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  • Jay Kumar, Founder & CEO

    Jay Kumar, Founder & CEO

  • We can all recall the times before smartphones with cameras and GPS, when ‘field data capture’ actually stood for filling out unending paper forms. Times have changed and so has the approach towards a business segment that has been screaming for automation. TrackerPal is a product by NewTel, a brain child of IIT IIM Alumni with 75+ years of experience. In 2011, NewTel pioneered the best plan recommendation tool for mobile customer acquisitions and provided turnkey ecommerce services to leading brands. By 2016, NewTel had pivoted into B2B SaaS with TrackerPal (allbuddy tracker). TrackerPal is a comprehensive, feature rich, cost-effective, easy-to-use mobile first field force automation solution for tracking, reporting and custom work processes automation across sectors & departments suitable for small & large businesses alike. The application has a proven record of up to 70 percent improvement in productivity. Being a field force tracking, reporting and work processes automation application, TrackerPal has the platform and technology to configure most of the work processes in quick time while being available at low monthly payments on a service basis.

  • TrackerPal: Tailor-Made  Field Force Management Software to Go Paperless

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10 Most Recommended Field Services Solution Providers - 2018

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  • 10 Most Recommended Field Services Solution Providers - 2018

    According to Stratistics MRC (a Market Research Consulting firm from Maryland, U.S), the Global Field Service Management (FSM) Market is accounted for USD 1.78 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 4.45 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 16.5 percent during the forecast period. Factors such as enhanced customer satisfaction, increasing number of field operations in manufacturing, oil & gas and reducing operational costs are driving the market growth. One of the most noteworthy changes brought about by the implementation of FSM has been in the relationship of the organization and the customer. When the systems are integrated with ERP or CRM software like the salesforce automation software, FSM software provides a comprehensive outline of all the internal and external tasks, which increases the real-time response rate. Similarly, with the adoption of delivery tracking software into FSM, it is possible to combine data across several devices from limitless sources and then provide the answer to these. Additionally, to make service visit more personal, FSM can be combined with field data collection software that will help the technicians know more about the customer like the customer’s address, history, devices and much more. Along with these trends, security concerns related to data discretion will also remain important. There is so much to it that it almost goes haphazard when tried to push into one single solution or platform. However, achieving a 360 degree view of your team’s situation, you can use the graphical timeline to schedule new tasks, assign them to the appropriate field technicians, and ensure they have the right equipment and parts to hand. When a field service technician arrives at a client’s premises with precisely the right equipment and parts to do the job required, it can create only a positive impression. On the other hand, customer satisfaction can take a severe blow if the technician needs to return to the warehouse in order to collect the parts needed to carry out an urgent repair. That’s not to mention the costs that this incurs the service company. All these factors, taken into account, we at CIO Insider thought it will be best to bring forward few of the players in the domain that made a name in the market for their exceptionally new solutions in the exceptionally not-so-spoken about domain. Therefore, we bring to you 10 most recommended field services solution providers of 2018. We hope these application developers meet you exclusive needs on field and the business overall.

10 Most Recommended Field Services Solution Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
4Cliqs: Enhance Business Efficiency through Easy, Expedited and Insightful Reporting 4Cliqs Vipul Khandelwal, Director Offers Daily Management Tool that enables smart scanning, expense reports approvals, real time location and MIS analysis.
Apptmyz: Ensuring Optimized and Real Time Visibility Apptmyz Anuraag Agrawal, Founder & CEO Specializes in end-to-end logistics solutions, mobile device management, Fintech, custom app development, fleet management and field force automation.
dayTrack: Comprehensive Field Force Transparency that Makes Spreadsheets Obsolete dayTrack Saurabh Bhatnagar , Co-Founder Enables on-field sales employee GPS location tracking, attendance system, sales visit tracking, sales order & payment collection data logging via mobile app.
Ducont: Pioneering an IoT Driven Complete FSM Software Ducont Systems Paul Raj and Venkatesh Sundaram, CTO and CEO Core expertise revolves around digital transformation solutions, enterprise mobility, field service management, business process consulting, and analytics.
e-Emphasys Technologies e-Emphasys Technologies Narsim Iyengar, Director - Operations Renders Field Service & Scheduling Software for real-time reporting and data.
Hitachi Solutions Hitachi Solutions Abinsam Kottikal, Senior Vice President Builds and implements Field Service Automation solutions & systems for clients in many different vertical industries.
Mimo Technologies: Nurturing New Markets for Established Enterprises in the Unserved Rural Areas Mimo Technologies Lathika Reghunathan, CEO Facilitates Agent Network Management platform allows document collection (QR enabled), last mile delivery, and payment collection.
TekMinders: Minding Enterprise IT TekMinders Sanjeev Amin, Co-Founder & Chairman The Field Services portfolio includes Network Deployment, Network Break/Fix, and Logistics services.
TrackerPal: Tailor-Made  Field Force Management Software to Go Paperless TrackerPal Jay Kumar, Founder & CEO Avails customized field force tracking and business process automation app for various industry sectors and use cases.
Trimble Trimble Rajan Aiyer, MD Designs Field Service Network to support fleet optimization across industry sectors.