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LAXAI: Augmenting Integrated Drug Discovery and Development Solutions

Vamsi Maddipatla, CEO

The pharmaceutical and drug sectors are witnessing a high attrition rate owing to minimal acceptance, high cost and limited market access. Given that the drug approvals continue to fail, companies are adapting to a far harsher environment and inventions are being reinvented. Yet, with increased attention in innovations, the companies should not overlook various other value creation methods like reducing costs, increasing the speed of development and decision making thereby increasing the Internal Rate of Return(IRR). Hyderabad based Life Science Company, Laxai, is such 'one-stop' solution partner that provides intelligent and innovative solutions to global pharmaceutical companies for complete value chain of services.

From early discovery to commercial manufacturing of NCE’s and generics, Laxai provides high quality services to pharmaceutical, agrochemical and specialty chemical companies in Europe and US as well. With its globally compliant cGMP facilities and proven chemistry expertise and experience, Laxai offers contract research, development, and manufacturing services of APIs and intermediates. The company offers entire services for API and intermediates development including Lab assessment, Process optimization, Scale-up, API synthesis, API commercial Manufacturing. Laxai’s state-of-the-art facilities including Analytical facility handles complex API’s and highly potent materials at both developmental and commercial scale to cater excellent quality services to clients.

Twin Scales of Development and Commercialization with advanced technology

Laxai has globally compliant cGMP facilities. With proven chemistry expertise and experience, Laxai offers contract research and development, manufacturing services of APIs and intermediates. While serving globally, the stringent prerequisites are adhered to by the company. This starts with the fact that many organizations determine team by the scientist’s experience, qualification and the background; where as, Laxai has gone one step further to maintain the Ph.D to MSc ratio at 1:4 mostly with US/ EU pharma experience - a benchmark in the industry.

Laxai implements a secured shared cloud service to ensure secured/encrypted exchange of patented and confidential information between the teams

Moreover, American pharmaceuticals value the mechanics of issue identification and resolution as the main criteria in selecting a CRO and spend up to 27 percent of total CRO expenses on overseeing CRO projects. Laxai addresses this pain-point and streamlines the modes of information exchange through advanced technology. It uses E-LNB (Electronic Lab Note Book) that enables the client(s)to view real-time update on experiments. Laxai implements a secured shared cloud service to ensure secured/ encrypted exchange of patented and confidential information between the teams. Laxai puts to use video conferencing to enable client(s) have transparent project progress and updates companies. Laxai is the place for seamless integration from target validation to candidate selection under one roof. The company offers Identification of Hit molecules (HI), Identification of lead molecule (LI), Lead optimization(LO) to Candidate Development(CD)and Pre-Clinical Candidate(PCC)to clients. This wide range of integrated drug discovery and development solutions, with core expertise founded in synthetic, medicinal and process chemistry, further augments preclinical services including DMPK and toxicology.

Additionally, Laxai in silico team excels in drug discovery design efforts. These are in collaboration with medicinal chemistry, structural biology, chemical biology and DMPK teams. The drug designs are basically conducted by molecular modeling studies, protein structure-based drug design, ligand based drug design, fragment-based drug design, homology modeling, docking and scoring, chemo-informatics analysis and de novo designs. The team extensively utilizes in-house expertise in software development, chemocuration for driving molecular designs.

Strategizing Future with Innovations
Laxai aims to be half a billion-dollar company in the next 5 years. In Jan 2018, the company moved in into a state of the art, 50000 SFT R&D facility at Genome Valley temperature and humidity. The safety and security features are on par with the industry standards. It houses 100 scientists handling chemistry, biology, pharma cokinetics and analytical chemistry.

Laxai acquired a GMP-API manufacturing plant in Pasha maylaram, Patancheru. It is zero discharge facility complete with biological treatment, multiple effect evaporators and reverse osmosis systems spread over 11 acres, organized into 6 manufacturing blocks with over 70 reactors with total production capacity of 292 KL. There are 3 blocks dedicated to cleanrooms (class 100,000). It is also WHO GMP approved and ISO 9001:2015 certified; OHSAS and ISMS Certified. These features ensure an effective structural methodology at workplace which includes manufacturing of quality products, rational and effective use of available resources, minimization of waste along with good safety and quality standards The plant enables Laxai to supply API and N-1 intermediates to formulation or pharma companies across the globe.

With plans to upgrade the plant to US-FDA, EDQM, BfArM (Germany), TGA (Australia) and PMDA(Japan), AFSSAPS (France)certified plant in a span of 2 years, with competent and experienced API team of global experience and an unparalleled quality and cost delivery, Laxai is vying its position at par with other big pharma companies on the globe.

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