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Is Technology Turning the Invisible Petcare Issues Visible?


The toughest job in the world is being a parent. Likewise for pet parents, it can get tricky and risky tending to animals, especially when one is new to the role. As humans, we tend to become the voice for our pets when they fall sick or need grooming. However, petcare and the treatment of healthcare for pets is enhanced through technology.

Through technology, we can track health changes and observe the results of nutritive intakes, which could provide a clear blueprint of the kind of food that can serve better nutritive value to improve animals’ health. Collar wearable devices for pets can fullfill the same objectives as that of a human smartwatch. The invisible can be made visible thanks to technology. Monitoring a slight change in their health, can help identify conditions such as dermatitis, changes in skin conditions and even cognitive behavior. Here are a few ways technology is assisting petcare for petparents.

The name may sound similar to the treatment of stimulating nerves and muscles with electricity. But it is a painless and drug-free procedure that helps treat muscle weakness, numbness, body pain, as well as, neurological-associated issues. Here, less intensive electrical signals are passed through nerves to prevent painful sensations from reaching the brain. It is basically a masking technique that disrupts the pain pathway, while easing the pressure of pain that the animal experiences.

A well-known form of aquatic therapy for people is called hydrotherapy. In 2021, similar physiological disorders in pets, like arthritis and hip dysplasia, strained muscles, uncoordinated movement, etc., are now commonly treated with it. In this type of therapy, pets are usually encouraged to walk on a treadmill that is submerged in water (like a swimming pool). Because of its efficiency and encouraging outcomes, this type of physical therapy is currently gaining popularity.

there are still not enough pet ambulances and other medical services, owners must spend time and effort transporting their animals to the veterinarian when they require medical attention

Smart Collars
The technology to track a pet's fitness is now possible thanks to technology. The health of the pet can be tracked through wearable devices like smart collars. It collects information on your dog's activity, oxygen levels, and other things, similar to a Fitbit for dogs. This information allows veterinarians to quickly identify any conditions that the pet may have.

Automated Water Dispensers
Like people, animals need to drink water to maintain a healthy diet. A dog should ideally drink one ounce of water for every pound of body weight each day to stay well hydrated. It has been observed that dogs prefer to drink moving water to stagnant water. If you give them water in a bowl, they might not be interested in it and only drink when they are actually thirsty. A water fountain, on the other hand, looks amusing and encourages people to drink more water. It has a filter installed that makes sure the water is clean. Additionally, the water stream that falls into the dish and is oxygen aerated has its flow level modified.

The availability of water when the owners were away was another problem they encountered. Automated water dispensers, made possible by technology, eliminate the trouble of constantly replenishing the bowl with fresh water. Since these technologies make it possible to automate the entire system, you no longer need to worry that your dog may run out of water while you are away.

Interactive Toys
When you are away from home, your pet misses you just as much. The main reason for this is that if you don't engage your pet, they may become bored and act out. Giving them smart toys that can be controlled by an app on your phone is one way to fix this issue. To keep the pet entertained even when you are not home, this toy may be in the form of a ball or a bone. Your pet will have an interactive toy to play with after you connect the toy to a network.

At times you have to leave your pet at home alone since it is impossible to take them around with you. Both you and your pet might be feeling worried right now. Your pet could experience separation anxiety, and you might always wonder what they are up to. This problem can be resolved by installing a webcam with two-way audio. Some cameras also include a treat dispenser, making them more interactive for pets and helping to maintain good behavior through the use of rewards.

As challenges never leave any stone unturned, the petcare industry is also pinned down with certain hurdles.

Increasing Demand of Pet Food
The need for pet supplies is dramatically rising, particularly for dog and cat food. But the availability of the same is not keeping up. As a result, pet food is in short supply and expensive.

Pet Lifestyle
Pets require care and attention to live happy and healthy lives, as is common knowledge. Pets require special consideration due to their expanding lifestyle and evolving needs. To provide these demands for their animals, pet owners must put forth the time and effort necessary. It might be difficult for pet owners to devote their time to their animals' needs.

Health Concerns
One of the main difficulties pet owners deal with is this. To keep their pets healthy, they have to put in a lot of time and work.

Waste Management
Owners of pets are likely to have spent a lot of time with them and know them better than anybody else since they have shared their life with them. However, there hasn't been a solution to the growing issue of pet waste.

Expensive Petcare Products and Services
There are costs involved with the goods and services that pet owners must purchase in addition to the time and money they must invest in the upkeep and welfare of their animals. Pet food, veterinary care, grooming, training, and other services are examples of these. Additionally, they must invest the time and effort necessary to train their animals and give them the skills they require to become a member of the family. For pet owners, this is a tiresome and stressful task.

Pet Hygiene and Nature of Medical Treatments
Animal illnesses and disorders have increased along with the rise in pet ownership. Due to this, pet owners now need to practice good pet hygiene. On the other hand, pet owners are increasingly worried about unexpected pet medical needs. As there are still not enough pet ambulances and other medical services, owners must spend time and effort transporting their animals to the veterinarian when they require medical attention.

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