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  • MV MANOJ, CEO, Qapitol QA

    MV MANOJ, CEO, Qapitol QA

  • Digitalization is leading to Productization We see it everywhere – food ordering apps, taxi-hailing apps, hotel booking apps, mobile wallets etc. On the other hand, enterprises are churning out productivity apps, meeting schedulers, collaboration messengers etc. to provide superior customer engagement and better employee productivity. The Software World is witnessing a Transformation The increased rate of productization has impacted software development processes. The release cycles have shrunk from years to months to weeks, to days and now, we are seeing product life cycle as a continuous delivery process. (Can a payment app be down even for a minute?) To meet the demands of continuous delivery, product teams are integrating with engineering, who in turn are integrating with operations.

  • Qapitol QA: Collaborating with Agile Teams for Customer Success

A New Beginning to QA Testing

By: Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

The continuing era of business digitalization and mobilization brings new technologies in software development, along with software testing trends in the quality assurance (QA) industry.

Demystifying Testing in IoT

By: Sanjay Kaushik, Manager - Quality Assurance, Kellton Tech

Today we are surrounded by IoT devices. A recent report by Gartner found that the number of IoT devices will grow

10 Most Recommended QA Testing Solution Providers 2018

CIO as the Bridge to Success

By: Craig J Berry, SVP & CIO, Siemens PLM Software

CIO—the Key Enabler of IT Empowerment- The enlightened CIO of today is best described as a “business consultant”.


It’s the Time to Digital!

By: Ashok Cherian, CIO, Emami Agrotech Limited

Having spent over 25 years in IT, I have been an avid observer of what lies in the role of a CIO. I must say there is no better time to be a CIO than now.


Mobile App Startups

By: Vineet Bansal, CIO, Greenply Industries Limited

The rapid adoption of smart phones will change all equations of mobile technology. Smart phones are becoming smarter and powerful.


Distributed Cybercrime’s Growing Threat to Critical Infrastructure

By: Ron Davidson, CTO & Vice President, R&D, Skybox Security

Ransomware is not new but has been a growing tool of choice of the cybercrime community


Changing Dynamics of Fintech Companies and the Scope of Services under their Umbrella

By: Praveen Dhabhai, COO, Payworld

Fintech is a wide sector with a legacy. For most of the people the phenomenon is about the latest


Is Your ML Breaking the Law?

By: Bibhuti Kar, VP Engineering, Sophos

If your organization does or aspires to do any business in Europe, you must have had your mandatory training on GDPR by now.


Harnessing Power of Cloud: Cloud Strategy for Banks Woven Around Security and Data Protection

By: Mihir Joshi, Chief Information Security Officer & AVP, DSP BlackRock

Considering more and more technological advancement with AI, ML and BlockChain


Industry edge 4.0

By: Sourabh Tiwari, CIO & Head IT, Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (India) Private Limited

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, turning factories into smart factories, filled with sensors

  • 10 Most Recommended QA Testing Solution Providers 2018

10 Most Recommended QA Testing Solution Providers 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Credible Soft credible-soft Debasis Pradhan, Founder & CEO Caters to enterprises with custom software development, Test automation, and rapid testing solutions.
Hexaware hexaware R Srikrishna , CEO Automation led next generation provider of Digital Assurance, business process service, infrastructure management services, and analytics.
Impact QA impact-qa Jyoti Prasad Bhatt, Founder & CEO Provides complete suite of manual and automated functional testing services, delivered throughout the software development life cycle.
Indium Software indium-software Vijay Balaji , Director & President Enables Independent QA solutions while focusing on big data engineering.
PureTesting puretesting Anil Baid , CEO Focuses on IoT testing, quality assurance, product development and maintenance.
QAInfotech qainfotech Mukesh Sharma , Founder & CEO Specializes in delivering testing services to organizations with independent software quality assurances.
QA Mentor Testing Services qa-mentor-testing-services Nitin Tawde, Director Delivers QA services that include Website Verification Testing, Advisory Support Subscription, QA Automation Tool Expert, QA Manager on Demand, QA Audit & Process Improvement etc.
Qapitol QA: Collaborating with Agile Teams for Customer Success Qapitol QA MV Manoj , CEO Expertise revolves around Testing Microservices, Building Automated Solutions, Test & support Performance Engineering, E2E Testing of e-Commerce and Retail application.
QualiTlabs: A Pure Play Software Testing Services Provider across the Globe QualiTlabs Kishore Ravi , CEO A provider of software testing services and comprehensive range of value-added outsourced QA solutions.
TestingXperts testingxperts Manish Gupta, CEO Avails comprehensive suite of testing services that covers both Functional and Non-Functional testing, as well as Professional Expertise for Cloud and Mobile Technology.