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How Knorish Enables Businesses & Individuals To Build Credibility & Thought Leadership, Monetize Their Knowledge & Expertise And Get Better Leads For 10X Growth

Rakhi Wadhwa, Co-Founder, Kinner N Sacchdev, Co-Founder & CEO

Rakhi Wadhwa, Co-Founder

Kinner N Sacchdev, Co-Founder & CEO

The number one challenge businesses, experts & entrepreneurs struggle with today is how to stand out in the crowded digital space where customers are constantly bombarded with ads & messages. From expanding outreach, building stronger thought leadership, and acquiring qualified leads faster, businesses and entrepreneurs need to look at differentiating strategies that
are key for growth.

These goals are achieved fastest by creating, launching and distributing digital products such as online courses, webinars and coaching programs that educate customers, vendors, partners and employees at scale help build credibility, and share your expertise with audiences across the world, driving that growth in brand and revenue.

Knorish is one such startup that is helping thousands of businesses and entrepreneurial individuals to take their expertise and knowledge online. The all-in-one no-coding platform helps create and sell courses, webinars and memberships from your own website and apps built with Knorish without the need to hire large teams, buy multiple tools or learn any technical skills or coding.

In conversation with Kinner N Sacchdev, Co-Founder and CEO, Knorish:

Where is Knorish positioned as a solutions provider in this segment?
As the next 500 million people get ready to consume content online, digital marketing will be the go-to strategy for almost every business. Obviously, the volume of ads shown will increase exponentially. With that saturation, it will become tougher for businesses to compete in the same space for the same eyeballs and traffic.

A differentiation strategy is needed here that will help businesses and individuals if they wish to standout from the cro

wd. Knowledge Content marketing is that differentiation.From businesses conducting webinars and offering courses to drive more traffic and potential customers in their funnel to individual experts and professionals launching courses and communities to build their thought leadership.

Plus post the pandemic, people want to learn on-demand and online due to the convenience it offers. So clearly there is a demand.

In the crowded and noisy online world where businesses are already struggling to compete for customer attention, building a knowledge content-led business growth strategy is no longer just a need, it's a tool for survival

But the biggest challenge in doing that is that the tech stack needed is complicated and can take months. Most of it is impossible to achieve without hiring a large team of developers or spending large sums of money.

Even then one can never be sure if everything would work as it is supposed. This is why we built Knorish. Because, the platform is that all-in-one no-coding solution that anyone can use to quickly launch your website and apps to sell courses, webinars, and subscriptions. More than 33,000 experts and businesses have launched their online academies with us. So not only do businesses get to add more potential customers to their funnel, but they also get to unlock a new revenue stream that so far has remained untapped.

What makes Knorish’s solutions unique?
Creating and launching courses, webinars and memberships are one thing. Selling them or getting traffic on these digital products is a whole different ball game altogether.

And that’s the real challenge how to efficiently market & sell those courses and coaching programs. What differentiates Knorish is that besides helping creators to launch their courses, we also help creators grow their business with sales funnels using the Knorish Funnel builder. These sales funnels bring the maximum number of potential customers to their website and compel them to buy these courses and content.

That combined with the Zoom Integration allows customers to conduct unlimited live sessions and webinars. With automation enabled on top of that integration, you also get to build automated funnels that let you

upsell your products, services and programs. No other platform in the world lets you do this and I am proud to share that we are the first and so far the only ones that have built this entire ecosystem. And mind you all this is on a no coding platform so you can operate the whole business with a very lean team or even as a single person business.

What’s Knorish’s mantra while developing its services?
We are constantly listening to the needs of our customers. Every decision we take or feature we build,we carefully consider: 'How will this benefit our customers?'

From the entire platform so far, to the recent additions of the sales funnels, zoom integrations for live sessions and webinars, payment collection automation and a lot more. Plus, you also get to launch your own white labelled Android and iOS apps with your website. Every single feature that we develop is geared towards helping customers grow their business and revenue faster.

Tell us about the experience the clients are entitled to, in the process of building, launching, marketing and selling online courses.
We offer detailed step by step guidance and instructions on how to use the platform. Plus we also conduct several Onboarding & Training sessions for a smooth launch of their websites. In addition, we offer group coaching sessions and webinars that coach experts on how to scale their business better and a wide variety of courses and content on our academy to ensure that every user is geared towards success with the platform.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? Which are the areas that Knorish is going to invest in and what’s its future roadmap?
There’s a huge opportunity available for the next 100 million businesses and individuals to monetize their content better become thought leaders in their domain and scale their business 10X. Plus with the online element, you are no longer bound by geographical limitations. You can scale your reach across the world as the business grows. So the potential is huge!

But for this, they need a technology that works easily. We are looking forward to helping more creators build their academies by providing them with specific new features that ensure that they are able to scale their online coaching businesses successfully.

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How Knorish Enables Businesses & Individuals To Build Credibility & Thought Leadership, Monetize Their Knowledge & Expertise And Get Better Leads For 10X Growth