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Heinrich India: Benchmarking Quality In Life Safety & Advanced Technology For Public Communication

Jitendra Singh, Managing Director & Chairman,PN Ramapriyan, Director

Jitendra Singh

Managing Director & Chairman

In India, lately, Smart cities and smart city projects have been among the most actively discussed realizations which are made possible by a purposeful and integrated Internet of Things (IoT), data and connectivity approach, leveraging a mix of solutions and other technologies. Public Address Alarming System has come a long way, targeting in its infrastructure smart systems such as IoT and AI.

HEINRICH is a German company reputed for providing highly qualitative products in Life Safety, technology and Automation in the form of Public address systems, Video surveillance and Network solutions.

Heinrich has taken giant leaps in terms of introducing new technologies. The organization is an ex-tension of its founder members and reflects utmost sincerity and commitment in its operations. Heinrich has become a leading manufacturer of Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems, Video Surveillance Devices and Network Solutions in the country and has many esteemed clients spread across all the five continents in the world. Heinrich's comprehensive offering of Sound System, Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems has pioneered the use of technologies such as digital signal processing, Class AB, Class D and Class H amplifiers and Ambient Noise Sensing. Built for environmentally demanding conditions such as rail and metro where high reliability is of paramount importance, Heinrich was also the first to offer Voice over IP based Long Line PA systems using the open VIPA software architecture.

Such an incredible progress of the company is based on the strong foundations of innovation, organized systems, and quality that form the core element of its product range.

CIOInsider got the opportunity to have a rendezvous with the Directors of the Heinrich India, Jitendra Singh, and PN Ramapriyan. The duo walks us through the firm’s standings in technology adoption, focus areas and the future of newer innovations in this domain.

In conversation with Jitendra Singh, Managing Director & Chairman and PN Ramapriyan, Director, HEINRICH INDIA

With the union government’s broad vision of Smart Cities, the market is huge for solutions around it. As per a recent FIC-CI-EY report, the global IoT spending is likely to reach $1.1 trillion by 2025. Where is HEINRICH positioned in the current smart city solutions industry?
The Indian market is growing exponentially and people are now more aware about using technology and making themselves technology friendly as per development in various areas like aviation, transportation and smart culture of cities on safety and security.

Heinrich has always planned to erect a factory in India wherein all production is carried out in house

Well, we at Heinrich India have a high vision regarding the India market. I, Jitendra Singh, Chairman & Managing Director along with the other Director of Heinrich India, PN Ramapriyan, have planned to ride the tide. Besides, HEINRICH already made user-friendly technology for the people, which is going to be deployed in smart city products like SOS service, IP based Public Address Voice Alarm system, IP loudspeakers based Nurse call systems for hospitals, emergency communication system, and CCTV system etc.

How do you leverage the European heritage? What’s your USP and what is the difference that HEINRICH makes for the clients?
Due to broad Global presence, HEINRICH products and services are widely available and HEINRICH Engineers are always ready to offer support on designing and System commissioning. HEINRICH has already established a factory for MADE IN INDIA and has started production to give India

competitive price and reliable quality.

Tell us about your Public address and Voice Alarm and 3D integrated Control System solutions and in-house capabilities & facilities. How do you ensure the quality of your solutions?
We always work on EASE software which is German based and gives acoustic parameters of building. Based on this, a HEINRICH Engineer makes 3D design, complete acoustic simulation for STI and SPL for high quality sound. Post that, as per design, product delivery is made. So to say, our customers are always happy to have proper solutions in place.

PN Ramapriyan, Director

Could you share with us a deployment story? What is the most challenging deployment that you have done and impressed the customer beyond their expectations?
We have always been keen to introduce advanced technologies. Not failing to mention, we are the first company that introduced IP based technology for mass market like controllers, Amplifier, Microphone, Loudspeakers, help point, and industrial communication systems. All these developments helped to reduce wire and cable on the project, consequently delivering financial benefits with latest technology.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? What is HEINRICH’s future roadmap?
Heinrich has always planned to erect a factory in India wherein all production is carried out in house. This will enable our client organizations to get all products under one umbrella. More so, this blueprint is true for not only India, but Bangladesh, Middle East, Germany, Poland. Once we have established the factory in these regions, our clients in these countries can get in-house manufacturing units to cover the local market. This is our primary objective currently.

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Heinrich India: Benchmarking Quality In Life Safety & Advanced Technology For Public Communication