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Affise: Providing Every Business A Scalable Way To Grow

Krish Kidao , Director – India & Asia Pacific

Krish Kidao

Director – India & Asia Pacific

Marketing Technology has become a staple in digital marketing campaigns, but it can also be used to optimize marketing efforts across any marketing channel. As per Gartner, CMOs would spend more on technology than other forms of marketing. This is because technology is increasingly important in marketing, especially in assisting with efforts such as attribution and allocating marketing spending. Implementing, maintaining, and optimizing your company's MarTech is not an easy or quick process. Organizations should instead prepare to conquer a few major obstacles before completely reaping the rewards of marketing technology, or it would be better for brands to hire and use platform services that support brand growth through MarTech.

Affise is one of the most advanced and leading marketing technology firms founded in 2016 with the goal to simplify partnerships for brands, agencies, and publishers alike. They offer solutions that can manage heavy data loads, are easy to use, and have reasonable prices that are appropriate for the market. A passionate team with practical experience in the web and mobile marketing industries designed Affise from the ground up as a SaaS platform. Today, Affise is used by more than 1500 businesses to advance their operations by charging based on conversions rather than clicks. CIO Insider recently engaged with Affise team.

Here are some highlights from our conversation with the team about how they evolved to be one of the leading providers of marketing technology.

Could you provide a brief overview of Affise's effects on India's advertising services industry?
Affise revolutionised the business when it entered India by establishing a new pricing structure that let consumers

only pay for conversions rather than
clicks. When Affise entered the market, the affiliate marketing landscape entered a new phase not just in india but globally. We also were the first to introduce CPAPI, a further innovation that makes it simple for networks and agencies to resell offerings. Among partnership marketing platforms in india, We are proud to say we are the industry leader.

Our goal is to make partnerships simpler, thus we give our clients access to the most sophisticated solutions in an easy-to-use way

What kind of customer experience can be provided by your flagship products and solutions? What are the best practices for the industry, and what approach do you follow in your offerings?
We have made our solution `customer-centric' because so many businesses rely on our platform for their operations. In order to create a platform that is clear and simple to use, Affise gave user experience and design top priority. We take great satisfaction in having a top-notch customer success team that not only assists clients in times of need but also supports them as they succeed in the area of partnership marketing. To help them flourish, we regularly introduce new features based on feedback from our clients. In fact, we are the only partnership marketing platform with a 98 percent client satisfaction rating, and I'm delighted to say that all of these factors have helped Affise consistently outperform customer expectations and win over devoted followers.

Tell us about the technological frame work of your product and solution portfolio.
Affise has always been at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge technology. We are putting technology into place that meets the needs of our customers. We analyze more than one trillion clicks and impressions each month, so we are perfectly equipped to handle such massive volumes of data and offer the analytics that enables our customers to outperform the competition.

As an illustration, we can forecast the

advertiser's income with a 98.9 percent accuracy using machine learning methods. This can deepen awareness of how the company will operate, which is essential in these times of uncertainty.

Our main objective in the interim is to reduce platform complexity to shorten the delivery period. That is why Kubernetes and complete migration to the Cloud platforms were top priorities this year.

How do you assist clients in managing their brands regardless of location?
We have offices and staff all around the world, giving us a global presence. In contrast to the majority of our rivals, we devote a significant portion of our resources to having local and multilingual customer success teams that can offer help in any time zone. We take into account the opinions of our clients from all around the world and adopt new features to assist them in over coming the difficulties they encounter in their regional markets.

What is Affise's plan for the future? What direction will it go during the next five years?
The ecosystem of the partner marketing sector is rapidly evolving. We will follow privacy regulations and pay attention to major participants on the international stage like Google and Apple. By thoroughly comprehending the nuances of each of the numerous markets we are working with, we will continue to stay one step ahead of the competition.

We take a 'single window' strategy and act as the'co-pilot' for a customer's company. This indicates that we can offer every service required to manage and scale partnership marketing programs. The Affise partnership marketing ecosystem is comprised of our three solutions Affise Performance, Affise Reach, and our most recent mobile attribution offering. With this strategy, we are remaining adaptable and accepting upcoming challenges while putting the requirements of our customers first.

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Affise: Providing Every Business A Scalable Way To Grow