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IG Drones: India's leading Enterprise Drone Solution Platform

(L-R) Om Prakash Das, Co-Founder & COO,    Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya, Co-Founder & CEO

(L-R) Om Prakash Das, Co-Founder & COO

Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya, Co-Founder & CEO

Founded with an aim to provide enterprise drone solutions PAN India and revolutionize the conventional industrial methods using highly efficient drones, IG Drones is a name that has set new benchmarks in the drone industry.A vertically integrated organization with inhouse R&D, Manufacturing, Software & training operations, IG Drones delivers world class end-to-end solutions for an array of drone requirements in Powerline, Infra structure, Renewables, Mining, Railway, River Mapping, Agriculture, Industrial, Forest Survey & other enterprise sectors. Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya, Co-Founder and CEO, IG Drones recently engaged with CIO Insider to share some insights on how IG Drones is reshaping the Indian Drone Domain.

In conversation with Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya,Co-Founder and CEO, IG Drones

Tell us about the mission IG Drones is committed to. How has it been living up to its mark so far?
According to a January 2020 PWC report, India is set to be a growing drone market in the world and is predicted to expand to $ 885 million. Keeping in tune with the Government’s mission of ‘Skill India’ and ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat’, IG Drones has taken the responsibility to develop the abilities of the youth to prepare them for an upcoming industrial 4.0 revolution. The Drone Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a special program structured by IG Drones aiming to train 10 million students about the newest drone technology and to build capacity.

IG Drones has partnered with multiple state governments, thirty Public Sector Units (PSUs), and MNCs with whom we have successfully executed more than 250 projects. IG Drone’s head office is in Delhi and the branch office is in Mumbai (Maharashtra), Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Kolkata (West-Bengal), Guwahati (Assam), Bangalore (Karnataka), Bhubaneshwar (Odisha).

In line with government missions, IG Drones has taken the responsibility of training andenhancing the abilities of India’s youth, preparing them for the oncoming industrial 4.0 revolution

What are the unique services provided by the company? Brief us about the latest technologies embedded in it?
The main aim behind the establishment of IG Drones is to provide enterprises with advanced drone solutions all over India to revolutionize the conventional industrial methods using highly efficient drones. IG Drones provides aerial solutions by delivering high quality GeoSpatial with greater speed and precision, our services comprise of GIS Survey, Topography Survey, Data Inspection, Drone Mapping, Powerline Monitoring, Smart City Survey, Road inspection/survey, Mines Survey, Flood Assessment, Asset Monitoring, Solar Thermal Inspection, Surveillance, Crop Health Monitoring, Volumetric Measurement, Drone 3D mapping and modeling, Aerial Photography, and Videography and many more.

With the years of experience and expertise in fulfilling industry specific solutions IG Drones has set the benchmark in the field of Infrastructure, Railways, Port, Roads, Mines Water Resources, Oil & Gas,River Modelling, Solar, Wind Turbines, and SmartCity Planning, making us India’s leading drone firms in providing end-to-end drone solutions. IG Drones is a vertically integrated organization with inhouse

R&D, manufacturing, software, and training operations delivering worldclass end-to-end solutions for an array of drone requirements. We have aided several industrial entities by greatly reducing their man hours and cost by automating mapping, inspection, and Industry first AI reporting with data driven decision making solutions. IG drones has proved their mettle as a reliable partner for industries in technological solutions and consultation.

Tell us about the workforce of the company and how the company’s Centre of Excellence is working towards training and enhancing the Indian youth’s skills?
The company is led by Bodhisattwa, Co-Founder and CEO and Om Prakash Das Co-Founder and COO along with the 65 membered team comprising of experts from the drone industry and other industry veterans as advisors and mentors.

IG Drones Centre of Excellence program is specially designed keeping in tune with the government of India’s missions to train and develop the technical abilities of the students and prepare them for the oncoming industrial 4.0 revolution.

What has IG Drones planned about its future goals?
We aspire to become the global leader in drone enterprise platforms, and we wish to expand our branches in numerous countries moreover, we wish to make ten million youth in India trained with advanced drone tech solutions. We are looking forward to acquiring five percent of the drone industry by 2025, and leading the way how drones are used in the industry.

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