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  • November Special
  • 10 Most Recommended Vehicle Tracking Software Solution Providers - 2023

    Vehicle tracking software utilizes GPS technology to monitor and manage fleets efficiently. It provides real-time location data, optimizing route planning and fuel usage. The software offers features like geofencing, enabling businesses to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts for unauthorized movements. Detailed reports on vehicle speed, mileage, and maintenance schedules enhance overall fleet performance. This technology enhances security by aiding in theft recovery and ensuring compliance with regulations. With a user-friendly interface, it improves operational visibility, leading to cost savings and improved customer service. In summary, vehicle tracking software streamlines fleet management through precise monitoring, analytics, and enhanced control.

    CIO Insider magazine in this issue presents ‘November Special-2023'...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Asti Infotech Asti Infotech Sonal Malhotra , Product Owner The company aims at offering customizable business solutions through high-end GPS, RFID, Bluetooth and NFC technologies, with the availability of mobile & web apps makes the products user-friendly and handy
iTriangle Infotech ITriangle Infotech Vadiraj Katti , Co-Founder & CEO A developers and manufacturers of GPS-GSM-RFID based Vehicle/ Asset/ Personal Tracking and Monitoring systems, providing end to end solutions in the tracking and monitoring domain
Needsoft Technologies Needsoft Technologies Polepalli Janak , Managing Director November Special
Qwicksoft Solutions Qwicksoft Solutions Ramesh Saruvamalai , Founder A fast growing organization which offers a wide variety of Services to match your business needs, and are committed to deliver high end solutions with the right blend of knowledge, skills and expertise
RevitsOne RevitsOne Sabu George , Director The firm build innovative products and platform for intelligent and connected mobility, powered by State-of-the art hardware, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain & automotive knowledge
TechnoPurple Tracking TechnoPurple Tracking Amit Jain , Managing Director A trailblazers in the global tracking industry, providing cutting-edge real-time track and trace solutions for both vehicle tracking and workforce tracking
Tracknerd Inc. Tracknerd Inc. Ankur Agarwal , Founder An IoT-enabled fleet management telematics StartUp, shares data between vehicles and fleet managers, to improve productivity & visibility with a higher maintenance efficiency and reduce costs, in real-time and in a very user-friendly manner
Traxsmart Traxsmart Vijay Pugalia , Co-Founder Completely dedicated to preparing high-tech GPS enabled and mobile enabled tracking device that works together to give an impermeable security system for a commercial business or a family
Trinetra Wireless Trinetra Wireless Radhakrishnan K , Head - Business Development An innovative technology company with proven domain expertise, and specialities in GPS vehicle tracking, GPS vehicle monitoring, geofenced zone, alerts & notifications and much more
VAMOSYS VAMOSYS Senthil Kumar , Co-Founder A most advanced and affordable GPS based vehicle tracking platform, with customer base spread across different segment likes Logistics companies, Govt organisations and franchise network spread across India