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Qapitol QA: Collaborating with Agile Teams for Customer Success

MV Manoj ,CEO

Digitalization is leading to Productization
We see it everywhere – food ordering apps, taxi-hailing apps, hotel booking apps, mobile wallets etc. On the other hand, enterprises are churning out productivity apps, meeting schedulers, collaboration messengers etc. to provide superior customer engagement and better employee productivity.

The Software World is witnessing a Transformation
The increased rate of productization has impacted software development processes. The release cycles have shrunk from years to months to weeks, to days and now, we are seeing product life cycle as a continuous delivery process. (Can a payment app be down even for a minute?)
To meet the demands of continuous delivery, product teams are integrating with engineering, who in turn are integrating with operations. This transformation from waterfall models, to agile delivery to development operations (DevOps) is now a norm in every product development organization. Enterprises are investing heavily in a variety of tools to achieve this alignment with business goals. While the focus has been to improvise the development operations, testing practices have largely remained in the back seat.

From Stagnation to Innovation – Testing Practice Takes the Front Seat
New architectural models of containerization, virtualization and automation, etc. are making traditional testing redundant. Continuous delivery demands continuous testing. No longer are testers confined to after-thought. Only an equal partnership between developers and testers can culminate in awesome product experiences. This paradigm shift in testing calls for new thinking skills and innovative mindset.

Continuous Collaboration as a Key to Customer Success
While testing practices are now significantly mechanized and automated with complex tooling infrastructure and testers are faced with ever-moving targets, the fundamentals at the testing core remain the same care for user experience, a sense of technical perfection and responsibility towards sustainable growth. Qapitol QA is a personification of this business goal.

Based in Bangalore, Qapitol QA has been taking giant leaps in delivering the testing value that the enterprises need to transform their QA function as a true custodian of their brand promise. Qapitol QA is equipped with test frameworks, the domain knowledge, and

extensive experience of delivering QA for enterprise systems, mobile and web etc. Qapitol QA’s expertise revolves around Testing Microservices, Building Automated Solutions (Design, Build & Implement), Test & support Performance Engineering (Load Testing, Capacity Planning, Stress & Endurance Testing), E2E Testing of e-Commerce and Retail applications for both Custom and Packaged applications (XStore, Hybris) across StoreFront, Market Place, POS, CRM, VMS, OMS, Integration Layers, SCM, Logistics, and Warehouse.

Fast Paced Progress
In a span of three years since their inception in 2015, Qapitol has embraced 100+ customers across four countries, ranging from early startups to enterprises. Within the same duration, the company has won the best Contribution to Quality award at London by App Quality Alliance and is presently the QA partner for the first implementation of Oracle Xstore in India.

Qapitol works with enterprises and addresses the automation challenges through the technically strong 80+ team who not only have expertise on delivering continuous testing but also are adept at creating smart solutions. The company specializes in ex¬tending the in-house QA teams and addresses all the challenges that arise due to sub optimal and limited-in-scope developer testing that often results in bugs and performance issues that slip into production. The company solves the challenges faced by enterprises and startups related to test coverage, velocity, quantity, quality of testing within the time available for any iteration, testing for advanced quality criteria (Security/Performance), ensuring Minimum Viable Quality (MVQ) etc. Qapitol QA’s services are for enterprises and startups of all sizes that want to remove quality related risks that may affect the customer experience.

Mobile App Testing Pain Points
While consumer firms try to engage customers through mobile applications for e-commerce, marketing, and services, B2B firms use the same to improve employee productivity and enhance client and supplier communications. Testing mobile devices and applications presents multiplied challenges. According to the World Quality Report 2018, the number of organizations claiming to have been struggling to find the time to test the mobile applications has increased over the last three years, from 36 percent in 2015 to 52 percent in 2017. At the same time nearly, half of the respondents to the survey do not have the right process or method, or the right tools (46 percent) to test mobile applications. Qapitol has centered all their capabilities, services, and solutions around the Agile world. Particularly, mobile app testing is more complex than testing traditional desktop and web applications and hence exposed to a whole different set of challenges. While enumerating several such challenges, MV Manoj, CEO explains how developers are caught in a dilemma with time available versus test coverage required versus optimal device coverage. Typically, the internal test teams, where they exist for SMBs or startups or for some enterprises or ISVs, do not have the necessary bandwidth to be able to complete deep test coverage that is required within the time available so that the releases are not delayed.

In certain cases, customer organizations do not have a lab that is equipped with devices for optimal device coverage. Moreover, availability of skills is another challenge where the team members fall short of end-to-end deep QA and technology skills that are necessary to question the software in consideration. Specialized testing (performance/security) is often ignored. Automation is sometimes handled by developers and more often than not, becomes a wasteful effort.

Designed to Deliver Value
Qapitol owns a fully equipped lab, mobile test frameworks, has work experience on apps used by millions of users, knowhow of underlying technology to find root cause issues that help developers fix the issues, vast tooling expertise and offers smart automation solutions. The company carries the ability to manage the coverage in the available time by rapid scaling of internal teams, while availing all the required skills under one roof. Qapitol’s UI/UX Lab takes care of all the elements that are essential to deliver exceptional user experiences and ensure the software is used in the
right manner.

As the popularity of mobile first strategy grows manifold, there is no putting down the web applications either. Therefore, Qapitol has always given equal importance to Web applications and accordingly built frameworks to keep pace with the new tech stacks used in Web application development. The company has brought in Javascript as one of the top three languages in the organization along with Java and Python. Qapitol has built Automation frameworks supporting applications built on Angularjs, Reactjs, Nodejs stack. Qapitol has strong ingenuity in user experience testing, Backend testing, Database testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing on applications hosted on AWS and Azure.

Qapitol has its attention glued to very large transformation projects across banking, payments, retail and ecommerce sectors

Ready for Exponential Growth
Qapitol has its attention glued to very large transformation projects across Banking, Payments, Retail and Ecommerce sectors. The company has already delivered great value to several customers in these segments and established domain centers of excellence in BFSI, Fintech, Retail and Ecommerce. Moreover, the company is using their vast experience, and a team that is fully geared, to cater to the needs of global enterprises. Besides, Qapitol’s team of skilled engineers has developed test accelerators/suites, test coverage models, and automation frameworks to aid the company in business delivery. Qapitol is making all out investments into innovation and platforming their solutions. Having worked with and delivered value to segment giants like Flipkart, Swiggy, Lenskart, NPCI, Arvind, Measured Inc., etc. Qapitol is on a growth path that is powered by a great vision, tech-equipped people and their processes to onboard people into the culture they carefully nourish.

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Qapitol QA: Collaborating with Agile Teams for Customer Success