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4Cliqs: Enhance Business Efficiency through Easy, Expedited and Insightful Reporting

Vipul Khandelwal,Director

Management trends shift every few years, and the pace of change is exponentially accelerating, mainly owing to technological advancement. Running a smooth business is easy but hard to make it efficient because it is difficult for managers to keep a track of activities going on in the field as their supervisory capacity is limited. It is of utmost importance for the managers to know, how their field staff is interacting with the customers and what value is being driven to them as keeping customers happy is most important in today’s competitive business world. On any given day, field staff could be distributed in several different locations so managing a remote team comes with its own set of challenges like employees could show up late or might not even visit the customer assigned.

Keeping above challenges in mind, 4Cliqs – a nextgen field force management software was designed to help organization to establish employee performance standards and enables managers to evaluate employees’ job performance in relation to these standards in alliance with organizational goals. Headquartered in Noida, 4Cliqs provides a robust tool with a mobile interface that helps manage your field staff effectively and raise the level of customer service they provide in ways listed:

Communicate Wisely
4Cliqs provides 2-way communication tool between field employee and their line managers, so they are continuously updated on employee moves and activities enabling timely sharing of important inputs/feedback that can impact strategic decisions.

Provide Better Data Visibility
Inaccurate data can lead to ambiguity and disputes resulting in waste of loads

of time. 4Cliqs provides a lot of valuable insights to a business that helps optimize the time spent on each customer. It provides access to vital data for making key business decisions, identify loopholes, and work on areas needing improvement.

"4Cliqs helps manage field force effectively as managers can easily evaluate team’s performance"

Enhance Productivity and Workflow
The availability of insightful and timely information on-the-go can help improvise workflow of any organization. Managers can easily determine the location of their employees and accordingly assign them work. While automating the scheduling system or may be assigning a beat plan in case of an FMCG company, managers are able to optimize workflows.

Time Management
By streamlining mundane and repetitive tasks, there is tremendous reduction in wastage of time. Employees are elated to have timely reimbursement of their expenses as there is 80 percent reduction in to & fro co-ordination calls leading to higher efficiency.

Evaluate performance
4Cliqs helps manage field force effectively as managers can easily evaluate team’s performance. Better access to customer data and efficiency of this software enables the team to be more productive and deliver customer satisfaction. This encourages collaboration and builds relationships, setting right goals for all and very importantly enabling reward and recognition at right time thus keeping them engaged and motivated.

Field Staff Management application, 4Cliqs takes care of above key components as its functionality extends much beyond location tracking. It automates sales processes or business tasks such as customer & order management and tracks customer interactions. 4Cliqs has been designed & developed specifically for medium-to-large enterprises to fulfill organizational concern like non-availability or tedious process to analyze business critical data such as productive vs. non-productive calls, average time spent at customer, average revenue per user (ARPU) and so on. With 4Cliqs, companies have been able to curb time theft, i.e. under working hours &

attendance issues, lessen 20-40 percent over-billing of expenses, avoid remote employees taking multiple employments and much more.

“To all companies who would like to tap into untapped potential of field force, 4Cliqs guarantees authenticity with in-built automation and validation as core foundation”,says Vipul Khandelwal, Director at 4Cliqs. 4Cliqs’ objective is to provide accountability, transparency and measurability of the data inputs collected through daily visit reports.

Staying in Touch with Customers
The biggest challenge for 4Cliqs is change management initiative that is to get the team to accept and adopt a new way of working. To tackle this bottleneck, 4Cliqs works closely with customers and shares best practices at each step to ensure smooth transition from manual to automated reporting. 4Cliqs ensures to be with the customer throughout their journey i.e. before implementation, through on boarding and post implementation. With the help of their technological partner, Systematix Infotech, 4Cliqs collaborates with their customers, and instead of bringing in features driven by new technology, the company is driven by customers’ real needs or pain areas first, followed by applying technology to solve it. Likewise, 4Cliqs helped one of its clients to automate their core issue of attendance, field visit reports and expense reimbursement. The client gets field work and expense details daily without follow up. Client’s expense approval process cycle has come down to 7-10 days from 45 days. 4Cliqs helps companies constantly on critical analysis of business data, identifying non-performers both in terms of employees and customers effortlessly thus significantly improving the bottom line by reducing the cost of operations. It helps improve the top line by reaching out to more customers with existing workforce so in some cases ROI is even less than a year.

In future, the company is looking forward to serving both start-ups and matured SMEs ready and willing to embrace technology to bring in efficiency in their operations. The primary goal of 4Cliqs is to be relevant to customers by offering solutions to their core problems and paying attention to Voice of Customers to bring in new features on periodic basis.

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