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QualiTlabs: A Pure Play Software Testing Services Provider across the Globe

Kishore Ravi ,CEO

The efforts in the past and that continue to automate software testing have not yielded the exceptional results. Now, the pressure of digital transformation requires a level of test automation and continuous testing through DevOps tools in Agile development, together far surpasses the capabilities of legacy testing platforms. Bringing in a wave of change in this space, Hyderabad based QualiTlabs, a pure play Software QA and Testing Services provider has been helping Small and Medium size companies across the globe to release high-quality software products to the market on time and within budget since their inception in 2013. QualiTlabs focus primarily on Quality Engineering which allows a development process to introduce testing and automation earlier in the process rather than at the customer’s acceptance phase. Pertaining to the age of Agile and DevOps, this testing service provider leverages state of art infrastructure, Test Automation, and Agile & DevOps continuous testing tools to help clients in identifying and fixing issues early in the development lifecycle, thereby enabling businesses to add value much faster.

Test Automation & Continuous Testing Meeting the Needs of Digital Transformation
QualiTlabs test automation strategy enables organizations to increase release velocity, reduce time to market and reduce overall testing effort resulting in a significant return on investment (ROI).
The influence of digital transformation requires a level of test automation using best test automation tools and strategy that far exceeds the abilities of legacy testing process. A loss of a well-defined digital quality assurance strategy that is linked to test automation can be an obstacle to digital transformation’s success. Therefore, to meet the needs of Digital transformation,

QualiTlabs has been implementing modern practices based on Agile, and DevOps i.e. Continuous Test Execution, Test Automation, Mobile Apps Testing, IoT apps Testing, continuous Quality Engineering, Cloud based Testing, and Big Data Testing etc. Considering the enterprise's demand for pace, with their tolerance for risk, continuous testing seems the preferred option, which provides real-time insights into the application’s business prospect. Continuous testing is being considered as a critical success factor and is also an extensive process than test automation. In order to optimize performance, organizations gradually focus on mature application development practices and DevOps implementations. Nevertheless, QualiTlabs emphasizes on adoption of Open Source Test automation and CI tools too; such as Katalon Studio, Selenium, Protractor, Watir, Robot Framework, and Jenkins, etc.

QualiTlabs uses Cloud testing that provides the benefits of easy availability, great scalability and reduced costs

The QualiTlabs Test Automation Accelerator Kit comprises of pre-built test automation scripts, utilities, process assets and frameworks. The kit has assisted a plethora of companies in implementing successful test automation initiatives, while reducing the effort required to convert manual regression Test Cases into fully automated Test Scripts with Continuous Test Execution and improved test coverage. This approach is far more useful in Agile development model as QA teams have limited time for Test Automation. QualiTlabs ensures the Automated tests provide consistent results and data points.

Cloud Testing and Security
Also, QualiTlabs uses Cloud testing that provides the benefits of easy availability, great scalability and reduced costs. It allows for automated testing in various environments and several machines without the need to build your own infrastructure. With cloud-based on-demand scalability, cloud-based testing tools help to define a completely

automated environment that can be scaled up and down in order to optimize resources while enabling testing to scale. Mastering the skills of advanced security and compatibility testing goes along with the growing opportunities of cloud & mobile technology. Hence, QualiTlabs has a number of real devices in their inhouse mobile devices testing lab. Moreover, a dedicated team of security testing and ethical hacking experts deals with challenges mainly with Customer Data/Information being stored and shared across apps, devices and platforms.

QualiTlabs has acquired 4 new clients in this quarter and 80 percent of their customers were retained for more than 2 years. Recently, Protractor tool was used in a Test Automation project that was executed in Agile Development using DevOps tools for the continuous test execution by eliminating manual testing. The solution provided by QualiTlabs includes automation of every new feature, where the automated test execution used CI pipeline, automated bug reporting, automated results reporting, and analytics for test results, etc. This led to the elimination of 95 percent of the manual testing.

“We want to position ourselves as a pure-play Software Test Automation provider and one of the strongest players in the area of Digital Quality Engineering”, says Kishore Ravi, CEO, QualiTlabs. With such a vision in place, QualiTlabs shows promises to continue being a reliable QA Partner for startups and midsized Software/Technology companies in USA, Canada, UK and India.

Business Challenges Addressed by QualiTlabs' Test Automation Approach–
● Write once and execution tests across the devices, operating systems and browsers
● Test early and Test often
● Reduced test cycle time to accelerate release cycles and hence companies can go to market faster
● End-to-end test automation with minimal human intervention and uninterrupted automated test execution using DevOps CI pipeline
● Reusable automation components
● Flexible, repeatable, and stable automation suite
● Tagging test cases to execute select test-scripts to meet release objectives
● Allows non-technical users to execute scripts with limited handholding
● Tagging test cases to execute select test-scripts to meet release objectives.

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