, Founder & CEO

  • With the unstoppable expansion of the Pharmaceutical industry, the need for strong compliance management becomes all the more indispensable. Adhering to the regulatory compliances in every process of a pharmaceutical company, from start to finish is a long and exhaustive process. Not only the process is time-consuming, but it is expensive too. The costs incurred in obtaining FDA approvals and the expenditure in producing consistent high-quality products is significantly large. Besides, surging amount of data associated with every department makes it ten folds expensive and cumbersome to think straight to comply. Having in place a clear, effective and broadly communicated compliance program helps a business signal the auditors that compliance is the top priority for the company. It shows the organization’s commitment to doing business the right way, to the highest ethical standards. This becomes easier when one is able to track and trace the product lifecycle from re-search to dispatch thereby making compliance simpler than ever and the actions, faster.

  • Infionic Standing on the Pillars of Tracebility, Integrity and Quality

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10 Most Recommended Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers - 2018

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  • 10 Most Recommended Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers - 2018

    Tomorrow’s challenge is to develop new medicines that can prevent or cure currently incurable diseases. Today’s challenge is to get to tomorrow – and that’s a tall order in itself. The environment in which Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies operate is increasingly challenging, being driven by an ever demanding healthcare agenda. The global need for innovative, cost effective medicines continues to rise whilst regulators, payers, health care providers and patients are demanding greater value for money, proven effectiveness of products, more transparency and access to information. To meet these demands companies are seeking ways to improve R&D productivity, increase the efficiency of its operations, rationalize spending on sales & marketing and enhance financial performance. The tools to develop remarkable new medicines are materializing, demand for its products is increasing and the barriers to free trade are falling. Innovation in pharmaceuticals has a dramatic impact both on the health and wellness of millions of people and the bottom lines of the companies in the sector as well. Likewise, although biotech drugs have steadily carved a niche for themselves in the pharma market, traditional chemical-based drugs continue to dominate life sciences sector sales. The most innovative players are growing faster than their less pioneering competitors – though well-defined innovation strategies are still far from universal. Talent remains a challenge for Pharma compared to other industries but executives are putting in place measures to address this. Inspiration from outside the walls with an emphasis on co-creation with external partners and even customers is also sought after. With new entrants transforming the healthcare industry setting aside all challenges, we present to you a list of 10 Most Recommended Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers 2018. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts and CIO Insider editorial board we believe that these pharma domain players/enablers have the technical skill-sets and business acumen to deliver and induce revolutionary ripples in medicine and help pharma as a domain to accomplish wonders.

10 Most Recommended Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
APCER Life Sciences apcer-life-sciences Dr. Preeti Verma , Associate Vice President Brings together safety, medical, regulatory, and technology resources to ensure improved patient care
CIMINFO: Addressing Increased Attention of Data Integrity Compliance in Pharmaceutical Industry ciminfo Sanjay Agrawal, Founder & President Provides a wide range of compliance services and software solutions that include data integrity & error checking, and automatic generation of validation documentation etc.
C-Square Info Solutions csquare-info-solutions Sajith T, Director Designs solutions for pharma sales performance automation, retail automation & business analytics in pharma and online pharmacy automation.
Infionic standing on the Pillars of Traceability, Integrity and Quality infionic Subramanyam SP , Founder & CEO Renders unified platform comprising ERP, PPM, CRM & HRM modules across various industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Professional Service Automation.
LAXAI: Augmenting Integrated Drug Discovery and Development Solutions laxai-life-sciences Vamsi Maddipatla, CEO Expertise revolves around drug discovery, integrated services, medicinal chemistry, analytical, synthetic chemistry, biology services and computational chemistry.
Nous Infosystems nous-infosystems Ajith J. Pillai, CEO Delivers healthcare IT solutions leveraging technologies including digital transformation, mobility, big data, analytics and cloud computing.
PharmaSecure pharmasecure Nakul Pasricha, CEO Facilitates technology-enabled solutions for protection against medicine counterfeiting as well as patient engagement and adherence.
Sai Life Sciences sai-life-sciences Krishna Kanumuri , CEO & MD Focuses on building expert core capabilities in synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, process development, scale-up chemistry, analytical and manufacturing.
Sciformix Technologies sciformix-technologies Manish Vinayak Soman, President & CEO A provider for the biopharmaceutical, generic pharmaceutical, consumer product, medical device and contract research industries.
Zifo RnD Solutions zifo-rnd-solutions Raj Prakash G , Co-Founder & CEO Offers services in areas such as scientific informatics, lab informatics, clinical biometrics, computer system validation, and genome informatics.

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