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Airboat Technologies: A Major Players Promising High Quality Aero engine Components Service & Product Delivery

Manjunath G, Director - Operations,Avinash RJ, Director - Business Development & Finance

Manjunath G

Director - Operations

while India is one of the highly successful organizations in terms of manufacturers of industrial services and products, the same can’t be said about the Aerospace industry. Based on 2020, there are a total of around 36 organizations in India as manufacturers of services and products in the Aerospace Industry. As India is pushing on projecting itself as one of the top 5 aerospace manufacturers globally, more and more entrepreneurs joining in the race for the same. Founded in 2016 by Avinash RJ and Manjunath G at Bengaluru, India, Airboat Technologies Private Limited has since proved itself as one of the most sophisticated providers of Aerostructure & Aeroengine components and spare parts for both the commercial and defense sectors.

Their belief in the formation of a highly professional and trained team as well as setting up a highly productive working environment and highly reliable service and high-quality product delivery has earned them numerous accolades from the clients. With the highly efficient workstations fixed with the necessary highquality working tools, both Avinash and Manjunath themselves train the team. Presently having a wonderful working relationship with many highly established organizations such as HAL, Dynamatics Technologies Limited, Mahindra Aerospace, TMH-Tools France, Control logistics, US, and so on, they are working on expanding globally and are also looking for global investors for their organization.

In an exclusive interaction with CIO Insiders, Avinash shares about the working culture, future plans and customer relationship of Airboat technologies and so on:

Shed some light on the inception of Airboat Technologies and its present position in the manufacturing Aircraft and Automobile industry?
Since my college days, it has always been my dream to become an entrepreneur. My mother used to do small businesses such as saree sales, saree zig zag, and social service before

working as a librarian. Even though she had her limitations, she helped many people with books and also have allowed people to stay in the library after office hours are over, which has inspired me a lot. After my engineering, I did an apprenticeship at BEL, after which I joined an aerospace company as a Quality Inspector and later on worked my way up to become the General Manager. When I joined, there were a total of around 20 employees, however, the headcount was around 200 by the time I left. Being a part of that organization’s growth from the scratch inspired me to start a venture of my own and finally based on the advice of one of my colleagues, Mr. Manjunath G, I decided to venture into the mechanical domain and that’s how it started. The name Airboat is an amalgamation of two major aircraft manufacturers: Airbus and Boeing.

Our major motive has been to build a good team, which we learned from our previous organization

In order to assure quality components across a wide range of tooling parts, what are the major factors you consider?
Some of those major factors are team building, keeping up employee motivation, total commitment towards your work, Training, and awareness about the work. After working in various fields in Space and Aerospace parts machining, me and my business partner, Manjunatha G, have gained good experience in the skillsets required.

Avinash RJ, Director-Business
Development & Finance

Our major motive has been to build a good team, which we learned from our previous organization. Once you build up a good team, they will take care of the organization as well as the projects. We work as captains, not bosses while working on maintaining a friendly atmosphere while motivating them to provide genuine suggestions for the betterment. Even words such as ‘Helper’, ‘sweeper’ are banned in our

organization and instead, we call them ‘supporting hand’. We have decided not to recruit anyone for the higher positions instead we ourselves are training our employees while upgrading them for the next level.

Share with us the recent industry trends adopted by your organization.
One of the most user-friendly industry trends which we have adopted is the customized ERP system, to help our customers remotely log in to track their product status even from their desk. The ERP system will set our next course of action.

What are your future plans regarding the organization and your plans behind the execution of those?
Presently, we are working on the detailed parts machining and even started working on small assemblies recently. In the future, we have plans to first work on sub assemblies and then on complete assemblies. We are planning to expand globally and are presently looking for global investors for the same. We are ready to work with organizations globally and offer our expertise to them.

Share with us about your relationship with your clients? What has been their feedback on the service provided?
We have been dealing with multiple highlevel clients globally such as HAL, Dynamatics Technologies Limited, Mahindra Aerospace and TMH Tools France, and so on. We also have signed an agreement with Control Logistics, US as a marketing consultant. Customer satisfaction has been one of our major priorities from the beginning and even our customers think of us in high regard as one of the reliable and fast growing organizations with energetic and enthusiastic employees to execute and deliver products of high quality standards. Based on our customer’s feedback, it’s our positive work environment, highend development environment, highly customer oriented service with consistent interaction and delivery, high standard product delivery, employees fed with energetic and enthusiastic work culture, adoption to advance technologies, ergonomic work station with all the tools needed for work that helped built a positive working relationship with our customers.

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