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Speedgatz India: Bringing Unique Solutions to India's Diverse Smart City Requirements

Saumitra Shekhar,Director

As revolutionary as it sounds, the Smart Cities, especially in a populous country like India, are a herculean task to accomplish. For instance, when it comes to Vehicular access, Pedestrian access and Parking solutions, Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, has an entirely different set of requirements from the Cultural Capital of India, Kolkata, thanks to the structural diversity. Providing tailor-made automation solutions to the diverse India centric requirements by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies has been a game changer for Speedgatz India – an industry leading access management products and parking solutions provider for residential, commercial & industrial use. It’s impressive the way Speedgatz India within a few years from its inception has been able to arouse trust among most of the prestigious organizations in the country and is proving to be a leader in the Security Automation field with its unique offerings. Speedgatz India today is all set to extend its comprehensive range of products to the Asia Pacific market. CIO Insider further explores the story of Speedgatz India through an exclusive interview with the company’s director, Saumitra Shekhar.

In conversation with Saumitra Shekhar, Director, Speedgatz India

The exponential growth of automation, smart applications, and digitization of processes are driving the smart cities market, and in India, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.5 percent to aggregate $47.70 billion by 2023. Where is Speedgatz positioned in this vast industry and what is your specialization?
Speedgatz is a specialized company in the field of Entrance automation and it takes pride in offering state-of-the-art products, solutions & services that meet customers’ most demanding vehicular and pedestrian access control needs. With a profound knowledge in the field

of security, we are able to tailor Speedgatz’s services to meet specific requirements of our customers and offer the best support and advice on the right products for them. The products installed by us are of high technical standards and have long service life besides complementing the aesthetics of the surroundings.

The smart city technological and service ecosystem comprises a holistic range of needs, from Vehicular access, Pedestrian access and Parking solutions to residential, commercial & industrial users. In what ways is Speedgatz India working towards offering such smart city solutions?
We don’t find customers for our products; we find products for our customers. We do not only deliver a product, but deliver experience. For smart cities, we have specifically designed products that can fit in as per the specific needs of the customers. The highly advanced technology products developed by our expert R & D team also ensure the possibility of enormous third party integration. Our offerings to various smart cities comprise Advanced Automatic Barriers, Crash Rated Bollards, Tyre Killers, Flap Barriers, Turnstiles, Metal detectors, Parking Solutions & many more. Advancement of Existing Automation products is the need of the hour and that’s what our tagline goes by – Accelerating the world of Automation.

It all began with importing & introducing the highly advanced automation systems from U.K. & Sweden and soon we started manufacturing products in India using the international technical expertise & guidelines

Tell us how Speedgatz India offers an unrivalled quality of products and services to its customers across the globe?
It all began with importing & introducing the highly advanced automation systems from U.K. & Sweden and soon we started manufacturing products in India using the international technical expertise & guidelines. It helped the customers to get very competitive pricing and support.

Manufacturing in our own country reduced a lot of unnecessary overheads, duties etc. which gave an edge to offer the best of products and solutions at a very competitive price. The skill, technology and international expertise of Speedgatz have proved in the market that the products & solutions provided by us are unmatched. We believe in competing with ourselves. The new product development and upgradation of existing products without changing it have always been the key focus area for us.

Share with us a success story about one of your implementations.
With a highly professional approach, the whole journey of Speedgatz India till date has been very successful. Implementation of Parking Solutions at Himachal Pradesh Secretariat was a challenging job, where the client came up with a very unique and technologically advanced requirement. The solution provided by us exceeded the client expectations as we provided a lot more value addition to what the client was expecting. The parking system deployed by us delighted the customer and was the talk of the town being the first and unique in that region. There are several such implementations done by us through-out India which led us to position Speedgatz as one of the topmost leading providers of Vehicular Access, Pedestrian Access and Parking Solutions.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are your future in-novation goals?
In the years to come, the company has planned to expand its direct operations in many countries by delivering an economically viable high-quality Security & Access control solution. Apart from that, we are about to launch a very unique distribution model which will be a mutual beneficial association for Speedgatz and our authorized partners. Advanced integrated solutions-based approach will definitely bring customer delight whether they are at home, around home or outside home.

The company believes in the saying: “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” Value addition to the existing automation system and seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought is the future innovative goal of our company. It will look forward to continuous transformation of an idea into practicality and developing new products with uniqueness in the field of Vehicular Access, Pedestrian Access & Parking Solutions.

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