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India's First AI City in Lucknow Upholds the AI Ecosystem


Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform and revolutionize several industries, including agriculture, robotics, data science, healthcare, transportation, finance, education, marketing, and entertainment. The AI ecosystem has the potential to develop the country on a global level. Uttar Pradesh, India's largest state, is venturing into pioneering territory with its ambitious project to establish the country's inaugural AI city in Lucknow. The aim of this strategic move is to harness the enormous potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to support economic growth and technological innovation.

AI City in Lucknow and Global AI Market Influence
This visionary initiative is in line with the booming global AI market, which is expected to reach $137 billion by 2022 and maintain a CAGR of 37.3 percent from 2023 to 2030. Uttar Pradesh's focus on artificial intelligence, specifically the AI City in Lucknow, is being built by the state to reap the economic benefits of emerging technologies that reflect global trends.

The project is spearheaded by UP Electronics Corporation Ltd., which serves as the nodal agency for AI City in Lucknow. The company has issued an Expression of Interest (EoI) to rope in real estate developers for collaboration. This signals a partnership between the government and private sector entities to make this ambitious vision of an AI city in Lucknow a reality. The government's commitment to AI City in Lucknow is evident through the allotment of a prime plot of 40 acres in the Nadarganj Industrial Area, free of encumbrance. To lure developers for AI City in Lucknow, financial support, including one-time Capex support and stamp duty exemption, has been proposed. These measures are key to attracting top stakeholders for the development of the city.

Ubiquitous AI
During the Chandrayaan landing, artificial intelligence was used in key functions such as guidance and control in precisely executed maneuvers. Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a buzzword but a priority for governments and businesses around the world, and the same is expected of this transformative technology. By 2030, its contribution to the world economy is expected to be $ 15.7 trillion.

To put this in perspective, this is about five times India's current performance or about the same as the combined performance of the world's three largest economies. In the short term, it is expected to add about $ 500 billion to India's GDP by 2025. This kind of impact is the main reason why every policy maker, organization, and individual is paying attention, and many cities are preparing for the AI revolution that competes with each other for the title of AI center of India. Lucknow, the city of dreams, is a surprising but worthy contender. The city of culture, elegance, and finesse is fast becoming an "AI city" and a hub of innovation, and everyone is paying attention. If Uttar Pradesh is to become the growth engine of India's digital transformation, Lucknow must be at its core and drive Uttar Pradesh and India forward.

The complexity of innovation and its implications, combined with the global impact of AI technologies, requires a collective approach. Ethical considerations cannot be limited to individual organizations; they should be adopted across the industry to maintain public confidence and prevent potential harm. Likewise, regulating a technology that is constantly evolving and giving rise to new and more complex forms of technology is no easy task. Achieving this will require a systematic approach and proper implementation. As the first AI city in India, Lucknow is set to lead the AI revolution in UP and India. The city of dreams and culture is to be transformed into a city of innovation and the intellectual capital of the country. The stars have aligned, and things are taking shape at breakneck speed. With more than 70 incubators, rapid connectivity, and a cluster approach that brings together academia, media, civil society, and intergovernmental organizations, governments can drive truly transformative AI that transforms culture, creativity, content, and Computing based on the power that is especially in UP and Lucknow. Prepared to maintain Antyodaya principles to the last level.
Inclusive Residential Complexes and Academic Collaboration

The strategic selection of Lucknow, a Tier 2 city, for AI City, is in line with the broader economic objectives of the state of Uttar Pradesh

The AI city will feature a mix of luxury and affordable housing complexes that will promote the walk-to-work model. Dedicated spaces for top engineering and management institutes will be incorporated to encourage collaboration between industry and academia. The plan also includes internal modes of transportation in the city with artificial intelligence. Aiming to become a $1 trillion economy in the next five years, the Uttar Pradesh government has identified IT and ITeS as key sectors for economic growth. The financial support, along with strategic land allocation and regulatory assistance, underscores the government's commitment to making the AI city a success.

Vision and Components of the AI City in Lucknow
Conceived as a comprehensive hub, Lucknow's AI City integrates cutting-edge technology, research centers, and educational institutions. Urban design embraces luxury and affordable housing and supports a walk-to-work model. Dedicated spaces for engineering and management institutes at AI City in Lucknow encourage collaboration between academia and industry. Internal transmission with artificial intelligence is ready to seamlessly integrate technology into everyday life. The strategic selection of Lucknow, a Tier 2 city, for AI City, is in line with the broader economic objectives of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The state wants to transform itself into a $1 trillion economy over the next five years, with Lucknow's AI city playing a key role. This initiative complements the existing ITeS and IT hub in Noida and highlights the state's commitment to becoming a technology powerhouse through AI City in Lucknow.

As India's states race to harness AI, its largest state, Uttar Pradesh, has taken a step forward with plans to build the country's first AI city in Lucknow to house and promote an AI ecosystem. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global artificial intelligence market size reached $ 137 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 37.3 percent between 2023 and 2030. Lucknow is home to centers of excellence in domains like AI and MedTech. The AI COE alone supports more than 15 AI/ML startups, fostering a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship.

By deploying cutting-edge technologies, research centers, and educational institutions, the AI City aims to be a hub where ideas flourish, and the workforce of the future is nurtured, according to an Expression of Interest issued by UP Electronic Corporation Ltd. It is the nodal agency for the project, inviting a real estate developer to develop and operate the AI city. This real estate developer will build plug-and-play office infrastructure and a Class A office tower for incubators, startups, and corporations. According to reports, the Government of India will provide approximately 40 acres for the project in the Nadarganj Industrial Zone, which is free from any restrictions and supports land acquisition, regulations, zoning, and other major permissions.

The EoI document says that the developer will also be given financial support through various financial incentives such as one-time Capex support of 25 percent to Rs 20 crore for IT Park and Rs 100 crore for IT Coty and 100 percent stamp duty exemption under IT and ITeS Policy 2022. UP Electronics Corporation Ltd., in the EoI, said that AI City requires a mix of luxury and affordable apartment residential complexes to include a walk-to-work model. Dedicated space for top engineering and management institutes will be offered to enhance collaboration between industry and academia. In addition, there will be internal modes of transportation with artificial intelligence.

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