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Apptmyz: Ensuring Optimized and Real Time Visibility

Anuraag Agrawal,Founder & CEO

Anuraag Agrawal

Founder & CEO

The phrase - time is money - has never been truer for any other space than the field force. Particularly, it is important to equip the field / mobile force with a contemporary solution, which can make its management seamless and boost its productivity. Companies have started strengthening their field force with competent field force tracking applications to monitor their operations / sales team’s performance and activities. Automating the field processes not only enables a business to track their movement and activities, but also give elevated customer service. Headquartered in Secunderabad, Apptmyz is an enterprise mobility player, that provides optimized and real time visibility of a business’ Field Force.

Apptmyz has provided end to end automation solution for multiple Tier-1 logistics providers in the country who were able to use it successfully to get benefits such as full transparency, total automation, elimination of errors, SLAs met and seamless scalability with improved top line and bottom line.

"The field force automation system enables a host of other reports which help a business owner analyze and enhance the performance of the business"

Feature Rich Field Force Automation System
With active implementations of artificial intelligence and IoT in their solutions, Apptmyz is capable of tracking field force very closely and help optimize the resources. By providing visibility to customers’ operations, the company is able to set expectations right. At the same time, the resources are optimized using technology to deliver more with less. Real time analysis reports, Proof of Delivery & Payment Integration, Offline Support, Task Sheet & Work Order Management, Route Planning Optimization, Enterprise Solutions, Heat Maps, and Reports; all are part of the services that Apptmyz offers. The company allows seamless integration with the existing enterprise applications such as CRM or ERP, through web services interface or data sharing. The field force automation system enables a host of other reports which help a business owner analyze and enhance the performance of the business. These reports are designed to enhance and increase the bottom line of the business. Electronic proof of delivery through image, signature, time stamp and Geo-coordinates of customers enhance the experience of customers. Agents can also collect payments through cash, Cards, UPI and even Aadhar, using this solution.

“Our solution provides very deep visibility into the operations and makes the execution seamless. The solution is so easy to use, field executives are able to adapt to it easily and they are able to see benefits for themselves and

organization. Our customers are able to get complete transparency of the operations and scale up seamlessly in no time. Capacity utilizations, operations optimization, improved TAT resulted in improved top and bottom lines for our customers. Our process runs very deep in all finer aspects of the operations, capturing every minute detail seamlessly. The experience we provide to end user in capturing all details differentiates our solution”, explains Anuraag Agrawal, Founder & CEO, Apptmyz.

Integration Capabilities
Apptmyz has solutions to cater to multiple industries like Logistics, BFSI, Micro Finance, Pharma, Medical, Manufacturing etc. The company has delivered solutions to multiple Tier-1 service providers, who are using Apptmyz’ ERP and field force solutions. Besides, Apptmyz also integrates with existing ERPs for large enterprises. The customers are able to scale up seamlessly and get full transparency of the whereabouts at the field level. Using technology, the customers are able to automate, optimize, scale up and improve top & bottom lines.

Apptmyz provides end to end solutions, ERP and integration with ERP for its customers. Currently the system automates operations / field force man power. In the near future, Apptmyz looks forward to bringing in improvements to capacity planning, capacity utilization and identification of (spurt in) orders, while being prepared for utilizing technology to the max.

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