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Resulticks: Leading Digital Transformation Company Creating Exceptional User Experiences with the Power of Technologies

Mani Gopalaratnam, CEO & CTO

The digital transformation market is growing. It is projected to reach a value of USD 1,548.9 billion by 2027. Businesses all over the world are going through a substantial digital transformation as a result of businesses focusing on cloud services rather than on-premises data centers. This shift is driven by the potential for businesses to use digital technology to automate processes and produce effective outcomes at any time, from any location world wide. The digital transformation landscape is always evolving. Both large and small firms must think swiftly and adapt to changes quickly if they are to stay one step ahead of the competition and fuel continuous growth.

Digital transformation is not a choice anymore. It is needed by any business that wants to scale in customer satisfaction. Resulticks helps businesses with digital transformation by creating customer-centric digital strategies that not just only smooth your business functional process but also add value to your customer journey.

Resulticks is a fully integrated, realtime customer engagement platform designed to help brands worldwide reach, acquire, and retain satisfied customers. Built from the ground up by experts in marketing, technology, and business management, Resulticks enables brands to make a transformational leap to conversion driven, growth focused personalized engagement.

With an advanced CDP at its core, Resulticks offers AI-powered omnichannel orchestration, complete analytics, next best engagement, attribution at the segment of one level, and more. We spoke to the representative of Resulticks to get some more insight into the organization and the services they are offering. Do check out the snippets from this interview to know more.

Could you briefly summarise the effects of Resulticks on the marketing automation software market in India?

The market for marketing automation has had trouble providing value attribution for brands. As one of the first companies to develop a data driven, scalable marketing engine Resulticks elevated CX and engagement. In adopting omnichannel and hyper customization as important drivers of digital transformations that can empower our clients, we were ahead of the pack.

Tell us about the customer experience your service portfolio provides. How do your products help you keep a competitive edge?
We're working with brands across industries to deliver CX that is seamless across channels, contextualized in realtime, responsive to evolving audience behavior, and reflective of the needs of the individual customer. All of our offerings Resulticks, SmartDX, Use Case Accelerator, Resulticks CDP, and the soon to launch Marketing Star are designed to equip businesses at different stages of digital readiness with the suitable capabilities to move closer to that vision.

Resulticks helps businesses with digital transformation by creating customer-centric digital strategies that not just only smooth your business functional process but also add value to your customer journey

Our main solution, Resulticks, is an all-in one real time customer engagement solution that fuses a robust CDP, omnichannel orchestration, comprehensive marketing analytics, ROI attribution, and other technologies in one user friendly interface. It delivers almost 30 percent faster time to value and significant improvements in time and cost efficiencies. Another offering, SmartDX, is a nimble alternative to cookies, requiring little implementation efforts for identifying, tracking, and attribution of customer engagement across the web and mobile.

What are the marketing challenges you solve through your solutions? Could you share an example for a particular industry?
Almost all firms struggle with issues like siloed data, fractured audience identities, irrelevant customer involvement, time consuming analytics, lack of attribution, and inadequate scalability. Resulticks has built a technological foundation to tackle these challenges by creating customized templates, designing relevant use

cases, integrating industry specific data directories for targeting and incorporating industry benchmarks.

We helped one of Asia's largest private banks wanted to accelerate its digital transformation vision. They struggled because there wasn't a complete customer view, and they had to rely on a process made inefficient by multiple systems. So, we helped them map out their data and technology ecosystem gradually implementing our user-friendly technology to overcome those silos, automating various marketing processes, responding to key triggers more effectively, and enabling attributable, personalized engagement. And we were able to achieve 650k incremental acquisitions in just six months.

What are the latest technologies you have adopted and what impacts they are creating? How do you ensure data security on the same?
The most important update, in my opinion, is CX 5.0 by Resulticks. The update changed our solution's foundation to a next generation edge and serverless architecture. It increased the reach of our capabilities into new channels like IoT, significantly sped up processing (30 times faster than before), further simplified auto scaling to adapt to shifting communication requirements, and reduced friction in the customer experience (CX). Resulticks is GDPR/CCPA/HIPAA-compliant and has a multi layered security framework to ensure privacy across data, applications systems, and infrastructure.

What does the future roadmap look like? What is your plan for the next five years?
Our roadmap includes improved realtime engagement capabilities, more industry specific AI models, and a co-creation framework where our partners can build new solutions with Resulticks as the foundation. The physical and digital worlds are being combined for economic purposes. In order to provide even more value for our clients, reduce our infrastructure's footprint, and boost productivity across a variety of sectors, Resulticks will introduce a number of enhancements over the next two years, such as our collaboration with Google to utilize their technologies like BigQuery.

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