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Vectorised AI Labs: Delivering Truly Engaging Shopping Experiences Online through Its Visual Search APIs Acquaint

Vibhor Varshney,     Co-founder

Vibhor Varshney


Although the boom of e-commerce has improved the overall shopping experience, there is still a gap between inspiration and product discovery which does not feel as organic as it does in a physical store. Product discovery online is mainly driven by what one sees and it is challenging to comprehend visual inspiration and do text search. This is where visual search comes into play. Visual search allows customers to find the exact product they are looking for. Vectorised AI Labs through its developer-friendly product discovery and image search APIs is helping e-commerce businesses to seamlessly integrate image search on their e-commerce portal.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider, Vibhor Varshney, Co-founder, Vectorised AI talks more about his professional journey and how he is making a name for himself in the industry.

Acquaint us on the journey of establishing Vectorised AI Labs and how is it placed in the current computer software market in India?
Incorporated in 2019, Vectorised AI Labs was started with the sole purpose to let customers enjoy a seam less personalized shopping experience and making products more discoverable online. Primarily we developed a SaaS based platform where e-commerce websites/apps can quickly enable visual search using our APIs by sharing their catalogue images on our dashboard and triggering AI learning with a click.

Elaborate on the company’s portfolio of solutions and explain the working of

the Technology framework built within these solutions.
Vectorised AI Lab enable companies to implement image based search capabilities into their software systems and applications. The company’s portfolio of solutions includes visual search, smart recommendations, retail scape and deep insights about customers' activities. Our visual AI solutions eliminate the use of filters when shopping online for apparel. Visitors can upload realworld images as stimuli for online search and product discovery.

The benefits associated with our visual search APIs include an increase in revenue with six times increase in over all conversion with relevant product recommendations

Computer Vision based neural network architecture that runs in the backend, scrutinizes the uploaded image to analyze colours, patterns and shapes in multi dimensional space.

Next, it does the same with clients inventory images to rank and return those items that resembles the image uploaded by shopper all of it in couple of seconds.

The AI keeps learning individual customer intents as they interact with your store and offers and enhanced personalized shopping experience. With this advanced technology we are kindling the imagination, capturing and fueling the resulting purchase intent with 100% accuracy.

Take us around how e-commerce businesses can use the company’s visual search APIs and what are the beneficiaries drawn from it?
Retailers or e-commerce businesses boost their e-commerce store by integrating our Visual AI product. The benefits associated with our visual

search APIs include an increase in revenue with sixt imes increase in overall conversion with relevant product recommendations. Through our AI-powered analytics platform businesses can also analyze competitor pricing, assortments, discounting, promotions and global trends.

Furthermore, e-commerce businesses can also get deep insights into what their customers are looking for and what they are most likely to buy. This helps them to curate their product accordingly and incorporate pricing strategy with deeper search analytics.

Talk about the company’s team on how they understand a customer’s pain point and offers the required solution?
From a B2B perspective, we have advisors and mentors from the fashion industry who offers their guidance to find out customers' pain points. We also got a chance to interact with some key stake holders from the fashion and ecommerce industries who gave us indepth insights into the industry.

Coming to the pricing factor, right now we are offering subscription based pricing to our clients. The pricing solely depends on how large is the company’s catalogue, number of API calls and product features.

What is the future roadmap of Vectorised AI Labs?
In the last year, we have come up with a whole list of new solutions which we are planning to integrate with our existing platform. We are looking forward to building more and more machine learning specific solutions and offering our visual AI product at affordable rates to a wide range of clients worldwide.

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