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Top Collaborations, Mergers, & Acquisitions of 2021


With the Covid 19 causing havoc across business realms the world over, businesses have been adopting alternate business strategies to ensure growth. This has been a principal reason for the exponential increase in mergers and acquisitions worldwide. Indian context is a great example. The M&A in the country is at an all-time high, led by first buyers who account for 80 percent of the deals closed in 2020 and 2021, valued at about $75 million. The percentage of first-time buyers has increased compared to the percentage from 2017 to 2018. Globally, M&A activity moved upward in the graph post-pandemic and pointed to moving forward with strong fundamental market assets. Besides, M&A in the renewable sector was tripled to meet ambitious environmental targets compared to 2020. In addition, technological transformation and information distributors in various sectors have reached a level up than the pre-pandemic average.

Google Cloud and Ericson Partner to Deliver 5G and Edge Cloud Solutions
This partnership was formed to develop 5G and edge cloud solutions to help communications service providers (CSPs) digitally transform and reveal new enterprise and consumer use cases. Google cloud and Ericson have already achieved functional onboarding of Ericsson 5G on Anthos, enabling CSPs and firms to deploy Telco edge and on-premise use cases. Both the firms merged to develop new solutions at Ericson’s Silicon Valley D-15 labs, a state of art innovation lab where the advanced solutions and technologies can be developed and tested live.

IBM and AT&T to Enhance Hybrid Cloud Architecture
IBM and AT&T formed a new relationship to assist enterprise clients in adopting 5G technologies through IBM Cloud Satellite, IBM’s hybrid cloud platform for managing apps in the IBM Cloud, on-premises, or at the edge. IBM and AT&T collaborate to enable businesses to manage applications hosted in hybrid cloud environments using IBM Cloud Satellite and Red Hat Open Shift all over AT&T networks.

According to Howard Boville, SVP of IBM Hybrid Cloud, “with IBM’s open and secure hybrid cloud platform, we’ll be able to enable clients safely leverage 5G and edge offerings in any environment, thanks to our partnership with AT&T. This is a huge step forward in expanding the enterprise’s 5G and edge capabilities.”

Acquisition of PPD by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
This acquisition brings together a leader in scientific instrumentation, reagents and consumables, and software and services (Thermo Fisher Scientific) with a leader in clinical research services (PPD). PPD provides services to the biotech and biopharma industries. The company is partnered with Thermo Fisher as a part of the Laboratory Products and Services unit. With the partnership, Thermo Fisher intends to provide a complete suite of services across the clinical development spectrum, comprising scientific discovery, safety, efficacy, and healthcare outcome assessment, handling trial logistics, as well as the development and production of the therapeutics.

Amazon’s Partnership with Perpule
Perpule has built an innovative cloud-based POS that enables offline stores in India to manage better their inventory, checkout process, and overall customer experience. Amazon acquires partnership with the Perpule team to focus on providing growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes in India while raising the bar of the shopping experience for Indian customers. According to regulatory filings, Amazon acquired Perpule for Rs.107.6 crore in an all-cash deal.

Accenture Acquires Arca to Emphasize Operations
The Spanish engineering services company is known for delivering multidisciplinary around network operations. Accenture acquired the firm to advance its abilities to assist firms in blowing operational models to new sources of growth. Accenture believes the acquisition will reinforce it as a key partner for the engineering, design, deployment, and operation of network services, voice, data, video, fixed, mobile, 5G, and IoT for clients in the telecommunications, industrial, energy, and infrastructure industries, among others.

Lenskart Acqui-hires Delivery Start-up Dailyjoy
Lenskart has acquired Hyderabad-based Dailyjoy to augment the technology and innovation capability of the brand. Having equipped with world-class and state-of-the-art systems and processes, the new tech hub will empower Lenskart’s continuing innovation on Omni-channel technology, giving shoppers across channels a seamless experience. With the partnership, Lenskart aims to station high-quality engineering talent in the vertical, focusing on facilitating offline buying experience at home with technologies like augmented reality, computer vision, and machine learning. The team is working on building a true headless commerce engine that enhances the capability to reach customers via many new channels and build supply chain tech that can guarantee delivery of a make-to-order product via production facilities.

like most network corporations seeking the deployment of RAN, DISH also has set plans on deploying standalone cloud-based 5G Open-Radio Access Network in the US. Being run on the cloud is a first for wireless network technology, and DISH plans on making its operations flexible and cost-effective while redefining practical 5G applications

Intel Teams up with Google Cloud
Intel teams up with Google cloud to develop integrated solutions for communication service providers to accelerate 5G deployment across multiple networks and edge locations. The partnership focuses on accelerating the ability of communications service providers to deploy their virtualized radio access network (RAN) and open RAN solutions with next-generation infrastructure and hardware.

DISH & AWS to Reinvent 5G
In a first for the telecoms industry, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and DISH Net Corporation collaborate to reinvent 5G connectivity and innovation. Together, the two are not projected to pattern businesses and consumers order and access 5G services but establish their own private 5G networks. Aside from this, like most network corporations seeking the deployment of RAN, DISH also has set plans on deploying standalone cloud-based 5G Open-Radio Access Network in the US. Being run on the cloud is a first for wireless network technology, and DISH plans on making its operations flexible and cost-effective while redefining practical 5G applications. By doing so, DISH is not only using AWS to build its network but is also making it easier for developers to create new 5G apps.

Infosys Acquires Carter Digital
Infosys purchases assets and onboard employees of Carter Digital, an Australian experience design agency. Carter brings to Infosys experts in human-centered design, experiential, enhanced digital transformation, customer interaction expertise and will also cement WONGDOODY (an Infosys brand) into the Australasian market. This asset takeover supports Infosys’ global design and experience offerings, demonstrates its continued commitment to bringing innovative thinking talent & creativity to its clients, and provides effective global digital solutions.

Wipro Acquires Capco
Wipro’s acquisition with Capco makes the company one of the largest end-to-end global consulting, technology, and transformation service providers to the banking and financial services industry. By combining Wipro’s capabilities in strategic design, digital transformation, cloud, cyber security, IT, and operations services with Capco’s domain and consulting strength, clients will gain access to a partner who can deliver integrated, bespoke solutions to help fuel growth and achieve their transformation objectives.

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