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  • Jitendra Singh, Managing Director & Chairman

    Jitendra Singh, Managing Director & Chairman

  • In India, lately, Smart cities and smart city projects have been among the most actively discussed realizations which are made possible by a purposeful and integrated Internet of Things (IoT), data and connectivity approach, leveraging a mix of solutions and other technologies. Public Address Alarming System has come a long way, targeting in its infra-structure smart systems such as IoT and AI. HEINRICH is a German company reputed for providing highly qualitative products in Life Safety, technology and Automation in the form of Public address systems, Video surveillance and Network solutions. Heinrich has taken giant leaps in terms of introducing new technologies. The organization is an ex-tension of its founder members and reflects utmost sincerity and commitment in its operations.

  • Heinrich India: Benchmarking Quality In Life Safety & Advanced Technology For Public Communication

Smart Cities Mission 2.0, Against All Odds!

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

When the pandemic pressed the ultimate pause button, the whole world came to a halt. Let alone navigating the infrastructure development, the governments across the countries were trying hard to keep their neck above water. It’s not surprising that the union government’s already a

Mid-Tier Companies Propelling Ahead Of Large Enterprises

By: Roop Singh, Chief Business Officer, Birlasoft

As the world struggles to find its way through one of the worst pandemics in the history of mankind, it is estimated that the global economy will shrink by over 4.4%[] in 2020 (IMF). Businesses are looking at reducing outlay and maximizing return on investment that they

10 Most Recommended Smartcity Solutions Providers - 2021

Contactless travel is the new way forward: How India’s airports are ramping up sanitization processes for enhanced safety

By: Dr. Rachna Dave, Founder, MicroGO

As travel resumes sequentially, major airports across the country are going all-out in their efforts to ensure first-class hygiene measures for maximum safety. As we are well aware by now, the COVID-19 pandemic, which began as an


Top Five Customer Service CXO Speaks Predictions For 2021

By: Suman Reddy, MD & Country Head, Pegasystems

A lot of things changed in 2020 ­ to say the least. When it comes to customer service, the pandemic impacted both the demand for service and how that service is delivered altogether. Service teams became highly distributed, no longer working


Smart Cities The Need Of The Hour

By: Dr. Abhijit Sarkar, Country Head-Corporate Real Estate, Administration, Infrastructure & Sourcing- Sharekhan by BNP Paribas

A city can be defined as `smart' when investments in human and social capital and traditional (transport) and modern (ICT) communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic development and a high quality of


Why the customer is critical to your Digital Transformation journey

By: Saurabh Sanghoee, VP, Sales and Global Services, India, Orange Business Services

The world is at an intersection where business, customers and technology are meeting to create a better, more productive world. Digital innovations have changed how customers discover information, how they look at services


Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing Industry: A Revolution

By: Jagdip Kumar, Head - IT, Cosmo Films

In today's time, the speed with accuracy is the mantra for any successful organization. Most of the manufacturing organizations today have various automation tools to execute business transactions with greater speed along with data accuracy. Interfaces are available bet


Digital Ecosystem Build:

By: Srivaths Varadharajan, Global Fintech & Digitech Evangelist

Digital experience defines the need for engagement with 360 degree approach cutting across all interfaces.Usually business with traditional mindsets go with offline journey. Infrastructure build needs to cut across multi layers such as engagement layer, i

  • 10 Most Recommended Smartcity Solutions Providers - 2021

    Urban communities are getting more brilliant, and the shift towards more reasonable and canny urban areas improves expectations for everyday comforts in metropolitan and rural networks throughout the world. Energy investment funds, a more proficient traffic stream, improved public wellbeing, and better conditions are only a couple of the numerous advantages brilliant city arrangements can offer. Selection of wise innovations to smooth out these frameworks increments when governments and the utilities and specialist organizations in those districts, towns, and urban areas understand the advantages smart city solution can bring. In a universe of steady innovative progression, shrewd urban areas are on the ascent. Not exclusively does the advancement of brilliant urban areas better the regular day-to-day existences of its residents, however, it additionally sets out bunches of open door businesses. Numerous variables drive the arrangement of brilliant urban areas. These incorporate restricted assets, and always expanding populace, environmental change, and fast urbanization. To establish manageable living conditions, every one of these elements should be remembered. This is the reason keen city innovation stresses development, proficient energy use, economical metropolitan designing, portability, or more, security. In this issue of the CIOInsider Magazine, a list of ’10 Most Recommended Smartcity Solutions Providers - 2021’, prepared by a team of industry veterans, CEOs, and VCs, and the CIOInsider Magazine editorial team is provided to the readers in different sectors, for informing the excellent services by Smart city solution providers in India.

10 Most Recommended Smartcity Solutions Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arya Omnitalk Wireless Solutions Arya Omnitalk Wireless Solutions Saumil Dhru, COO & CTO Provides productivity enhancement to organizations managing mobile resources - men, materials, money or machine
eSmart Energy Solutions: Infusing a Unique Energy Saving Tech with Cost Savings eSmart Energy Solutions Suresh Shah, Chairman eSmart Energy Solutions develops technology based energy saving lighting products. They are focused at addressing the needs of the customers through rugged, efficient, reliable & economic way to supply the products
Heinrich India: Benchmarking Quality In Life Safety & Advanced Technology For Public Communication Heinrich India Jitendra Singh, Managing Director & Chairman, PN Ramapriyan, Director One of the Leading Manufacturers of Public Address Voice Evacuation system, IP based PA system, Professional Audio, Conference system, Networking system, Emergency light (Evacuation light) and communication system
Seshaasai Business Forms Seshaasai Business Forms Pragnyat Lalwan, Director Unique footprints across the country with 12 strategic locations, committed to developing high-quality tech-based solutions such as omni-channel communication systems and smart payment solutions
Smart Energy Water Smart Energy Water Deepak Garg, CEO & Founder An innovative and industry-leading cloud platform, delivers the best Digital Customer Experiences and Workforce Experiences, powered by AI, ML, and IoT Analytics to the global energy, water, and gas providers
Speedgatz India: Bringing Unique Solutions to India's Diverse Smart City Requirements Speedgatz Saumitra Shekhar, Director Specialized in the field of entrance automation and it takes pride in offering state of the art products, solutions & services that meet customers most demanding vehicular and pedestrian access control needs along with parking solutions with a modern approac
Starcap Redcliffe Energy Solutions Starcap Redcliffe Energy Solutions Vipin Jain & Nidhi jain, Directors Undertakes turnkey power projects such as Solar power Off grid, Sub-Station automation, Telecommunication services, solar power management & smart city infrastructure
Videonetics Technology Pvt Ltd Videonetics Technology Pvt Ltd Dr. Tinku Acharya, Founder & Managing Directo Helps to make sense of surveillance, by providing you with an end-to-end solution for a wide range of applications. The platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning engine, which is trained on humongous data sets, making our solutions incredibly robust and smar
ViperTech IoT Solutions Pvt Ltd ViperTech IoT Solutions Pvt Ltd Karthick Velappan, Harshini Samritia Jaychander & Siddharth Velappan, Directors Serves industries and spaces from various sectors, governments and independent bodies to co-create sustainable business ecosystems
XiFi Networks XiFi Networks Sai Psychuck Manapragada, Chairman & CEO It is a wireless technology, product and solutions company that enables fast, secure and highly efficient and scalable low-cost installation

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