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Infionic standing on the Pillars of Traceability, Integrity and Quality

Subramanyam SP , Founder & CEO

Subramanyam SP

Founder & CEO

With the unstoppable expansion of the Pharmaceutical industry, the need for strong compliance management becomes all the more indispensable. Adhering to the regulatory compliances in every process of a pharmaceutical company, from start to finish is a long and exhaustive process. Not only the process is time-consuming, but it is expensive too. The costs incurred in obtaining FDA approvals and the expenditure in producing consistent high-quality products is significantly large. Besides,surging amount of data associated with every department makes it ten folds expensive and cumbersome to think straight to comply. Having in place a clear, effective and broadly communicated compliance program helps a business signal the auditors that compliance is the top priority for the company. It shows the organization’s commitment to doing business the right way, to the highest ethical standards. This becomes easier when one is able to track and trace the product lifecycle from research to dispatch there by making compliance simpler than ever and the actions, faster.

Data integrity, visibility of operations and quality compliance are the three pillars of foundation Infionic is built on. The very operation module of the organization makes end to end assurance that the clients’ business runs as smoothly as possible. Infionic was incepted as a services company with the epicentre on the pharmaceutical industry. 2011 witnessed Infionic switching to an enterprise product based company with the focus shifting towards any industry that is more process oriented. The company works to-wards arranging an easy way to manage the man, machine and material components of any organization and in doing so,it introduces a strong correlation and link between how data flows to & fro between these three elements and across rest of the organization. Making the data flow seamlessly, Infionic aims to give every company a contextual data and 360 degree enterprise information in an easier and a faster way to see. This in turn triggers a lot of traceability of actions via data integrity.

Traceability of Processes and Actions
Infionic worked tirelessly to develop a product called Infionic One suite, which being an end to end software ties all the key functions of an organization and helps seamless information flow across manufacturing, operations, sales, quality, R&D etc and most importantly, to the compliance aspect of the firm. Being an enterprise product company,

Infionic enables the linking of cross-
functional data seamlessly across organization for quicker decision making and maximizing traceability. The Infionic One houses several modules, all of which operates on a foundational protocol of keeping the clients’ compliance parameter healthy and alive. The manufacturing tool for example, leads a unique approach towards managing the manufacturing process, right from creating a product profile, to managing the shop floor data, to total quality management. The tool's simple to use screens ensure the data generated at various levels with in the manufacturing process is captured accurately and in real time. Moreover, this data driven methodology to keep track of manufacturing over heads is incorporated into a costing model to given an accurate product costing. The companies therefore get a better visibility into the process which eases the work for making an accurate and proper quote, better control over operations and therefore reduced delays. Also, the client company can offer better customer satisfaction because knowing exactly what is happening in the process, enables to answer customers’ questions at any given point of time. All these factors alas lead a company to kick start revenue growth.

Making The Data Flow Seamlessly, Infionic Aims to Give Every Company a Contextual Data and 360 Degree Enterprise Information In an Easier and a Faster Way to See

Data Driven Organizations Make Better Decisions
The product and portfolio management module of Infionic One was one of the earliest entries in the list of services for Infionic. One of the most important aspects of a project management is the costing. Since the costing for the project is maintained in the respective ERP systems of a particular organization, the Infionic team had to integrate the product with each company’s ERP system. Turns out none of the companies have an ERP system that captures all the data in a structured and easy to use way. Result: silos of untraced and disparate data. Infionic One, being a web-based, mobile enabled enterprise wide suite that caters to all functions within an organization, renders an organization into a technology and data driven organization that promotes and enables decision making process driven by facts and figures alone. When this happens, the probability of occurrence of any mishaps or losses due to data integrity dissolves to zero. Here, stringent resource manage ment plays an equally crucial role and depends just as much on the collected data. This has obviously led the organizations to focus exclusively to plan and utilize re-sources optimally and efficiently. Infionic understands this aspect as the company too, like their clients, gives

due importance to the data integrity and visibility. This, again, is important for the best use of resources. The Infionic One Suite's ERP tool seamlessly integrates all operational processes thereby eradicating data silos and inefficiencies. It provides a centralized platform to manage all resources and in-depth visibility to actions.

Quality Trumps Everything
In the current scenario, there is an increasing focus within the pharmaceutical industry on the Total Quality Management (TQM). It is therefore very important for organizations to embrace tools that can help manage the TQM process in a reliable and cost-efficient manner. The Quality Management module of Infionic One not only connects also aspects of quality (Specifications, Tests, Parameters, equipment management etc.) but also ensure that it is tightly integrated with the rest of the operations. This ensures a very high level of data integrity in quality data and also increases the confidence of an organization on its ability to manage data consistently with necessary checks and balances. Additionally, the firm enables customers to embrace the ongoing trend of automating processes and workflows with its electronic batch manufacturing record solution. The electronic batch manufacturing record software can seamlessly pull data that exist in any form from automated machinery using relevant parameters to make electronic batch manufacturing records management (eBMR) more accurate.

Particularly, a pharma company needs to have a lot of traceability within the operations. Infionic One caters to all the segments within the pharmaceutical industry. Irrespective of the part one caters to in the drug development cycle which includes - companies focusing on R&D, manufacturers of APIs or Formulations, CROs, CRMs or Sales focused companies - Infionic’s enterprise wide suite can help manage the entire operation chain. The company’s integrated suite- Sales to Project & Portfolio Management to ERP to HRM – helps an organization to become a data-driven, technology driven organization that helps to run the operations in an optimized and efficient way. By giving a one stop solution, Infionic is able to give the control and view of the entire operations of the pharma company onto a single standard platform. This in turn enables the company to drill down as much information as required from top to bottom and throughout; thus ensuring a lot of transparency and traceability that most companies are in search of.

Infionic’s methods and value propositions have earned it some of the most reputed clients in the pharma industry. Infionic strongly believes that there are 3 paramters on which the success of any software can be measured - Traceability, Data Integrity and most importantly, Quality Compliance. The company has set benchmarks in providing affordable, cost effective, vertical customized and faster solutions, in order to assist CIOs in achieving data integrity for the organization.

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Infionic Standing on the Pillars of Tracebility, Integrity and Quality