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  • Chandrashekar Bharathi, Managing Director

    Chandrashekar Bharathi, Managing Director

  • AmiT is a part of the leading Ace Micromatic group, the largest Machine Tool group in India. We are India's first mover and leader in Industry 4.0 solutions with over a decade of experience in deploying IoT solutions. We have connected over 15,000machines mainly in the discrete manufacturing sector Automotive, Industrial Equipment, Aerospace & Defense, Tool & Die Mould and Medical. We offer a full spectrum stack of Industry 4.0 solutions that includes Production Monitoring/OEE solutions, Auto Tool Wear Offset Correction, Energy Monitoring, Traceability, Paperless shop floor, Assembly & line monitoring, Andon display and Process parameters.

  • Ace Micromatic Mit: Empowering Manufacturers With The Industry 4.0 Experience

Time for Better Decisions

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Renowned German professor Wolfgang Wahlster originally coined the term Industry 4.0 while presenting a set of technology implementation recommendations to the German federal government. Needless to say, the

Top 5 Industry 4.0 Trends in Manufacturing

By: Manish Chandegara, Head - IT, Aditya Birla Group

There are new possibilities offered by big data, 3D printing, machine learning and augmented reality in the manufacturing industry. Leveraging on these into a new way of doing business is a key factor in Industry

10 Most Recommended Industry 4.0 Solution Providers - 2022

Digitizing Operations is the Only Way to Survive

By: Puneesh Lamba, CTO, Shahi Exports

Globally, leaders are aiming to enhance organizational performance through the use of digital technologies. These have become core of every organization's strategy these days, and the boards realize that leveraging right technology


Managing the Information Security Risks in the Age of Connected Production Systems

By: Ravikiran S Avvaru, Head ­ IT, Apollo Tyres

The proliferation of connected devices is well known and documented with the potential of crossing 20 billion connected things by the time this article is written. The umbrella of connected


Rule the Data Democracy with an Intelligent Marketing Suite

By: Raahul Seshadri, Director - Engineering, WebEngage

Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines, once said, "I tell my employees that we're in the service business, and it's incidental that we fly airplanes." Instead, he attributed the success


Innovation is Digital

By: Rudhra Mohandoss, Client Partner ­ Business Development, Altimetrik

The auto industry has come a long way from the days of Henry Ford. The fierce battle for innovation in engineering ruled back in the day. Then came the era of refinement of process, design and features both for safety and vanity.


Security at the Initial Level

By: Ashok Tiwari, Head - IT Operations, Varroc Lighting Systems India

The way security breaches are happening, we must think of a solution which could support a robust IT Security solution. In the Covid19 situations, the num-ber of remote and roaming employees working has increased tremendously


Digital Transformation: Are We on the Right Track?

By: Tarun Bali, AVP - Technology, The Body Shop India

Digital Transformation' is one of those buzzwords whose original meaning has gotten lost in translation, yet it's evident that effective technology use is more important than ever

  • 10 Most Recommended Industry 4.0 Solution Providers - 2022

    Industry 4.0 is the game changer in technology, business and manufacturing. The fourth industrial revolution has narrowed the gap between virtual and real world. Technology is disrupting sectors like manufacturing, supply chain management, construction, shipping, business and many others, and soon will be associated with all aspects of our daily life. The industry 4.0 is driven by hightech innovations which bought cyber physical systems together, and this has enhanced productivity in all sectors. In addition to human machine interactions, the technology has also made machine machine communication possible. The fourth industrial revolution contributed benefits like improved productivity & efficiency, better flexibility & agility, reduced down time, error or fault detection, increased profitability and improved customer experience. It allows in the production of increased quantity at a faster rate, allocating resources more cost effectively and efficiently. Because of the benefits technology offers, the Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities are significantly high. This is possible with the technologies that improve automation, machine to machine communication, manufacturing over site and decision making. Embracing fourth industrial revolution principles will enable both large organizations and SMEs to achieve aforesaid goals in a timely and cost effective way. Recent developments in select areas indicate that the benefits from transformation to industry 4.0 will exceed the benefits that India has witnessed through decades of committed and sustained revolution in the fields of communication and highway infrastructure. But SMEs struggling to find fund for the transformation is one of the reasons dragging them backwards from technical development. How ever, the pandemic has accelerated the digitization and fourth industrial transformation. In this issue, CIO Insider has come up with a list of ‘10 Most Recommended Industry 4.0 Solution Providers-2022' who have proved their proficiency in the sector with a deep knowledge in technology. The following list is prepared after being closely scrutinized by a panel of judges consisting of CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts, and our editorial board. We believe that these platforms will help in transforming business processes through their significant expertise and knowledge.

10 Most Recommended Industry 4.0 Solution Providers - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ace Micromatic Mit: Empowering Manufacturers With The Industry 4.0 Experience Ace Micromatic Manufacturing Intelligence Technologies Chandrashekar Bharathi, Managing Director A part of leading Ace Micromatic group the largest Machine Tool group in India it is India’s first mover and leader in Industry 4.0 solutions with over a decade of experience in deploying IoT solutions
ARi ARi Shravan Rewari, CEO & Managing Director Provides scalable offerings for every Industrial Automation and Robotics requirement which increase the quality and flexibility of the manufacturing process
Atlas Copco Atlas Copco Rohit Adsule, Human Resource Officer Provides safe, reliable and energy efficient solutions to customers in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, automotive and electronics
Consyst: Pioneering the Next Level of Automation, the Industry 4.0 CONSYST Jasir Sabri, Founder & CEO One of the leading Industry 4.0 Automation Solution Providers in India rendering services in India, SEA, MEA, Australia, and North America
Covacsis Covacsis Tarun Mishra, Founder & CEO A young, exciting and pioneering technology company that specializes to conceptualize, design and implement the Intelligent Plant Framework (IPF) targeting manufacturing industries
Entelogix Entelogix Samarsingh. S. Saple, Co-Founder & Director Primarily engaged in providing consultancy and end-to-end solutions for Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 globally
Forms & Gears Forms & Gears Jesudass, CEO Asia’s leading fixture builder which provides complete Turnkey Solutions with their inhouse design team comprising of 650 design engineers of ASM Technologies
MCPM MCPM Shaikh Masood, Biz Development Manager A company primarily focused on delivering solutions in software and building a closely knit ecosystem of partners and system integrators
Quicsolv Technologies: Offering Advanced Solutions for Businesses to Improve Operational Productivity Quicsolv Technologies Riyaz, Founder & CEO A tech consulting and implementation organization that has developed and implemented several solutions to cater to the unique needs across industries as well as within the same industries
UST UST Krishna Sudheendra, CEO The company has tailored towards leading independent software vendors (ISV) and enterprises to convert ideas into commercial off the shelf products or modernize them at speed, scale and cost

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