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Top Six Modern Forensic Science Technologies

As technology infiltrates every aspect of our lives, it's no surprise that crimes have evolved with time

India's Journey towards Comprehensive Digital Literacy

Internet is a platform for every individual to share, exchange, discuss and debate their views and opinions

Intel's New CEO: The Homecoming of Pat Gelsinger

Intel, one of the most prominent chip manufacturers, will go through a major alteration in its administration, as the current CEO Bob Swan steps...
Technology is Transforming Sports Viewing Experience on TV

Technology is Transforming Sports Viewing Experience on TV

With pandemic halting the gallery experience for fans, the games had to explore more advanced alternatives to ensure that the live telecast has...
5G & India's Digital Revolution

5G & India's Digital Revolution

India is yet again at the cusp of another digital revolution, with the bidding for the 5G spectrum auction scheduled for March 1st
The Foreseeable Growth Of Contactless Payments In 2021

The Foreseeable Growth Of Contactless Payments In 2021

2020 was all about the covid pandemic, wherein many businesses...

Indian Pharma Industry Could Have it All

The Pharma industry is at an interesting juncture. If India plays its cards right, it can turn this sudden change of tides into an opportunity, and...

The Changed Face of Investing in India

While portraying the true story of Harshad Shantilal Mehta and his involvement in the 1992 Indian securities scam as an OTT drama series, there is...

Audiovisual Industry Envisions to Revive its Old-World Charm

As everything retail is undergoing sea changes, the demand remains. Going into the post-covid era, this gives license to the audio visual marketing...

This Year's IIT Placements & Post-Covid Enterprise Thinking

It sure looks like the covid-19 pandemic has minimal damage to the cross-country talent acquisition, as the enterprises across the world are...

India Building AI Capabilities for Future

The industry is witnessing the transformation of Big Data into Bulk Data with every passing day. This transformation is creating a ripple effect in...

The Road ahead of Indian Startups Ecosystem

The times couldn’t be tougher. As per reports, around 40 percent of startups were hit by the catastrophic pandemic, while 15 percent among them...
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