Check Out These Gadget Accessories Under Rs.500 That Will Make Your Lives Easier & Smarter


Gadgets have long become a vital part of our lives. From morning to night sleep, we engage ourselves with everything from a smartphone to cooling, cooking, and cleaning devices. In the modern-day setting, everything happens at the click of a button, helping us do our work promptly. Living a life without devices even gives one a feeling of an isolated and inaccessible world around them. It proves that technology is indispensable. While these gadgets make our lives easier, a variety of gadget accessories make life easier for gadgets. For instance, a nice-looking leather case makes our smartphones look beautiful.

Here are some simple gadgets and accessories that make our lives easier:

Portronics MPORT 31 4 Ports USB Hub
The 4-in-1 USB Hub comes with 1 3.0 USB-A port and 3 2.0 USB-A ports that help it to connect different devices at the same time easily. The device gives users high-speed connectivity with up to 5Gbps data transfer speed. It has a USB-A port for compatibility with multiple devices. Users can connect the keyboard, mouse, and other devices to facilitate working. There is a one-year manufacturer warranty on Portronics Mport 31. The gadget is available on Amazon for just Rs. 359.

The device is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. Its multi function clip allows users to use the clip as a desktop phone/tablet stand

Glun Digital LED Screen Luggage Weighing Scale
The device is a portable LCD electronic balance digital scale. As the device is small and light, it is very convenient to carry and use. Users can store it easily in their pocket or tackle box. The device is available in black color. The weighing scale has a 110lb/50kg capacity with 5g or 10g accuracy, and it also has an LCD screen displaying weight in g/kg/lb/oz. C c The device has a convenient weighing unit switch and data lock. It gives an overload indication, auto power off after 120 seconds without any operation, and moreover, it is easy to use. The device has a stainless steel hook concealed in the back slot, which is durable to use. The available Blue LCD backlight makes the devices read the value day and night.

LIFEHAXTORE Universal Mobile Phone Holder & Tablet Holder
The device is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. Its multifunction clip allows users to use the clip as a desktop phone/tablet stand. It is best to watch movies/videos and listen to music in bed or near the user's desk without holding the phone. It helps the users to make themselves free to do other things. Users should avoid hurting their eyes and keep the distance of the viewing device from the children. The holding range can reach up to 110 cm. It is a universal holder for different phones less than 10 inches. The device has a Flexible arm for different angles and distances. The device is available for Rs.489 on amazon.

GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip
This 4+1 power strip comes with four international sockets & one Master switch. The device has an International socket which is suitable for different types of plugs used around the world. When it comes to safety, it has a child safety shutter. The device ensures the safety of the user's loved ones against electric shock. Indicates the availability of power supply. Total Max load of 10A, Length of cable = 2m. It has a thermal overload trip to power off the user's system, which saves all connected devices in the event of a severe overcurrent. In case of overload, the protector will trip to the switch-off position. Users can press the red button to return to safe function mode.

GIZGA Essentials Portable Tabletop Tablet Stand
The device is made up of Foam, Polycarbonate materials. Its double leg is made of high quality at the bottom of the anti-skid foam material, and by using two widths, it can be flat on the table. As it is made up of high-quality environmental engineering plastic material, it is effective to reduce travel weight. It is a portable and folding universal stand for a 7-10 inch Tablet PC. Joints use an automatic spacing device, which helps you adjust the angle. Also, it can solve the problem of tablets that can only be placed horizontally and cannot be put vertically. This stand can unfold and stand up as a tripod to hold a tablet PC at a perfect typing angle and better angle of view, and better-watching effect.

PrimeSpot Square Automatic Seven Color Changing LED Digital Alarm Clock
The device is a color-changing digital LCD alarm table desk clock. The device can relieve users' tensions, mental pressures & stress. The device is lightweight and comes in a portable mini size with 110gm in weight. It has the ability to power the LED with a 4.5V AC adapter or 3 x AAA batteries. It changes colors with seven different choices. It is a fully functional alarm clock with a snooze function. The device displays time, date, week, month, and temperature.

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