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Ace Micromatic Mit: Empowering Manufacturers With The Industry 4.0 Experience

Chandrashekar Bharathi,Managing Director

Chandrashekar Bharathi

Managing Director

To further explore the story of AmiT, CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with the man at the helm, Chandrashekar Bharathi, MD, Ace Micromatic MIT.

Where Is Amit Positioned In The Current Ind 4.0 Rush In India And Which Are The Segments It Focuses On?
AmiT is a part of the leading Ace Micro matic group, the largest Machine Tool group in India. We are India's first mover and leader in Industry 4.0 solutions with over a decade of experience in deploying IoT solutions. We have connected over 15,000 machines mainly in the discrete manufacturing sector Automotive,Industrial Equipment, Aerospace & Defense, Tool & Die Mould and Medical.

Tell Us About The Company's Portfolio Of Products And Solutions.What Is The Technology Framework Induced Within Them?
We offer a full spectrum stack of Industry 4.0 solutions that includes Production Monitoring/OEE solutions, Auto Tool Wear Offset Correction, Energy Monitoring, Traceability, Paperless shop floor, Assembly & line monitoring, Andon display and Process parameters.

Common to these solutions are the ERP integration hooks such that the shopfloor and the top floor are connected seamlessly.

What Are The Core Strengths Of The Company? What Segregates IT From Other Competitors In The Industry?
Our multidimensional proposition sets

us apart. From domain driven competence to full spectrum solutions that connect shop floor to the top floor, experience of working with different types of machines (like CNC, Presses, Die Casting, Injection Molding, Welding, Foundry etc.), deep understanding of Protocols like MODBUS, PROFIBUS, RS-232, RS-485 etc., and delivery by passionate experts. This comprehensive proposition is backed by our Sales and Services presence in over 50 locations in India.

AMG is India's largest vertically integrated manufacturer of precision CNC machines, automation products and Industry 4.0 software

Acquaint Us With A Recent Challenging Case Study Pertaining To The Success Of The Company's Intervention.
A global turbine manufacturer, was suffering from their Overall Equipment Effectiveness of around 35 percent. The major stumbling block was their paper based workflows which resulted in operators using older versions of drawings & process documents that lead to reworks and rejections. We built a solution for them using TPMTrak Production Monitoring, eSHOPx and Energy Monitoring. The results were extremely satisfying as the client increased their OEE from 35 percent to 66 percent, eliminated rejections and reworks arising due to referring to old versions of drawings. From an environmental perspective, we were able to also make sure that over 500 sheets of paper & prints were saved every month. The client today clocks a perpetual annual savings of over Rs.1.5 crore using our Industry 4.0 solutions.

Where Is Ace Micromatic Group Headed Towards The Road Ahead? Tell Us About Its Long Term Plans.
AMG is India's largest vertically integrated manufacturer of precision CNC machines, automation products and Industry 4.0 software. Our vision is to be in the Global Top 10 in our space,

by providing cost effective and high ROI solutions to help our customers improve their productivity and profits.

With the manufacturing world revolving around the axis of performance, productivity, and profits, it has become inevitable for manufacturing companies to develop robust productivity culture and operational strategies to get hold of the holy grail of constant improvement. One of the preliminary steps to tackle this challenge is unearthing the roots of gaps in performance. While manufacturing companies across the globe deploy lean methods to improve their throughput, researches divulge that 90 percent of the companies do this without reliable and detailed real time machine and process data something that today's highly competitive manufacturing environment can't afford not to have. By going that last mile distance to capture the shop floor dynamics,Ace Micromatic Manufacturing Intelligence Technologies Pvt Ltd (AmiT) is providing manufacturing impactful solutions to this challenge through its comprehensive footprint of Industry 4.0 solutions.

A market leader in enabling companies to use the power of realtime data in their shop floors to unleash greater productivity and profits AMiT helps recording signatures of operations in real time and hence provides organizations with actionable analytics to generate news insights for efficiency improvement. Lend your ears to the testimonial of Vikram Kirloskar, Chairman Kirloskar Systems, who echoes, "These solutions will help in identifying and solving even problems on the shop floor that result in minor losses, but which can add up.”

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Ace Micromatic Mit: Empowering Manufacturers With The Industry 4.0 Experience