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Five Cameras that Could Lure You to Photography

The world is captivating or the camera presents how captivating the world can be

This LemonDuck is Not Exactly Delicious

Lemon Duck happens to be a specialty dish called ningmeng ya of the Wumming district, Nanning, Guangxi, Southern China. But there’s a twist...

Social Media Companies Step Up to Fend Taliban Online

Cries and screams of fear and pain reverberate across Afghanistan as Taliban reigns down terror after two decades since 2001.
The Signal's Still Red for Tesla to Reach India

The Signal's Still Red for Tesla to Reach India

Dreams of owning a Tesla in India will have to wait, due to the heavy import taxes coupled with many other challenges, and the worst part is,...
Five DRDO Techs that are Killing it on India's Defense Sector

Five DRDO Techs that are Killing it on India's Defense Sector

Remember when India became the fourth nation in the world to possess ASAT (Anti-Satellite System) that destroys satellites in low earth-orbit?
This Time it's Forex Violation with Flipkart

This Time it's Forex Violation with Flipkart

If facing tougher restrictions including a dash of antitrust...

Now It's Humanity's Turn to 'Cloud' CO2 Emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are project to be at 1.4 percent, posing a threat of approximately 30 million tonnes in India this year, according...

Make Way for e-RUPI, India's Next Revolution in Digital Payments

A one-time payment without any debit or credit card, mobile apps, or internet banking seem out of the ordinary, but it’s now possible with the...

Ace those Interviews with Nasscom and DXC Technology's Employability Skills Program

According to CMIE (Center for Monitoring Indian Economy) the country’s unemployment rate stands at 14.45 percent this year and the situation in...

When will be Techies Back in their Cubicles?

Most tech companies buckle up to get back to their respective offices, while following hybrid working or remote working for certain days as well...

What is Facebook's Metaverse Dream?

When DJ Marshmello held a concert on Fortnite, it went down in history as the game’s first ever concert. But not only that, it showed the gravity...

ROBO-sketball at Tokyo Olympics 2020

Little did the humans know that a peculiar basketball player would score a slew of deep-three point shots during the halftime of the Men’s...
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