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Consyst: Pioneering the Next Level of Automation, the Industry 4.0

Jasir Sabri,Founder & CEO

Jasir Sabri

Founder & CEO

Lend your ears to the Power & Utility Manager of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). 'CONSYST Technologies partnered with BPCL in an attempt to offer a unique solution using their cutting edge IIoTNext technology. This collaboration is a result of the challenge that we faced with regard to the run hours of the majority of the motors, which is critical for planning the maintenance action, in the newly commissioned process units at Kochi Refinery. We were able to complete the project within three months of conceiving the idea owing to their dynamic team with enthusiastic spirits'. The BPCL engineer echoes the sentiments of hundreds of clients of CONSYST. A collective of sentiments akin to this from across the globe accounts for the company cementing its niche in the industrial automation arena over the past decade. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with the man at the helm, Jasir Sabri, Founder & CEO, CONSYST. Jasir is a visionary leader who is well-known for his impeccable technology approach based on state-of-the-art Industrial IoT (IIoT) & Industry 4.0 solutions, while supporting Energy, Water, Process Mfg. and Food/Bev businesses.

In conversation with Jasir Sabri, Founder & CEO, CONSYST.

Where is CONSYST currently positioned in the Industrial Automation industry and amidst the 4.0 rush? Which are the segments that you focus on?
CONSYST started its journey in 2009 as a boutique Industrial Automation Solutions firm based in Kochi. After more than a decade of our existence, we are currently positioned as a leading Industry 4.0 Automation Solutions provider in India crafting state-of-the-art solutions for serving our customers in India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and North America.

Our vertical market focus ranges from Power & Water Utilities, Renewable Energy, Food & Beverages, Chemical Process Industries and Manufacturing

to Heavy Industries and Infrastructure.

Tell us about your Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0 portfolio.
Our Industry 4.0 Solutions are the next level of our Industrial Automation offering. It’s a promise to our customers that we cover everything from Sensors to Cloud. We understand Electrical, Instrumentation, Sensors, Control Systems, Software, Analytics and Cloud. And that’s the reason why we are one of those very few companies who take-up turnkey projects involving Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Instruments, Automation & Communication Systems and Data Integration (OT-IT) Solutions.

Our Flagship, IIoTNext Platform is an Application Enablement Platform hosted on cloud to build highly scalable, robust and affordable IIoT solutions

Our engineering resources are experts on various PLC/SCADA Automation Platforms, Power Control/Protection Systems, RTUs, IIoT Gateways, Middleware, Digital Industrial Platforms, and Custom Development of Mobile and Web Applications for Industrial Applications.

What is IIoTNext and what are the different variants of the solution? Also, what are the USPs you put forward?
IIoTNext is an end-to-end IIoT Ecosystem covering Hardware Gateway, Soft Middleware, Visualization Platform and Analytics for Industrial Space.

At the gateway level, we have IIoTNext MicrEdge, which implies a family of rugged Micro Industrial IoT Edge Gateways with on-board I/Os for various use cases. This product is mainly used when customers have a specific large-scale project having hundreds of sites/assets to be monitored.

Our Middleware Solutions is used by large plants to integrate between their OT and IT Systems. For example, one of our customers wanted to integrate the production data from one of their FlyAsh Plants to their ERP hosted at their Data Centre. Middleware communicates with various DCS and PLC Systems in the plant and converts this data to relevant data format and inserts them into the ERP System.

Our Flagship, IIoTNext Platform is an Application Enablement Platform hosted on cloud to build highly scalable,

robust and affordable IIoT solutions. We have trained Automation System Integrators to build various applications on our platform. Our partners can use the low-code or even no-code programming methods to build custom industrial applications for end users. The platform has been used for multiple applications including solar asset management, gas metering, condition based maintenance, cold room management, tank level monitoring, and diesel generator management to name a few.

What are the latest technology trends that the company is looking at? What are the aspects it looks into when constructing environmentally sustainable solutions?
We are keen on a variety of technology trends shaping the future industry. 5G, Hybrid Cloud, and Blockchain. are some of the emerging technologies we are looking at. A lot is happening in manufacturing, e-Mobility, renewable energy, energy conservation and management. ‘Green’ is one of our core values and CONSYST stands for ‘Green’. This is also clear from our tagline Automation Futurism, Sustain ability. Most, if not all, of our solutions are in some way contributing to sustainability. It may be by reducing carbon emission, improving energy efficiency or other means.

What lies in the future roadmap of CONSYST? What are the opportunities it plans to invest in?
CONSYST has been nurturing a future ready workforce to build products and solutions for the future industry. We understand that there is a gap in the availability of resources for Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation Projects. We see this as an opportunity to try new business models like Staff Augmentation and Distributed Teams solving the talent crisis for OT-IT Integration Projects across the world, apart from the turnkey projects we take-up. This new business line is known as XGen by CONSYST. We have also rolled out training programs for employees of industrial companies to equip them with knowledge and tools to accelerate Industry 4.0 transformation in their respective companies.

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